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Found 36 results

  1. Strobe, Arm & Cord Package: Ikelite DS51 Strobe, sync cord, ball mount & arms $725CDN or $550USD Ikelite DS51 Strobe (4044.1), comes with diffuser, 1" ball mount and manual Ikelite single sync cord (Ikelite-Ikelite ends, 4103.51) Ikelite 5" strobe arm, two clamps & long quick-mount ball Everything is in excellent condition. Strobe never flooded. Willing to sell individually only if package does not sell first. DS51 Strobe $450CDN or $345USD Arm set $175CDN or $130USD (includes Ikelite quick-mount ball) Sync cord $100CDN or $75USD Buyer pays shipping from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada and any payment fees. Paypal or interac transfer accepted.
  2. For sale is my Nikon D7000 camera body and my Ikelite D7000 Housing Kite. $4,000.00 Click on the links below to view larger image. 6801.70 – Ikelite D7000 Housing 9523.68 – Tray With Handles 5510.45 – 8’ inch Dome Port 5510.11 – Superwide Port Body - This currently attached to the 8" Dome Port 5502.41 – Flat Port 4.1 in/10.4 CM, Long 5510.22 – FL Extension Port Body 4.125 inch 5509.29 – Speed Zoom Sleeve and Clamp 9059.8/0073 – Universal Zoom Set 2.8 inch Dia. 3944.90 - DS160 DX1 Pkg. With Cord 3944.0 – DS160 Strobe 4103.52 Ikelite dual TTL Strobe Cord 4066.10 Ikelite Strobe Smart Charger Click on the Images below to see full size version. I also have an SPL Waterhousing for the Nikon D7000 with dome port for Surf Photography. If you buy the SPL Housing and the Entire Ikelite Kit above for $5000.00 by itself $1200.00.
  3. Have (4) four Aquatica Strobe Sync Cords for sale! Connectors: Ikelite to Nikonos in various plugs (see images) Condition: Used, one has signs of outside corrosion #0458, three are clean. Contacts have been cleaned. Cords are in mint condition, no cuts or kinks. Price: CA$50.00 each plus shipping to US or Canada
  4. Hello WetPixel, To start, thank you so much for being a wealth of information in the art of underwater photography. I lurked a lot and am grateful for all of the information available here. I’m selling off some gear to make room for my lusty purchase of a new D850 with Nauticam housing. Zoom Gear Rings, Sync cords (ikelite and Sea & Sea), Nikon D80 with Sea & Sea housing, Ikelight DS125 strobes. Equipment condition is all good, and listed. I have done my best to price items appropriately but offers are welcomed! Price List is at the bottom. Price list and photos are below. Ian 321-298-9671 You may be laughing at the camera, saying she's an older girl, BUT you can be shooting underwater for less than the cost of one lens! PLUS, this setup is a known fish magnet! And she only brings in friendly sharks and pretty girls, just take a look. Fish Magnet! Friendly, very friendly shark. (Fun fact: the girl is also pretty under that wetsuit.) Pretty girl. What more can you want from a camera? I will ship anywhere. If you are new to Underwater Photography, I will be happy to be a source of help for as long as you want. Now please buy some gear! Ian 3212989671
  5. I am selling my 2 DS 161 strobes. They are in perfect working order. Included are ULCS ball joints, regular and dome diffusers. 2 spare batteries. All hold their charge for 2 full days of diving ( one is a NiCad) NEVER flooded never failed to flash Also have 2 Dual sync cords - Nikonos to Ikelite and 2 single sync cords and a 15 foot extension cord. I believe they are non-TTL as I only shoot in manual mode Asking US$90 for the dual cords and $45 for the single cords. Assorted Ikelite lube extra pins and manuals Price does not include PayPal fees and shipping
  6. Almost a complete kit - just add arms and a lens Subal ND80 housing for Nikon D80 camera. Well cared-for but showing some signs of wear and tear - as expected for its age - but none affect functionality (e.g. some labels are peeling off). FP-FC B Subal Flat Port 2 Nikonos SB105 Strobes. These can be used in "manual" mode with a digital camera (i.e full, 1/4 or 1/16 power). 2 Nikonos sync cords Nikon D80 body with 2 genuine batteries. The eye piece and LCD screen protector are removed ready to use in the subal housing but all accessories will be provided, along with the box. Asking AUD $1,500 for the lot. Buyer pays postage.
