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Found 29 results

  1. Less than half new price, perfect condition. Includes EMS.
  2. Custom zoom gear for Tokina 10-17 zoom fisheye lens. US$ 100 including EMS. Push fit. No need to remove the lens rubber grip.
  3. Hello everybody, My current (and quite old) setup is : · Sony Nex 5N · Nauticam housing · Sony 16mm 2.8 + VCL-ECF1 Fisheye adapter + 4,33 dome port · Sony 10-18mm + Nauticam 7’’ dome port · 2 sea and sea YS 110a strobes I really like the size of the setup with Sony 16mm 2.8 + VCL-ECF1 Fisheye adapter + 4,33 dome port => it is the setup that I use the most but very tricky for split shots and photos sharpness is not very good. During my last trip, I had a problem with the housing trigger : when I press the trigger button, it stays pushed (probably a spring problem…)… => See post : Note : my main camera is a sony A7III. So, I’m considering upgrading my setup. What type of photo do I need : only big animals (Dolphins, Whales , sharks …) and split shots. So, I often use the housing for snorkeling. So, here are the possibilities that I have in mind : 1. Try to fix my actual housing and try to find a better wide angle lens. Do you have lens recommendation? It seems that the best lens would be the tokina 10-17 with MC 11 adapter but it would also need a specific dome port… I also noticed that there is a VCL-ECF2 adapter : is it really better than VCL-ECF1? 2. Try to find a used Nauticam housing with a better camera than the sony nex 5N. In order to keep my domes, I undertood that it should be an APS sony camera. For example a sony a6500. In this case, I would have a same “lens selection” issue that above and even quite old housing are expensive. 3. Buy a Seafrogs housing for my main camera (Sony A7III). I saw that they sell a 6’’ glass dome port : a. Is there someone who tried or used this housing and/or sea frogs dome ports? b. I understood that TTL would not work even with the strobe trigger sold by seafrog. Could you confirm this point? c. Which lens would you recommend for a sony full frame camera? Sony 16-35 f4 ? Canon 8-15 fisheye with metabones? And to be associated with which dome ports? 4. buy a seafrogs housing and another camera that would work with TTL. What would you recommend? Sony A6500? In the seafrogs port chart, I don’t see a dome port that would work with tokina 10-17. Thank you very much for your help.
  4. Hi, I'm looking at getting a wide angle lense (I can only afford one wide angle and one macro set-up atm, so both is not an option). The top 2 contenders seem to be the Tokina 10-17mm and the Canon 10-22mm. I hope to shoot larger animals like whales, sharks, large schools and to a lesser extend some reefscapes and wrecks. The Tokina seems to be the more popular lense, but I'm concerned about the ballooning that comes with the fish eye effect. Any advice or experience is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm looking at getting a wide angle lense (I can only afford one wide angle and one macro set-up atm, so both is not an option). The top 2 contenders seem to be the Tokina 10-17mm and the Canon 10-22mm. I hope to shoot larger animals like whales, sharks, large schools and to a lesser extend some reefscapes and wrecks. The Tokina seems to be the more popular lense, but I'm concerned about the ballooning that comes with the fish eye effect. Any advice or experience is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Lens in good condition. With custom zoom gear for Nauticam housings. 240 GBP plus post. APS-C lens for crop-sensor DSLR cameras.
  7. Hey, I recently purchased the FML – FNX Converter 55G to fit the zen 100mm mini dome to the fantasea line fa6500 housing. (It's for the Tokina 10-17). My issue is that the converter itself 'rocks' quite a bit after installation to the housing which makes me feel the waterproof integrity might be a touch iffy. On top of that, the mini dome 'locks' into the converter by a small pin that clicks down after its twisted into place, but, there is still plenty of room for the dome to continue twisting after the pin. Feels like a lot of unnecessary movement happening, none of which I get with the flat port installed. I tested the integrity of the house using the vacuum pump and there was no pressure loss, after around 10 mins and actually after pumping the housing the movement seems highly reduced due to the pressure gradient, i guess. I'm just worried that a knock or something may result in a pressure failure. Due to covid I havent had the chance to put it underwater yet. Anyone else using the converter/minidome and any similar issues?
