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Found 199 results

  1. I’m selling my low light Underwater system. Everything is in excellent shape. Only used on live-aboard boat dives, never any shore dives. Never had a leak. Meticulous care and cleaning on all components. I have sold a few nice pieces in the past here at Wet Pixel, positive feedback. It was a pleasure diving and shooting with this package. Items are price individually but the Subal to Nauticam adaptor and Sub Dome have to be sold together. I am starting with only grouped images by use, if you would like to see more detail pics let me know. All gear near Nashville TN. Come by and inspect & test. Amounts shown do not include shipping and insurance. Venmo is the transaction service I use. Item Nauticam NA-A7s-III, with vacuum port & travel case 3000.00 Sony a7S III Mirrorless Digital Camera Body, Black 12.1MP, 2 batteries, 2700.00 Subal DP-FE4, And Subal DP-FE4 to Nauticam N120 Adaptor with two neoprene covers 1350.00 Nauticam N100 to N120 Port Adapter with Focus Knob 520.00 Nauticam Extension Ring 60 with Lock 300.00 Nauticam Focus Gear for Sony 16-35mm F4 Lens 180.00 Nauticam Focus Gear for Sony 24-70mm F2.8 Lens 190.00 Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Full-Frame Autofocus Lens for E-Mount, Black {82} SEL2470GM 1200.00 Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Full-Frame Autofocus Lens for E-Mount, Black {82} SEL2470GM 1400.00 Nauticam N100 Macro port 105 for Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS 410.00 Nauticam SE90-F Focus Gear: Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS Lens 230.00 Nauticam N100 Flat Port 23 340.00 Keldan Video 4X 9K Lumen Underwater Video Light, with one battery & charger, float, extra o-rings 1000.00 Keldan Spare Battery 260.00 Keldan 67mm Spectrum filter SF-2 110.00 Keldan 82mm Spectrum filter SF-2 110.00 Keldan Blue Ambient Filter AF 12 B for Keldan 4X & 8X Underwater Video Lights 210.00 2@ Nauticam 70x200mm Carbon Fiber Aluminum Double 1-inch Ball Float Arm 220.00 4@ NAUTICAM STANDARD CLAMP 140.00 2@ Nauticam Triple Clamp 100.00 CINEBAGS SQUARE GROUPER XL BAG 150.00
  2. Looking for a Nauticam Subal T4 Port Adapter (SKU # 921314) if anyone has an old one they are no longer using?
  3. I am offering a number of my Subal Type 4 components and some associated items for sale as they are no longer being used. All are in excellent shape, never been flooded and are ready for immediate use. Subal Type 4 FE-4 Dome - Retail $1,230 (asking $950) Subal EXR - 60/4 Extension Ring - Retail $185 (asking $115) Subal EXR - 65/4 Extension Ring - Retail $213 (asking $120) Subal Zoom Gear for Nikon 17-35 (for D700, D300 and D3) - Retail $98 (asking $50) Subal Zoom Gear for Nikon 14024 (for D700 and D90) - Retail $72 (asking $50) Subal Focus Port for Nikon 105VR - Retail $785 (asking $550) and MacroMate Flip Lens for Subal VR - Retail $550 (asking $375); purchase both - asking $875 Nauticam Adaptor for Subal Type 4 Ports with lock - Retail $240 (asking $195) Prices in $US. Items are located in Calgary, Canada. Shipping and Paypal fees are responsibility of purchaser. If you have any questions please contact me. Regards, Neil
  4. I've been trying to find a zoom ring for the Nikkor 10-24 to use with a Type 4 Subal housing. No luck so far but I did learn that there are a good few dedicated Subal users amongst WP members. So why not have a Subal Users Group? If you are looking for advice on using Subal equipment or looking for a Subal item, what better place to look? Harley have their HOGs. Subal can have their SUGs. Ok, you crazy Subal users.... Follow this thread....