  7. 2 single Sea & Sea sync cords. Good condition. $40 each plus shipping. Please email me at michaellamanson@gmail.com as I don't always get notification on this site
  8. Ikelite Housing to 2 Sea&Sea Strobes Sync Cord 4118.2 $150 Used once. Like new condition $5 shipping in the states
  9. Hi all, I'm selling the Ikelite gear below as I don't have an underwater housing anymore. Happy to answer any questions here or via DM. Prices include shipping! Photos: http://www.brentdimagery.com/Sale/For-Sale CAMERA GEAR Dual Ikelite sync cord Ikelite housing to SEA&SEA strobes · New: $179.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Ikelite-Dual-Sync-Cord-4118.2 · Condition: Great condition. I clean o-ring grooves and replace storage caps after every use. · Selling: $150 Single Ikelite sync cord Ikelite housing to SEA&SEA strobes · New: $109.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/ikelite-sync-cord-4118.1 · Condition: Like new. Used under 10 dives as a backup. · Selling: $80 SubSee dual flip adapter for Ikelite macro port · New: $330 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/subsee-adapter · Condition: Like new. Can carry two diopters at same time, or remove one flip to make it a single flip adapter. Works with Ikelite port 5505.45 and probably others. · Selling: $250 Ikelite Extended Zoom Port Body 5510.24 (for wide-angle lenses in dome port) · New: $174.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/ikelite-extended-zoom-port-body · Condition: Like new – used under 10 times for Canon 17-40 with 5D MkIII. Includes original box and o-ring. · Selling: $140 GoPro HERO4 dual battery charger with battery · New: $49.99 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/gopro-hero4-dual-charger · Condition: Like new. Includes USB cable · Selling: $35 Thanks for looking. - Brent Durand
  10. 2 Sea & Sea single sync cords. $75 each
  11. IKELITE #4104.62 DUAL SYNC CORD for Ikelite TTL Substrobes. Y-sync cord for TTL connection from a housing with a Nikonos bulkhead (Aquatica, Subal and Sea&Sea housings) with two Ikelite TTL substrobes. Built-in strain reliefs reduce stress on cord ends. The strobes will fire in TTL, automatic or manual exposure modes. This dual sync cord is for TTL strobes only. Excellent condition with no cracks in the insulation, cuts, nicks, or corrosion. The O-rings are like new. Three caps for each of the connectors, original box included. Price new is $ 180.oo http://www.ikelite.com/accessories/4104.62-dual-sync-cord.html http://www.ikelite.com/images/products/accessories/4104.62/4104.62-dual-sync-cord-instructions.pdf Paypal $79.99, mailing free in US, email: 68.elias@gmail.com
  12. 4) Sea Sea 5-Pin Sync Cord for Duo Strobes (2) brand new never used (2) YS-120 strobes with ball adapters Please make an offer I would like to sell everything together or 1 Strobe with 2 sync cords. These strobes have been used and are still in great shape. Please see pictures, I have tried to show the scratches due to normal ware and tare. These strobes sold for over $800. new and the cords still go for $100. new. I am not looking to receive ANYWHERE NEAR that amount, every reasonable offer will be considered. Thank you for looking. Items are located in San Diego zip 91941 PayPal, personal check, money order or cash will be accepted. The Sea & Sea YS-120 strobe is an advanced underwater flash system. The YS-120 is one of the fastest recycling strobes on the market providing the right light for the right moment. Its size is just perfect, not too small or too big. The YS-120 strobe provides an audible and visual TTL confirmation, and a heavy duty bumper on the front to prevent damage to the strobe head. The YS-120TTL duo high-performance strobe incorporates Duo circuitry, wide coverage angle (105° X 105°) and short recycle time (less than 2 seconds with 1700mA Ni-MH batteries). The YS-120 is ready to shoot when you are. Guide number is 22 (land). Coverage angle of 105° X 105°(105° X 105° with diffuser) is wide enough to cover a 15mm wide-angle lens on a film or housed film camera or the new Nikon 12mm to 24mm wide angle lenses for digital cameras. 2-step(full and 1/2) light levels are available for manual photography. 