  8. The screw drive focus of the 10-17 Tokina does not work with Nikon mirrorless with an FTZ adapter. I have added a manual focus control to an 8" Aquatica dome. I use it on a Nauticam housing with the now discontinued Aquatica to Nauticam adapter. I use it mostly for over/under where you can prefocus on the underwater part and, at f16, see the in-focus blinkies in the above water part. The zoom gear is custom made and is a push-fit on the lens. The focus gear is held in place with a rubber tensioning band. The price, US$1100, includes the Aquatica dome with MF control, neoprene dome cover, two dome shades, Aquatica to Nauticam adapter, Tokina 10-17 lens, Nauticam-fit custom zoom gear, home made focus gear. I note that the most recent Tokina 10-17 lenses have a an AF/MF switch near the bottom. I don't think this zoom gear will fit without some modification. It fits well on this older model. I won't sell the port adapter separately.
  9. Hi everyone, A quick question before I buy. Looking at using a Tokina 10-17mm with my Nikon D500 for photography but am also required to film as part of my work. What are the limitations of using this setup for filming? Any examples of people's work with the lens would be fantastic to see too! cheers
  10. FOR SALE; 4.33 inch Nauticam Acrylic Dome Port for Tokina 10-17mm lens. (not including zoom gear) Good Condition. $350.00 US Nauticam Macro Port 60 for 60 mm macro lens (e.g., Nikon 60 mm macro lens) Good Condition $270.00 US Nauticam Extension Ring 30 to enable use of the Nikon 105 macro lens with the Macro Port 60 (not including focus gear) Excellent Condition $180.00 US miscellaneous extension rings and gears to shoot Nikon 12-24 mm; Sigma 17-70 mm lens Photographs and more information available upon request.
  11. FOR SALE: For Sale: Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5, AT-X, DX Fisheye lens for Nikon Mount, for $200.00 USD, excluding shipping and insurance. This is an excellent lens for wide angle uw photography. Since I did very little wide angle uw photography, this lens is in excellent condition. I also have the Nauticam Zoom Gear for this lens posted here. If purchasing both lens and zoom gear, I can offer a discount. If interested, please PM, or contact me on my website at http://www.kandfoto.comor on www.facebook.com/Kandfoto.
  12. Big set for wideangle and macro ptotography: Aquatica A20 housing for Canon 20D (two Nikonos type connectors) with brand new oring rebuild kit, left and right arm, Sea&Sea 1" ball adapters Canon 20D camera body, two memory cards (2GB and 4 GB), battery and charger (third party) Aquatica 6" dome port with dome shade and neoprene cover fisheye lens - Tokina 10-17 mm for Canon with zoom gear Aquatica flat macro port with neoprene cover macro lens 1:1 - Sigma 50 mm for Canon with zoom gear (this lens is after repair - autofocus drive works little bit louder than normal but works properly) two additional zoom gears: Aquatica #18706 (Zoom gear for Canon 10-17 mm) and zoom gear for do Canon 14 mm and 15 mm. two Aquatica port adapters: #18457 54,7 mm and ~27 mm (Aquatica Port Extension Ring for Aquatica Bayonet Style Housings). Price for whole set is 850 EUR + shipping (from Poland). Payment PayPal only. More pictures, better quality: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mCMb1RDfeCRzWLbHQ1BWzjsQP3sNR5Nc
  13. There's been some discussion of late of various combinations of lenses with a Kenko 1.4TC: what works, what doesn't. I've got both the Kenko 1.4TC DG and DGX models, a Nikon D500, a Z6, the Tokina 10-17 and the Nikkor 8-15. I thought Wetpixelers might find it useful to see the results of the various combinations. What works is in bold. D500 (DX) D500 + Kenko Telepro Plus 300 DG + Tokina 10-17: AF works; no vignetting at any focal length D500 + Kenko Telepro Plus 300 DGX + Tokina 10-17: AF works; no vignetting at any focal length D500 + Kenko Telepro Plus 300 DG + Nikkor 8-15: Err message. No AF; no vignetting at any focal length D500 + Kenko Telepro Plus 300 DGX + Nikkor 8-15: AF works; no vignetting at any focal length Nikon Z6 (and, presumably Z7) with firmware 3.0 Z6 + FTZ + Kenko Telepro Plus 300 DG + Nikkor 8-15: AF works; vignettes with hood attached after 11 Z6 + FTZ + Kenko Telepro Plus 300 