  5. I am changing my set up from Subal to Seacam and have for sale a 6 month old housing, along with various ports. The housing and all ports are type 3, however I understand that you can change the housing to a type 4. The housing is fitted with N5 electrical bulkheads. It has the windows for fibre optic cables/ sync cords but the circuitry is the standard Subal circuitry (without a trigger for fibre optics). Items are available individually but let me know if you’re interested in a package deal and I’ll do you a good combined price. Subal ND850 housing USD$3500 Fisheye dome port DP-FE3 USD$750 FP120 for 105mm lens (non-VR) USD$125 FP90 for 60mm lens USD$125 60mm extension ring USD$100 + zoom gear USD$90 (goes with 60mm EXR behind DP-FE3 for the Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 lens) Available in Australia or buyer to pay shipping More photos can be provided on request
  6. Hey Guys I'm looking for a Subal Type 4 EXR50 if anyone has one they are no longer using. Preferably in the UK or EU. Many thanks
  7. Subal ND500 housing for Nikon D500, Type 3. Comes with a standard viewfinder but I'll throw in a GS180 that works but has some marks inside it. Subal DP-FE2 , 50mm extension ring and zoom ring for 12-24mm lens (N.B. DP-FE2 does not fit directly onto a type 3 housing but does fit using an extension ring) Subal Mini dome (DP-100) for 10.5mm fisheye and cover Subal FP90 for 60mm f2.8 lens (type3) Subal FP120 for 105mmf2.8 lens (type3) Woody push on diopter for SUBAL flat ports Sea frogs flash trigger for fiber-optic cables Nikon D500 (17,320 actuations) Genuine Nikon MB-D17 battery grip + 2 genuine batteries Nikon 10.5mm DX fisheye lens Nikon 12-24mm DX 8GB SD card (x2) Package deal USD$4,400 + shipping at buyer's expense A selection of sync cords are also available. Let me know if you're interested in these. Additional photos can be provided on request.
  8. These were last used two years ago and the camera only has 13,019 actuations. The camera was used topside as well, there are few non UW lenses listed at the bottom if there is interest. I am a photographer but not UW, this was a family member's, so 1) I have not used these personally UW, other than the camera to verify it works, myself 2) I can show the wear and answer any questions, post additional photos/video etc but I'm limited by a distinct lack of understanding of UW gear, TimG has helped field some questions. The things I know are missing, are the sort of aluminum "arms" that held the strobes to the camera. The mounts are there, if you want to use them or toss them. The strobe cables are also missing, as is the Subal's gaskets- they were in a ziplock but it seems I've lost it. I have listed previous sales for these items, only because I don't know how to value them very well. I would prefer to sell at least the UW gear together. If you're interested in the EVERYTHING here, $5k obo, all packed in a single pelican 1650. If you want just the UW but not camera/any lenses, its 2,680 value or $2400 package? Prices exclude shipping, I will ship however you prefer. Underwater gear w/camera/uw lenses: 4,460 individual or 4,000 package deal shipped, but do make offer? Pelican 1650 + divider insert MSRP 350 + 160 Free w/package Subal ND7100, Serial 13CD7100054, type 3 Prev sale (type 3, red, without mounts): 875 Inon Z240 Type 4 UW strobe, SN __D405519 DD405495 Prev sale (type 4): 350 each Subal FP 75-3 75mm port Prev sale (type 4): 150 Subsee +10 diopter + free swing adapter by Saga Prev sale: 180 Macromate port, non-swing Prev sale: 75 Subal 105VR 105mm port Prev sale 300 Subal EXR-13/3 extension ring Prev sale CURRENTLY ATTACHED TO: Zen Underwater DP-100 Fisheye Dome Port Prev sale 400 Nikon D7200 Shutter 13,019 actuations Prev sale 450 Nikon AF 105mm VR Prev sale: 350 Tokina 10-17 fisheye Prev sale: 400 Nikon AF 20mm f2.8D Prev sale: 280 Nikon AF 60mm 2.8d Prev sale: 300 Extra lenses/flash: $1665 separate, $1500 group Nikon tc-17e ii Prev sale: 170 Nikon 70-200 vrii Prev sale: 900 Nikon AF 55-200 DX VR Prev sale: 75 Nikon AF 24-120 VR G Prev sale: 450 Nikon Sb800 flash Prev sale: 70
  9. Hey guys I'm looking for a Subal Type 4 ( so the 88 teeth one) zoom ring for the Nikkor 10-24mm DX lens if anyone has one they no longer need. Thanks!
  10. I'd welcome some expert thoughts on this: I've been thinking for some time about adding the Nikkor 10-24 lens to my Subal system which I know a few readers use with success. My Go-To wide-angle is the Tokina 10-17 but I'd like slightly more reach. I'm thinking dolphins and sharks. Subal guidance is the 10-24 needs the 8" domeport (which I have) plus a zoom ring and a 50mm EXR. With all the gear I have, I can put two EXRs together and, bingo, can come up with a 51mm (18+33). Would that extra 1mm make much - any? - difference?