4-step control will also be available through the use of an accessory diffuser. Over 280 full power flashes with fresh alkaline batteries and Long-life lithium batteries will give as many as 600 full power flashes with a recycle time of only 3 seconds. Recycle time is almost zero during TTL mode. Ready and TTL lamps are provided on both sides for easy access while using dual strobes. The YS-120 also has an audible tone for "Flash Ready" and "TTL Confirmation". the flash also has a handy test flash setting. The YS-120 is offered in 3 color options (available in certain countries) to match the user's camera system. The YS-120's built-in Duo circuit works with N-type (used in MMIII) and S-type TTL circuits, both used in Sea & Sea housings. Its slave function allows the 120 to be used as a non-corded secondary flash. Specifications: Guide Number: 22 (land, at full power) Coverage angle: 105° X 105° Battery life: 600 flashes (lithium battery, at full power)/280 flashes (alkaline battery, at full power)/140 flashes (Ni-Cd battery, at full power)/320 flashes (1700mA Ni-MH battery, at full power) Light level control: Full and 1/2 (2 steps) Color temperature: 5,100° K (at full power)/4,800° K (with diffuser) Compatible with detachable sync cord Battery requirement: 8 X AA Alkaline (12V), Ni-Cd (9.6V) or Ni-MH (9.6V) batteries Depth rating: 60m/200 feet Dimensions (HxWxD): 102 X 102 X 185mm/4.0 X 4.0 X 7.3 inches Land weight: 1,300g/2.9 lbs Underwater weight: -150g/-5.3 oz Slave function Audible flash ready tone Test flash function Over-pressure relief valve
  13. Hi all, I'm selling the Aquatica gear below as I don't have an underwater housing anymore. The parts come in original boxes. Happy to answer any questions here or via DM. Prices include shipping! Photos: http://www.brentdimagery.com/Sale/For-Sale CAMERA GEAR Aquatica 4” mini dome (glass) with 16.5mm extension ring (#18456) · Dome New: $733.95 · Extension New: $232.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/aquatica-4%22-dome-port · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Aquatica-Extension-16.5 · Condition: Regular fading and small scuffs to shade. Glass has zero scratches but an opaque ring around the sides that doesn’t appear in u/w photos. Extension ring shows fading. Comes with neoprene port cover. · I used extension for Tokina 10-17mm on 5D MkIII, but you can see the port chart for all compatibility here: http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_zoom.html · Selling Price for both: $500 Aquatica flat macro port (glass) with 28.5mm extension ring (#18453) · Port New: $367.50 · Extension New: $232.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/aquatica-macro-port · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Aquatica-extension-28.5 · Condition: Regular condition with a couple miniscule scuffs. Glass is flawless. Comes with neoprene port cover. · I used extension for Canon 100mm macro on 5D MkIII, but you can see the port chart for all compatibility here: http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_zoom.html · Selling Price for both: $400 2x Aquatica dome port covers for 9.25” megadome · New each: I think about $20 · Condition: One is great, one is never used. · Selling: $5 each, $8 for both. Aquatica port back cover · Selling: $15 Aquatica Type 4 zoom gear for Tokina 10-17mm New: $137.95 Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Aquatica-Tokina-Gear Condition: Like new Selling: $100 Aquatica 16.5mm extension ring (#18456) · New: $232.95 · Info: Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Aquatica-Extension-16.5 · Condition: Great. Used this with the Tokina 10-17mm in the 9.25” Megadome. *This is a second extension (the other of the same is on the 4” dome) · Sell: $175 Dual SEA&SEA sync cord Nikonos bulkhead port to SEA&SEA strobes · New: $194.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/sea-sea-dual-sync-cord-ss-03470 · Condition: Good condition. I clean o-ring grooves and replace storage caps after every use. On one strobe connection, one female piece shows slight discoloration from saltwater. Works perfectly. · Selling: $150 Single SEA&SEA sync cord Nikonos bulkhead port to SEA&SEA strobe · New: $109.95 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/sea-sea-single-sync-cord-ss-17100 · Condition: Like new. Used a couple times. · Selling: $80 SubSee Flip Adapter for Aquatica Flat Macro Port (for subsee +10 or +5) · New: $230 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/subsee-adapter · Condition: Great · Selling Price: $175 GoPro HERO4 dual battery charger with battery · New: $49.99 · Info: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/gopro-hero4-dual-charger · Condition: Like new. Includes USB cable · Selling: $35 Thanks for looking. - Brent Durand
