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Found 5 results

  1. Sydney has some very diverse marine life for a major tourist hub and Botany Bay, being on the door step of Sydney's international Airport is a surprisingly healthy environment. ​Some of the more cryptic species living in Botany Bay ate the Pigmy Pipehorses. These little critters are so well camouflaged that they are sometimes impossible to see even when looking directly at them. I put a little video together of a recent dive I did to film the Pigmy Pipehorses, hope you enjoy it.
  2. This is a sample of AX100 footage, in a Gates Housing and GT-14 video lights with Tiffen Filters attached. ​This sequence was shot with a dioptre attached to the camera, behind the flat port of the housing and was shot in Botany Bay, Sydney Australia.
  3. Ikelite underwater Housing for Canon EOS 7D with IK5510.24 Port Body IK5510.45 8" Dome Port with Shade and Cover (In warranty) (http://www.ikelite.c...port_canon.html) here you can check which lenses fit this dome Spare Silicone Lubricants Spare O ring 2 x zoom rings used only a handful of times, for surf photography. I also have all the spare parts the housing came with. Excellent piece of kit.. can use nearly all the functions on the camera when in the housing, not like other housings that limit. moving between sydney and goldcoast $1450 ono cost new $2100 below is the spec for the housing http://www.ikelite.c...two/can_7d.html Depth rating: 60m Controls for all camera functions exceept multi-controller and flash pop-up. Extension lever on back panel gives ergonomic movie start/stop control. Interchangeable port system. Port is supplied separately.(Port choice depends on lens to be used). Super-Eye long eye-relief viewfinder optic allows full frame viewing with diving mask. eTTL2 conversion circuitry provides full TTL operation with Ikelite DS-series substrobes. Two substrobes can be triggered using a dual sync cord. Exposure compensation buttons on rear of housing gives ±2 EV control range in TTL mode, or 8 manual settings in ½ EV steps. Non-Ikelite strobes can be used in manual mode only (with appropriate sync cord). Dimensions SLR-DC: With tray: 13.25"w, 8"h, 6.5"d. Without tray: 9.5"w, 6.75" h, including knobs. Weight: ~3.25Kg, 7.15lb without port. ~3.6Kg, 8lb with port. Buoyancy: slightly negative (depending on port).
  4. I thought I might share this with those of you with young children. About 9 months ago, Ellie, a daughter of our friends in the US, sent us "Little Bear" - a photocopy of a character that the children in her class have been reading about in books. She asked us to show him around Sydney, and send him and a postcard back so she could share his adventures with her 1st grade class. We did something even better: we laminated Little Bear and took him diving with us around Sydney Harbour and some of the coastal sites. We showed him the wonderful underwater life and made a video for Ellie to share! (I realised that after rendering the movie and deleting my Final Cut project, that the Port Jackson shark wasn't a Port Jackson shark (no harness markings), but a Crested Hornshark, so apologies for the mistake but it's there to stay. ). (By the way, am I the only person who cringes at the sound of their own recorded voice?) Filmed on a Sony HDRXR550 in a Light and Motion Bluefin Pro housing with Sola 1200 lights. Hope your children enjoy it! [vimeohd]35068697[/vimeohd]
  5. Hi Folks - Thought I'd share my most recent project - just some fun shots of diving at various sites in Sydney choreographed to Harry Belafonte's "Jump in De Line" - it was a blast to make - hope you enjoy! Footage includes many of the wonderful critters seen around Sydney - Grey Nurse Sharks, Weedy Seadragons, Giant Cuttlefish, Port Jackson Sharks, Wobbegongs, Blue Gropers, Leatherjackets, skirt wearing dive masters, the normal stuff.. Rebecca https://vimeo.com/50422864
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