  11. FS: Subal Super Dome port for Nikon 14-24 Lens - Subal 10 inch(285mm) Super Dome Port - Type 4 $2,268 (This has a conical back and is best used with the 14-24mm lens) - NA-921314 Nauticam Adapter for Subal Type 4 Ports with Lock $240 - NA-21150 Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 50 with lock $478 - Na-19131 Nauticam Zoom Gear fro Nikon 14-24mm $272 There are no scratches on the glass surface of the dome port, but there is a crack on one side of the hood, and it can be easily repaired using epoxy. Total $3,258 Asking $1,400 include free shipping worldwide and paypal fee. For more information, please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  12. Up for sale!, complete Nikon D500 underwater setup with Rare SUBAL ND500 hard anodized Navy housing. This is “turn key” and ready to shoot. I am selling as a complete set, including top water lens, “Think Tank”case, Light and Motion lights, Ion strobes. Extra parts and fresh batteries and chargers included. See list of all items included below. I also have most of the original boxes. This setup has seen limited use, lens have no scratches or marks. Housing has a few marks on the bottom from usage. Underwater balance of this setup is near perfect, with a slight negative feel and flat. Most of this setup was bought from REEF Photo in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and setup by Reef Photo, Let me know your questions. Invested about $18,000, asking $12,000. Qty Description Cost 1 Nikon D500 camera body 1 Tokina 10-17 mm lens 2 Nauticam long clamp 1 Nauticam lanyard 2 Delkin 64 sd cards 1 Subal D500 housing 1 Nauticam view finder 1 Zen DP-100 fisheye dome port 1 Subal Nikon ttl V2 system for Subal 1 Nauticam vacuum system M14 1 Subal EXR 33/4 ext ring 1 Subal 4zt0835 zoom gear for Tokina 10-17 1 Nautican vacuum detction & moist alarm 1 Lobor to install vacuum det. 1 LED bulkheads 1 Subal FP-68/4 flat port 1 Subal O ring 1 Subal EXR-13/4 ext ring 1 Subal port cover 1 Nikon 18-300mm lens 1 Nikon 60mm lens 1 Nikon 105 mm lens 1 Panasonic Eneloop charger 1 Think Tank international camera bag 2 Inon Z240 strobes 4 Nauticam carbon fiber arms 1 Sola focus light 2 Sola video lights 10 Nauticam arm clamps 2 Fiber optic cables 1 Nikon battery (extra)
  13. Updated: Harald from Subal has got back to me , hopefully sorted - cannot work out how to update the post! Help! has anyone got a spare flash circuit board to fit a Subal D500? I need one for 2nd September 2022 for weekend. Alternatively any fibre optic firing kit that is compatible??
  14. FS : Subal Leica SL2 housing Condition is very good. In particular, there is no scratch on the glass surface of the DP-230 dome port. Items for sale are - Subal SL2 housing with vacuum system and pump - Subal DP-230/4 dome port with neoprene cover - Subal EXR-90/4 extension ring, 90mm - Zoom Gear for 24-90 lense Purchase price is approximately $7,500. asking $3,500 include free shipping worldwide For more information please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  15. As new condition. $100 including E-Packet trackable post. 72.8mm i.d. Push fit on the zoom ring.
  16. Up for sale a Subal underwater rig for Nikon D800 + ports & lenses It is a full kit for both wide angle and macro photography of the highest quality. -Subal ND800 housing for Nikon D800 SLR camera, fully working condition, some cosmetic signs, ttl internal cord, ball joints, no box -Subal glass fisheye 8’’ dome port DP-FE4 no.400469, minor marks on crystal, complete with neoprene protective cap and original box -Subal flat port FP-120/4 no.401204, excellent condition, some cosmetic marks, clean crystal, complete with original box -Subal extension ring EXR-100/4, excellent condition, missing o-ring, original box -Nikon D800 SLR camera body, excellent condition, complete with original box, battery, charger and manual, 42k clicks -Nikkor AF 14mm f2.8D ED ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle lens, more than excellent condition, clean optics, complete with original box, front and rear caps, papers and pouch -Nikkor AF-S VR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED macro lens, more than excellent condition, clean optics, with original box, hood, papers and pouch, missing the front cap only The rig has approximately 200 dives, never flooded, never leaked. Leak alarm works properly. All control knobs work smoothly. TTL fires properly. All o-rings were well lubricated before each dive. The whole kit was rinsed properly after each dive. The camera and the lenses were gently used, no issues at all. Shutter count: 42.000 Please refer to the detailed photos for the condition of the kit. I can provide a wetransfer with general and close-up high resolution images in order to have a detailed visual description of the kit. The whole kit has an original retail price of approximately 10.000euro. I’m asking 4500euro + shipping for the whole kit. I’m open to offers. I ship worldwide but buyer is responsible for any import charges and customs fees. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
  17. same as Subal V3 TTL board for Nikon You need this board if you want to use fibre optic cables to trigger strobes when using a Nikon D500 (because it doesn’t have a built in flash). Easy to install. Runs off 2 x CR2032 batteries Can us fiber optics or sync cord in TTL or manual mode. Compatible with 10 different strobe types as shown in photo 2. I. ’ve also successfully used it with Sea & Sea YS-D2J in manual mode. reason for selling - can’t do high speed sync with Seacam 160D strobes (I’ve recently upgraded). I believe it can HSS with the new Retra strobes. AUD$300 (roughly US$215 or €190). Buyer pays shipping plus and PayPal fees. Happy to ship worldwide.