  14. Many of you know Cathy Church’s beloved gone but not forgotten go-to underwater camera set up, the Olympus SP350 paired with its Olympus housing and the Henrich & Wiekamp TTL interface. I am selling my camera (plus the housing that was carefully set up and sold to me by Cathy herself). All has been very gently used (with typical cosmetic blemishes). All is in working order. The camera is missing a thin rubberized trim piece which does not affect its operation underwater. I would prefer to sell this all as a package, especially Items 1-4, since it all works together so well. You can put together an UWP rig for a great price in time for the upcoming dive season. Shipping costs depend on your preference for speed, insurance, the weight and size of what you want, etc. and so are not included, but I will pass them on at cost. Prices are suggested; I will consider any reasonable offer. These items are for sale to buyers in the continental United States only. 1 - Olympus SP350 Camera; strap, battery, memory cards, charger 2 - Olympus PT-030 Underwater Case w/ Henrich & Wiekamp TTL interface for Olympus SP350 and AD Mount Base for AD Lens Holder Kit $300 for Items 1 and 2 as a group (only sold together) 3 - INON UWL-105 AD Wide Conversion Lens (wet lens) plus Lens Caddy This lens is taken on and off underwater. Stored on the arm until needed. Shoot wide angle, macro, zoom, etc. on the go. 4 - AD Lens Holder on Ultra Light Arm Knob to remove holder from arm long gone; pliers may be necessary to remove holder from arm, but I never did so. $150 for Items 3 and 4 (only sold together) $425 for Items 1-4 as a group (camera, housing, wide angle lens and holder/arm per above) 5 - Ultralight Double Tray w/ 2 ball adapters ($30 for Item 5 if purchased separately) This is the tray I used with this camera; it has a handle on each side with balls at the top of each handle to use with your own strobe light arms (I am keeping my strobe arms). The red strap will be sold with the camera and is shown for illustrative purposes only. Photo below shows Housing on Tray. Housing is sold separately; not included with Tray. 6 - Sea & Sea Dual "Y" 5 pin Sync Cord; Model SS-03470 (can be used to connect SP350 and 2 separately sold strobe lights) ($70 for Item 6 if purchased separately) $235 for Items 3 through 6 as group $495 for entire package, Items 1-6 Please see my listing for Sea and Sea YS-110a strobe lights, for sale in a separate listing, that I used with this set up.
  15. Does anyone know if it's possible to dismantle the Nikonos 5 connector on the end of a Sea & Sea sync cord? I have just bought a Leak Sentinel for my Sea & Sea MDX-D300 housing and I want to fit it to the spare strobe port but the two strobe ports are very close together and the body of the Leak Sentinel catches the knurled ring at the top of the threaded section of the connector for the sync cord. I need to machine it down to make it fit but to do this neatly and avoid damaging the cord I really need to take it off the cord. The lock ring was easy as it just unscrews but the remainder of the connector looks to be sealed. I can just mount the valve onto the strobe port and fit the electronics inside the housing but I would prefer to mount the whole unit externally. Does anyone know if the connector can be taken apart or has anyone any suggestions for sorting this? Thanks. S.
  16. I have two Nauticam to Inon Fiber Optic sync cords, Nauticam product 26211 http://www.nauticam.com/product2.asp?id=99&sid=10 They are both in excellent condition, only used on about 10 dives. $70 each including shipping to US. Payment by check or Paypal.
  17. Three (3) Sea & Sea 5 pin Sync Cords; Model 17100 One sync cord was never used and is in its original sealed package (package slightly worn from traveling with it). Two have been very gently used and meticulously maintained. All is in working order. Shipping costs depend on your preference for speed, insurance, the weight and size of what you want, etc. and so are not included, but I will pass them on at cost. It should be less than $10-15 if you are okay with using USPS Priority mail and want all three. Price is suggested; I can consider any reasonable offer. For sale to buyers in the continental United States only. Please see my separate listing for a Sea and Sea YS Converter /N. I used these cords with it, traveling with one as a spare (but never needed). $55 each for the used cords $105 for the used cords sold as a pair $65 for the unused cord $160 for all three
  18. FOR SALE Qty 3 - Nikon - Nikonos to Nikonos Single Sync TTL Cable (These were used with a Nikonos SB105) $40 each or best offer Qty 1 - Nikon - Nikonos to Nikonos Dual TTL Sync Cable (This was used with a Nikonos SB105) $50 each or best offer Payment via paypal. Flat shipping of $10.00 Priority Mail with tracking info provided. Shipping can be combined as one or all items will fit in same box. Shipping in the USA Only at this time. All are in excellent condition. All have been tested and work, all have had very little use, and been stored away for several years. I also have a Nikonos V in very good condition, Nikonos 35mm lens, 80mm lens, 2 - SB 105 like new strobes, close up kit, macro kit, plus misc. Ask if interested, pictures and info can be provided. Please check out the pictures and ask questions. I tried to show everything as it is. I can be reached here by private message or at fjinfo1@comcast.net. References from Backscatter in Monterey can be provided if needed.
