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Found 13 results

  1. I’m selling Nikon D90 in a Sealux housing, complete package with Tokina 12-24 wide angle lens and 7” glass dome. The housing has manual Nikonos 5pin strobe socket. Everything is in perfect condition. Price is 1000 eur. I also have a Sealux 150 degree viewfinder, like new, for 300 eur. If taken with the housing and camera, price is 1200 eur for all.
  2. selling on behalf of my father in-law who is getting to old to use the camera anymore(his words). 1 x Panasonic tm-700 hi-def video camera and 1 x Sealux video housing. With this housing you have all manual controls including white balance and focus control. It comes with a microphone fitted as an extra. http://www.sealux.de/en/products/video-housings/special-housings-panasonic/hdc-sd707-tm700-hs700/ The camera has a couple of scratches on the body, but works fawlessly and the optics are scratch free. The whole setup is about 2 years old, but has only beens used a handfull of times. rrp for whole setup is over £4000, asking £1500 posted.
  3. For sale is my wife’s Nikon D90 in Sealux housing. Complete and ready to shoot package with 7 inch glass dome port, 150 degree angled viewfinder, handles, D90 camera, great Tokina 12-24mm lens and Nikon 18-105mm VR lens. The housing has manual Nikonos 5pin strobe socket. Never flooded, port has no scratches, only visible signs of usage on the housing are some stickers wearing out and few chips on the port sunshade paint. Camera and lenses are like new - they have never been used outside of housing. Still capable of great images. Asking 1500 eur for the whole package.
  4. Perfect condition. Aluminium Sealux housing with handles, glass dome port and Tokina 12-24 wide angle lens. Price: 850 eur. Shipping is included in price.
  5. Does anyone know the official rated depth for Sealux housings? I have a housing for the Canon 5D Mark II. I bought the housing second hand and haven't been able to locate any notes, or online, giving an official depth rating. I could email Sealux but they don't always respond very quickly and I thought someone on here might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks for your help!
  6. Sealux housing for Nikon D300, great quality german engineered housing. I love this housing and have had it for nearly two years. Bought it unused off a friend. $1700 USD +shipping This is the Full package ready to use, includes: - Nikon D300 camera body (three memory cards, 4 batteries, 2 battery chargers) - sealux d300 housing (perfect condition) http://www.sealux.de/en/products/photo-housings/nikon/d300s/ - GV150 viewfinder http://www.sealux.de/en/products/photo-supplement/viewfinder- systems/gv150-viewfinder/ - Glass dome port (one small scratch on outside does not affect images) used with Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens (lens not included) - Flat port for 60mm macro lens (lens not included) - extension ring to be able to use 105mm macro lens with flat port - Extension ring with focus knob which I believe is for nikon 17-24mm - spare orings, springs and e-clips Only thing not included are strobes. Fantastic bargain and I am sad to see it go but I have upgraded to a newer camera The housing is located in New Zealand but I can ship, I will only sell as a package due to hassle shipping overseas. I have paypal but I have not used it as a seller before
  7. Sealux Flash Housing CX-800 for Nikon SB800 - Sealux LED Pilot lamp (with a ligting duration of aproximately 2 hours) - Sealux Quick 2500 - Quick-charger (100-250 V) - Sealux Ball with M8-thread - 2 x Sealux Orings (one is new) - Sea&Sea Silicon in very good condition Price new 829,00 € Price: 390,00 €
  8. Sealux CD300 for Nikon D300 (Revision and pressuere test: 6.10.15 document available), included: - GD viewfinder - 2 Flash sockets - Flatport PN94 with caps - Dome Port 180U with a new neopreneprotection - ZR28 - 2 x Sealux Orings (one is new) Sealux Flash Housing CX-800 for Nikon SB800 - Sealux LED Pilot lamp (with a ligting duration of aproximately 2 hours) - Sealux Quick 2500 - Quick-charger (100-250 V) - Sealux Ball with M8-thread - 2 x Sealux Orings (one is new) - Sea&Sea Silicon - Flash sync cable Nothing has been flooded and everything is in great shape. Price for all parts 1699,00 € If you like you can buy the Nikon D300 and the Nikon DX 12-24mm f:4,0 too.