  18. Hello - I'm selling my entire Subal D500 system (macro & wide angle) - complete, except for strobes/arms - worth over $14,073 new (over $15,000 with tax) for $6,800 + shipping. All are in excellent condition. You can see some of the pictures I've taken with the system: https://www.instagram.com/am_underwater/. I'm selling the system and a whole and not individual pieces. Details of what is in the package is below: Subal Camera Housing Subal Nikon D500 Housing $4,118.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-ND500-Nikon-D500-Underwater-Housing-Type-4 Camera Nikon D500 Camera body $1,600.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Nikon-D500-Camera Lenses Nikon 60mm macro $600.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Nikon-60mm-G-f2-8-Lens Nikon 105mm VR $900.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Nikon-105mm-VR-f2-8-Lens Tokina 10-17 $ 469.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Tokina-10-17mm-f3-5-4-5-Lens-Nikon Nikon Nikkor 55-300,, 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR $689.00 https://www.amazon.com/Nikon-55-300mm-Vibration-Reduction-International/dp/B01BPH5SYY Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens $150.00 https://www.amazon.com/Nikon-AF-S-NIKKOR-Focus-Cameras/dp/B001S2PPT0/ref=sr_1_1?crid=8RHYX0G3CM70&keywords=nikon+dx+af-s+nikkor+35mm+1+1.8g&qid=1638197494&sprefix=nikon+nikkor+35mm+1.%2Caps%2C486&sr=8-1 Kenko 1.4X PRO 300 Teleconverter DGX Nikon AF Digital SLRs $237.00 https://www.amazon.com/Kenko-1-4X-Teleconverter-Nikon-Digital/dp/B002C6QE00/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=kenko+1.4x+pro+teleconverter+nikon+d500&qid=1638197689&sr=8-1 Viewfinder Subal 45 degree viewfinder $1,308.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-WS-45-Angled-Underwater-Housing-Viewfinder Original Subal Housing Viewfinder Leak Detection Subal Leak Sentinel V5 Vacuum System + electric pump $435.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-Vivid-Underwater-Housings-Leak-Sentinel-V5-Vacuum-System Focus / Zoom Gear Focus gear 105mm $190.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-AM-Switch-Gear-for-Nukkor-AF-105mm-28-micro Focus gear 60mm $ 160.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-Focus-Gear-for-Nikon-60mm-G-lens-88-Tooth Subal Zoom gear for Tokina 10-17 Nikon (D90)(ND300) $190.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-Zoom-gear-for-Tokina-10-17-88-Tooth Tokina 10-17 focus gear $190.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-Zoom-Gear-Tokina-10-17mm-Nikon-80-tooth Ports Subal EXR-40/4 Extension Ring, 40mm - Type 4 $212.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-EXR-404-Extension-Ring-40mm-Type-4 Subal FP-75/4 Flat Port - Type 4 $290.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-FP-75-Underwater-Flat-Port-Type-4 Subal EXR-33/4 Extension Ring, 33mm - Type 4 $197.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-EXR-334-Extension-Ring-33mm-Type-4 Subal EXR-18/4 Extension Ring, 18mm - Type 4 $180.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-EXR-184-Extension-Ring-18mm-Type-4 ReefNet SubSee Adapter old style 105 (Subal) for diopter $200.00 https://www.backscatter.com/ReefNet-SubSee-Adapter-old-style-105-Subal DP-100 mini dome $958.00 https://www.backscatter.com/Subal-DP-100-Underwater-Dome-Port-Type-4 Flash Trigger Turtle Flast Trigger $325.00 https://www.backscatter.com/TRT-TTL-i-TURTLE-adapter-for-Nikon Turtle Flast Trigger (backup new) $325.00 https://www.backscatter.com/TRT-TTL-i-TURTLE-adapter-for-Nikon Subal Ball Mounts x 3 $ 75.00 Batteries x 3 + Dual Charger $ 50.00 New Subal body oring $ 25.00 TOTAL System New: $14,073.00