  19. Sea & Sea Dual "Y" 5 pin Sync Cord; Nikonos type; Model SS-03470 Gently used; meticulously cared for. Comes with protective caps. Price of $65 includes Priority Mail USPS. Price is suggested; reasonable offers considered. For sale to buyers in the continental United States only. Payment by PayPal. Please see my other listings (for single 5 pin sync cords, camera/housing, etc.)
  20. Selling my two IKELITE DS 160 strobes with matching Y-sync cord. Minor wear on body without affecting operation. Strobe connections are all clean and without signs of corrosions. Reason for sales; need lighter strobes for travels. Batteries are from 2010 and 2012 and have approx. 75%-80% charge. Will sell items as is for US 1050 plus shipping. Returns only if items are DOA. Individual sales negotiable. Pls. send email to; bjkvideoproductions(at)gmail.com
  21. Brand new Ikelite - Ikelite single 4103.51 sync cord in unopened package. $60 plus shipping ($100 list) 3 available
  22. I am selling here my Sea &Sea MDX Pro D3 which is usable for a Nikon D3 as well as for a Nikon D3x. The complete housing was overhauled/maintananced/pressure tested by mike-dive (www.mike-dive.de), who is well known for modifications, repairings and special ideas. He put in a iTTL-Converter so that two strobes can be used together. A manual switch allows you do disable the TTL-Converter by hand outside the housing with a knob. Perfect who likes TTL for Macro. Please see pictures below. For this nice feature we decided to change the S/C/M knob into the TTL-converter knob at the same place. The housing is fitted with a standard viewer, the condition is good for sure it hast the normal markings from usage. Addtional I have: 1 each NX Zoom Port, P/N 51101 no scratches on the front glas 1 each Adpater Ring 40, P/N 56111 1 each SX-Ring, P/N 50261 1 each NC Compact Macro Port, P/BN 56201 1 each Compact Macro Port S (35), P/N 56211 no scratches on the front glas but a small dent in the plastic 1 each NX Fisheye Dome Port, P/N 56401 modified with removabel weights Following gears: 1 each Zoom Ring for Sigma 17-35 1 each USM Zoom Gear for Canon EF16-35 f2.8 1 each NX Sigma Mini Zoom Macro 28-80 f3.5-5.6 HF Focus Gear 1 each NX Sigma Mini Zoom Macro 28-80 f3.5-5.6 HF Zoom Gear 1 each AF Nikkor ED 17-354 f 2.98D Zoom Gear 1 each Zoom Gear for Nikon 105 VR usable allone and with Kenko 1.4 Converter (made by xit404.com) 1 each Sea & Sea Single Strobe Cable 5-pin 1 each Sea & Sea Dual Sync Cable 5-pin 2 Flash-Arms (Combination of Sea&Sea Arm VI with Mike-Dive Arms) A lot of unused O-Rings, spares, grease etc. are included. I am interested to sell everything in one lot, my price is EUR 1100,- for the complete listed equipment. The material is located in Germany and can be packed well for shipment.
  23. Selling Nikonos to Ikelite sync cord. Asking for 45 EUR + shipping costs. Shipping from Portugal.
  24. I would like to sell the following Items together as a kit. Aquatica AD90 Underwater Housing with Double Nikonos Bulkhead, Hand Grips and Spare O-Rings Aquatica 8" Acrylic Dome, Shade and Covers Aquatica Port for 18-105mm Lens Aquatica Strobe Arm 4 x 8 x 8 Aquatica Focus Gear for 18-105mm Ikelite DS 161 Substrobe with Sync Cord, Charger and Power Outlet Adapters Pelican Case #1510 Carry On Case Asking Price for Complete Kit is $ 3500.00 US + Shipping I purchased the entire kit in Montreal, Canada. I wasn`t able to use the equipment more than four times as I was too busy teaching SCUBA diving. All Equipment is in Perfect Working Order. Used in Ocean Only Four Times. Some Minor Cosmetic Scuffs on Housing and Strobe. Montreal, Canada
  25. Ikelite to Ikelite Sync Cord Asking 50EUR + shipping from Portugal
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