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Found 11 results

  1. Need strobe arms for my dual Inon z240 + Olympus/Em1 setup. I have dual handle/tray with ball mounts. Arms: 2 x 5" and 2 x 8" approx clamps: 4
  2. Beneath the Surface 7-piece float set for 0.75 inch loc line arms, BEBFFLEX757. In the original box from B&H Photo; I only used it once. Asking $45 plus shipping from Virginia. I'm also selling the loc line arm, listed separately.
  3. strobe arms OCEANIC For sale strobe arms: 1. Two ps. 36 sm/14,1 inch strobe arm 2. Two ps. 18 sm/7 inch strobe arm 3. Two ps. 18 sm/7 inch T-mount base 4. Four clamp 4. Buoyancy Floats - 18 ps. Used product. Everything works normally. Only sold as a set for 125€ !!! Payment only in PAYPAL!!! Shipping = € 30
  4. 1. 30cm 12" Flex Arm Flash Strobe Light - 2 pieces 2. Underwater 2.3" inch YS Strobe Arm Adapter - 2 pieces 3. Camera tray mount – 1 pieces Purchased all for € 140 SOLD ONLY IN SETS! PRICE - € 100 Perfectly condition. Ready for use. The photos show the actual state of what we sell. Send it everywhere! shipping - € 20. !!! Payment only in PAYPAL!!!
  5. Used fiber extension strobe arm 32 cm with 1" ball head – 2 ps. Price 60 EURO Send it everywhere, PAYPAL recommended...
  6. I sell my whole Seacam equipment because of finishing underwater photography. The following rig was used rarely and is in mint condition. For Sale: - SEACAM silver Nikon D3/ D3X (2x S6 connection jack, SCM switch and G-Pro Viewfinder) new price: 5180€ (6940USD); asking price: 3250€ (4350USD) - 2x SEACAM Seaflash 150Digital (SN: N0199, N0202) inclusive neoprene protections, M8 strobe-arm connection, 4x rechargeable batteries, diffusor) new price: one flash with 2 batteries: 2115€ (2834USD); asking price: one flash with 2 batteries: 1300€ (1740USD), asking price for both flashes with 4 batteries: 2600€ (3480USD) - SEACAM Superdome with optical artificial aging and neoprene protection new price: 1570€ (2100USD); asking price: 1100€ (1470USD) - S45 Viewfinder with supplies new price: 1380€ (1850USD); asking price: 1050€ (1410USD) - P120 Macroport with optical artificial aging and neoprene protection new price: 313€ (420USD); asking price: 225€ (300USD) - PVL 35 port extension new price: 165€ (222USD); asking price: 110€ (150USD) - PVL 20 port extension new price: 165€ (222USD); asking price: 110€ (150USD) - PVL 55 port extension new price: 185€ (248USD); asking price: 115€ (155USD) - PVL 45 port extension new price: 165€ (222USD); asking price: 110€ (150USD) If you are interested or have some questions concerning the offered rig please contact me. My email-adress is: posselt2503@gmx.de or write a pm. The offered rig is located in Hamburg, Germany. Bills available for the whole rig.
  7. I have a new Nauticam housing for RX100 and several years old S&S strobe arms. The Nauticam rig is at least 4 lbs negative with the WA lens and I'd like to add a close up wet mount lens (or two) which I would take along on most dives, adding even more weight. Which arms and clamps would you buy? Are the ULCS clamps compatible with the Nauticam 1" base balls?
  8. For Sale: Ikelite 1" ball Strobe arm sets: (4) Ikelite 6" stobe arms with 1" ball on each side (4) Ikelite clamp assemblies for 1" ball arm systems In great condition. Selling as one. For Sale = $190/Shipping= $30 via Paypal.
  9. HI everyone. I am selling my ikelite 7D housing and complete package to get your canon 7D shooting underwater. This equipment is about 2 years old and has around 30 dives on it. This equipment is in like new condition and and has been treated with the utmost respect. There are no dings, dents or scratches on the housing, the dome port, or the macro port. I use the 8" dome port and port body with a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens but this port is compatible with many other lenses I use the glass modular flat port and port body with canon 100mm macro lens but as it states its modular which can be used with many other lenses when you change the port body. Im also selling an ikelite pro 2800 video light with flex arm and charger which is amazing. its crazy bright underwater. Im also selling ikelite strobe arms and strobe sync cord which simply connect to the housing tray arms that carry the strobes. i have floats for the arms that make the whole set up more buoyant in the water. if someone is interested in this equipment i will take the time to list all the product numbers and original purchase prices and the new discounted prices along with nice clear photos for you to look at. I have all paper work, accessories, o-rings and spare parts that are original to the housing. get in touch with me if your interested. regards paul.
  10. For Sale: Ikelite 1" ball Strobe arm sets: (2) Ikelite 9" stobe arms with 1" ball on each side (0466.92) (2) Ikelite 6" stobe arms with 1" ball on each side (0466.62) (6) Ikelite clamp assemblies for 1" ball arm systems (9571.2) (2) Ikelite quick relesae handle extender with 1" ball (9571.3) Some wear on the the plastic lock screws from tightening (see pictures) otherwise in great condition Selling as one. Retail $403 ..... For Sale $199 + Shipping (USPS insured) via Paypal. US sale only please Thanks for looking. Please PM me if interested
  11. I was wondering if it is possible to mix and match Inon and ULCS arms and clamps, given the oring around the ball joint allows for a little give. Inon = 24mm/0.9" ball diameter ULCS = 25mm/1.0" ball diameter Thanks for your help!
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