  9. Has anyone used the Sealux close up lens range with a Canon 5D Mark II? http://www.sealux.de/en/products/photo-supplement/ports/uw-close-up-lens/ Can you share your experience? Thanks in advance.
  10. Does anyone have experience using the combination of Canon 5dII with 14mm lens in a Sealux housing? I'm trying to work out the port / extension ring combination and thought I had it sorted but I must not have the extension ring length right as I'm getting the dome in the frame. Sealux recommends DOM 200 + ZR 45 for the EF 14mm f/2,8L USM and *I thought* that's what I have. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  11. FOR SALE - SEALUX set for Canon 5D mark II: 1) Underwater Housing SeaLux (Germany) for Canon 5D mark II in excellent condition. About 250 dives. From April 2013 not used. Viewfinder LD. One electrical sync cable socket C5 (Nikonos type). Manufacture in may 2009. Fully serviced and pressure tested up to 80 m in September 2014. http://www.sealux.de/en/products/photo-housings/canon/eos-5d-mkii/ 2) Flat port (glass) SeaLux PN 94 (look like new - unused) 3) Extension tube SeaLux ZR 28 - when it is used together with the PN port 94 can be mounted lens Canon 100 / 2,8 Macro 4) Dome Port 180 mm (acrylic) without hood - Kenko (threaded) can use with adapter (DIY) to mount SeaLux - good condition (no scratch) 5) Flat Port (acrylic) (threaded), Kenko - for the use with wide-angle lenses as 17-40 and 16-35). Can use with adapter (DIY) to mount SeaLux. 6) Adapter from Kenko thread to Sealux mount (DIY from marine aluminum alloy, anodized). 6) Extension tube (32 mm thread) Kenko 7) +3 diopter lens 77mm lens 17-40 (used when installing with spherical port) 8) Camera Canon 5D mark II (body) - excellent condition, about 12,000-14,000 actuation, not flooded, no dust on the sensor. Includes: box, charger, papers, cables, CD with programs and manuals, neck strap, CF card 4GB. Manufacture in 2011. This kit allows you to use any lens due to the presence of two extension tubes. For the full set asking price 3700 USD (without camera body 2600 USD). Reasonable bargain allowed. Include shipping in Europe by tracking post delivery, worldwide with additional cost calculated. You can find photos doing with this here https://www.flickr.com/photos/alexey_stoyda/ or https://www.facebook.com/AlexStoyda/photos_albums. E-mail me please ciralex64@gmail.com
  12. For sale: Sony PMW-EX1 with a small and a large battery, 2 SDHC adapters Sealux housing with manual and electronic controls Flat port Fathom 120° super wide angle port (same like Gates but different bayonet External Monitor, I replaced the orginal Screen by a OLED Boyancy devices, self made, Material is now used by Sealux as well.... The price 2008 17700 Euro in 2008. I ddin't use it very often, mainly on vacation. Region is Europe, I am living in Germany. The EX1 is still a nice camera and can be updated by using an external Recorder like Convergent Desgign, Atomos, Blackmagic etc. Of course my price can be negotiated and is far off the original price. Cheers Uli
  13. Hi there, Sultan, my friend, has insisted on buying the FS700 despite my repeated advice not to buy hence he has the FS100 already.And knowing him, I knew what was coming next: The footage was taken in Fujairah, UAE on Sept 15, 2012 and was edited in Edius 6 by me. I am using a Sony EX1 camera in a sealux housing with either a falt port or a wide angel phathom lens. Music: "when" by Stephan Siebert (http://www.myspace.com/stephansiebert) This housing is modified for Sony NEX-FS700 and is based on the NEX FS100 housing which was originally made for the Sony HDTV X7 by http://www.sealux.de Here is the link for the FS100 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e03kTp3MCk My friend initially has modified the housing to fit the the FS100 and now he has modified it further to fit the new FS700. The major modification is done to the lens so it can a accommodate the longer new Sony E-mount lens. The FS700 offers high video quality, super slow motion and great low light capability - a feature that is highly sought by underwater videographers. This was a test dive for the housing and my friend is planning a dive trip to shoot a short video with the this setup in the 2 - 3 weeks and a link will be published for the same. We believe this is the first Sony NEX-FS700 that has been taken under water. We will share our experience on such a setup on this thread. Please note we are not associated with Sealux nor we have been asked by Sealux to do this project. Regards, Thani
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