  19. All ports are type 3 and used, so not perfect. The DP-SW B dome port is in great condition, it does have a couple of very shallow scratches on the glass, $425 The DP 122 B is a micro dome with a long body. Could be used for macro to get sharper corners than flat ports. Glass is a very good condition. $150 The FP FC B flat port has hazed glass, that should be replaced. It has the manual focus knob and was used w a Nikon 105mm 2.8D. $150 I have 2 FP-84 B flat ports. One is in great condition $90, the other is fair it has a very light hazing of the glass and a shallow scratch $50 Extension ring measures about 40mm, It could be the 33 or 40, I'm not sure. $50 All prices are plus actual shipping I also have older Nikon lenses 105mm 2.8D, 20mm 2.8 and 28-85mm and Sigma lenses 14mm 3.5 and 24mm ultra wide (weitwinkel) (Nikon mount) with all gears, in a separate listing
  20. Excellent condition Zen DP-170 Dome Port with Subal Type 4 Mount. Glass immaculate, only signs of use is a small scuff on the bottom edge of shade that’s inevitable from normal usage. Lightweight for travel at under 1kg / 2lb. Comes complete with Zen Neoprene Cover. Retails for €1160 / £930 selling for £700 / €780 ono. Shipping at buyers expense but not overly expensive from Thailand, via Tracked EMS via Thai Post. Excellent condition Zen DP-170 Dome
  21. Hi, Does anyone know if someone makes adapters for Nautical ports so they fit onto Subl Type 3 housings? Thanks!
  22. Subal Type 3 Macro Ports and Adapter to be able to use Type 3 ports on Type 4 Housings Flat Port with Focus (Nikon 105 VR Macro lens) $360 Flat Port 60 (for Nikon 60 mm Macro lens) $135 Port Adapter for Type 4/3 Ports $240 Asking Prices. Will Discount if all ports and adapter purchased together. Will provide photos upon contact. All Ports are in excellent condition. The Adapter has never been in the water.
  23. Can anyone tell me what kind of LED bulb Subal use in the LED cables which attach to the TTL electronics board. They fire a red light which initiates the strobes. I've had two LEDs fail in the last two weeks. Strange. I'm assuming if I can find someone who is good with a soldering iron, they could fit new bulbs on the cables - if I can track down and buy the LEDs themselves. Photo attached Many thanks! .
  24. Hello fam, Thought I'd share my rig with you and get some advise on how to make this beast neutrally bouyant. I have ran out of options on how to get it as close to neutral as possible. I only used Stix floats and these were the results: Note they were weighed in freshwater (bathtub setup). Rig for Macro: -Subal ND700 , D700 with Nikkor 105VR 2.8 -Subal FP-FC105VR macro port with custom Stix float -2x YS-D2 with neoprene jackets -2x 8 inch ULCS arms with 3x jumbo stix floats on each arm -2x 5 inch ULCS arms with 1x jumbo stix floats on each arm -2x sync cables -7x clamps -L&M Sola 800 for focus -Macromate (By Backscatter) for supermacro Weight underwater: -1.06 lbs I'd like to get this to at least close to neutral however with 1.06 lbs to go, I don't have space to put on floats anymore. Or do I just do DIY rought and zip tie floats onto the arms? Without the Macromate I got it down to -0.67 lbs tho. Would this be already neutral in saltwater? Any suggestions would be appteciated. Thanks! Daniel
  25. For sale in perfect condition a ReefNet SubSee flip adapter to fit a +5 or +10 SubSee optic with a Subal FP-FC105VR port. Comes complete with my very own styled lanyard in a pleasingly contrasting yellow. €125/$135 plus shipping to wherever you choose + PayPal fee if you wish to go down that route. Quick shipping, excellent packing, highly reliable seller. This could be yours by the New Year. PM for more info - although, frankly, what more can I say? It's a ReefNet adaptor for the Subal VFP-FC105VR
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