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Found 2 results

  1. I’m selling my Subal underwater ND30housing with two Nikon D300 bodies, an MD-D10 Gripp, a Battery and a 5 CF Memory Card. I bought the housing about 3 years ago and it has performed very well. It has never been flooded, all the controls work really well and are in very good condition, see photos. Reason for sale: I’m upgrading for a Subal ND7200 with Nikon D7200. Item list: (new price) and now (EURx1,10=USD) Subal ND30 UW Housing (SN 8ND302153), Type 3 Port System (new now 2900 EUR) 1.190 EUR 3 Subal Body O-Ring (for ND30) (new 3x15 EUR) 0 EUR Nikon D300 12.3 MP DX camera Body (SN 4007323) 127838 Expo (new anno 900 EUR) 190 EUR Nikon D300 12.3 MP DX camera Body (SN4124310) 25806 Expo (new anno 900 EUR) 290 EUR Nikon MB-D10 original gripp (new now 250 EUR) 90 EUR 5 Nikon EN EL3e original (new 0 life) (new now 30 EUR/) 50 EUR 4 GB Sandisk ExtremIV CF Card (45 MB/s) with Nikon body 0 EUR 8 GB Hama CF Card (30 MB/s) with Nikon body 0 EUR 16 GB Sandisk Extrem CF Card (UDMA 60 MB/s) (new 30 EUR) 20 EUR 32 GB Sandisk Extrem CF Card (UDMA 60 MB/s) (new 50 EUR) 25 EUR 32 GB Sandisk Extrem CF Card (UDMA7 120 MB/s) (new 50 EUR) 30 EUR The Subal ND30 + Nikon D300 1480 EUR/ 1640 USD Total cost of the complete set: 1890 EUR/2100 USD Seller: ifj. Lőrincz Ferenc Hungary email: ferenc@lorincz.org Payment Terms: Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal.
  2. For Sale. PayPal accepted fees included in price. Shipping in USA not included. More detailed photos available on request. Nikon 16mmFE AF D 2.8 lens. Like-new condition. Original 4 filters, instructions, Nikon F/R cap (front cap is not loose). Excellent lens, barely used. I was keeping this to see if I would go full-frame, but I won't. If you have followed the eBay auctions on this lens the latest one with a lens in very good condition went for $610.00 US.I have more photos of the lens on request. I'm asking $560.00 including PP fees, not including shipping and insurance. Subal ND30/180 degree viewfinder for Nikon d300. Housing just serviced: on/off knob assembly replaced, adjustments, check. Tech said "it's in great shape" and he wouldn't hesitate to sell it as-is. Never flooded, used mostly in the Florida springs freshwater. Type 3 ports. Instruction booklet included, housing O-ring & additional screws, etc. I now use a Subal d7100 which I love, but this Subal ND30 is still a valid and excellent setup. Frankly for my type of wide-angle shooting the d7100 is only about 15-20% better. I've got this priced very reasonably with other options: Subal ND30/180 degree viewfinder. Includes ULCS focus light ball mount attached. Price $900.00 US. PayPal fees included. USA shipping/insurance not included. Subal ND30/180 degree viewfinder/d300 camera body 29000 activations w/above. This package is a serious deal as I'm including the d300 body I always had in the housing. If you have seen what those are going for on eBay you will know. Price $1,000.00 US including PayPal fees. Not including USA shipping/insurance. Subal ND30/180 degree viewfinder/d300 body w/above plus the 6" glass SWB type 3 port: Price $1,200.00 US (again a serious deal. USA shipping only as I don't want to get involved with foreign import fees). Subal SWB Port 6" glass, no scratches, type 3. I purchased this on WP from Norbert Wu in 2009 here is the original link: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30147 My plan was to use this with a Sigma 17-70mm lens (a great lens for the d300) or a 10.5 with a teleconverter. My diving didn't take that direction and this port was never used by me. It has front/rear cover exactly as Norbert listed it. No oring included as it was sold to me, use current Subal orings. This is not a fisheye port, but can be used with the Tokina 10-17. It will vignette a little at 10mm. I paid $399.00. Please make me an offer. Sea & Sea YS TTL Converter/N 50117. Brand-new, never used. This works very well with the ND30 & I've included a ULCS mount for the ND30. I used this type of TTL converter with the d300 and Sea & Sea 110 strobes. Here's one that sold on WP a couple of years ago: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50917 Asking $200.00 including instructions, compatibility chart, 3 different mounts CR2 batteries, etc. Brand-new. 2X Nikon d300 bodies: excellent condition. The one that was kept in the ND30 has 29226 activations. The land d300 has 8468 activations. Includes batteries and chargers, original instruction booklets, etc. Price $225.00 ea ULCS pole segments for GoPro 8' total w/ULCS ball mount. ULCS doesn't make these anymore but they are an excellent product for someone who wants to film dolphins off the bow or creatures underwater. They do not "shake" like some extendable poles and their buoyancy characteristics are excellent. I'm not using my GoPro as much as I thought so I'm selling these. Here's a link for more info: http://www.backscatter.com/sku/ul-polecam.lasso Price $35.00 for 4 poles and ball adapter (new around 85.00). Includes PayPal fees but not USA shipping/insurance. ULCS TR-D tray with blue grippy handle. Excellent compact camera tray which can accommodate 2 strobes or a strobe and focus light with the included extension. I use it with an Ikelite compact housing. New around 120.00 Price $35.00 including PayPal fees. Not including USA shipping/insurance. ULCS 5" arms etc. I'm selling these as a package. 3X ULCS DB-05 5" arms, 1X Neck ball adapter (for focus light or GoPro), 1X DB-03 dumbbell arm, 1X triple clamp. New around 225.00 for these 6 versatile ULCS items. Price for all: $75.00 including PayPal fees. Not including USA shipping/insurance. INON 105 Wide-angle wet lens AD & 2 stacked 165 closeup AD lenses with Ikelite Inon AD mount for compact camera housings. With AD lens holders for ULCS arm. Lenses & AD holder are over 750 new) I love these lenses for compact camera. No scratches on glass. Very nice to use the 105 AD for compact video wide-angle. Info on Inon 105 AD wide-angle wet lens: http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/uwl105ad/top.html Price: $50.00 for all (AD holder alone costs 50 new) Includes: Inon 105, 2X 165 AD wet closeup lenses, Ikelite mount, rear covers, one 165 front cap. 105 has no front cap (but I kept it in a neoprene pouch). Includes PayPal fees. Not including USA shipping/insurance. Canon 500D 77mm Double-element Closeup Lens. Barely used/mint. New around 150.00. Price: 75.00 includes PayPal fees. Does not include USA Shipping/insurance. Please leave a comment here or contact me at carol@oceangrant.com. You can also PM me via Facebook. Thanks, Carol Grant
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