DGX + Nikkor 8-15: No AF; No aperture readout; vignettes with hood attached after 11 Z6 + FTZ + Kenko Telepro Plus 300 DG + Tokina 10-17 : No AF; aperture read out; vignettes with hood attached after 11 Z6 + FTZ + Kenko Telepro Plus 300 DGX + Tokina 10-17 : No AF; No aperture read out; vignettes with hood attached after 11 Conclusion a. If you want to use the Kenko with a Tokina 10-17 on a D500 no problem with the DG or DGX model b. If you want to use the Kenko with a Nikkor 8-15 on a D500, you need the DGX model c. If you want to use the Kenko with a Nikkor 8-15 on a Z6/Z7 you need the DG model d. Forget trying to use either the Kenko DG or DGX with a Tokina 10-17 on the Z6/Z7 (well why would you anyway) I don't have the Kenko HD model so can't comment on that but perhaps if someone has, they could add the data for that. Hope this helps, guys Tim
  14. Looking for a Tokina 10-17 mini dome setup for Nauticam N85. I already have the shorter 4.33 dome (non-Tokina) but it will require a 20mm extension for the 10-17. Basically here's what I need: Tokina 10-17 Lens zoom gear N85 to N120 50mm adapter w/ zoom knob 20mm extension Cheers, Marshall
  15. I have recently purchased a new full frame system and am ready to part ways with my Nikon D7100 system. I have for sale: Nikon D7100 body, excellent condition, $350 Nauticam NA-D7100 with vacuum, normal wear, never flooded, fully serviced by Reef Photo 8/16, $1450 Zen DP-100 mini dome for Tokina 10-17, pristine glass, $600 Zen DP-200 dome port, small scratch (see photo) not visible in any images $1000 Tokina 10-17 Nikon mount, pristine condition, Nauticam zoom gear included, $450 Nauticam zoom gear for Nikon 10-24 DX Lens, note zoom gear ONLY, $100 Sea and Sea YS-D1 strobes (two), never flooded, $350 each If anyone wants all or nearly all the package, I'll deduct $200 from the total. Buyer pays shipping.
  16. 1 - Underwater Set - Aquatica AD7100/7200 Housing with Dual Bulkheads, 8" wide angle Dome and Dome shade, Nikon D7100 Body & Battery & Charger and Tokina 10-17mm lens with Zoom ring - Aquatica Rubber dome cover and Cover for dome with Shade on (Ikelite brand) - $2400 Housing and Dome shade show some signs of use but all functions work. $2400 + USPS Priority Air Mail Insured Shipping Can take CC or PayPal contact: timrock (at) doubleblue.com
  17. Hi guys, Just got into wide angle photography and my setup is as follow D750 Nauticam Housing 8 inch dome 10-17 Tokina Lens Did a few test shot at my Condo's pool and found out that when i zoom to fish eye, i get this squarish effect from the lens hood. instead of this circular photo i took from my fren's fb Jerome Kim. Any experts here have any advice or solution to this? Appreciate any suggestions at all
  18. Tokina 10-17 lens + Nauticam zoom gear For cannon DSLR $275.00 Payment via PayPal Free shipping - continental USA TomC www.tpixs.com
  19. I have a Nauticam zoom gear for Tokina 10-17 lens for Canon for sale that I've had about 18 months but only used on a couple of occasions since I mainly shoot macro. It's in excellent condition! Comes with the original box and zoom gear. Brand new for the zoom gear is $185 PLUS TAX - will sell for $135. I only accept PayPal and buyer pays shipping or you can pick up locally in Naples, Florida. PS...I tried uploading a photo of this from my iPhone, but the Wetpixel uploader keeps giving me the message that the file "is too large to upload." REALLY??!! A .jpeg pic from and iPhone?? Go figure!! In any event, if you're interested, I can certainly email you a photo...
  20. For Sale Sea & Sea zoom gear for the Canon 16-35mm and Tokina 10-17mm lens. Sea & Sea p/n 31114. I used this on a Tokina 10-17 lens and it work perfectly with the lens. The gear is in like new condition. Price $100 (US) plus shipping from Phoenix, AZ if you are interested please email me at egebhard@cox.net Thank You Eric Gebhard
  21. Cannon Rebel T3I Tokina 10-17 lens 2 batteries 1 charger RDX 600D sea and sea housing Rdx port base L Sea and sea dome port $2,500 or best offer This is very new rig I used it once last summer on about 12 dives. The housing and dome are in great condition and the cannon works perfectly. Message me about offers or questions.
  22. Hi There, I am going out to Cozumel for 2 weeks diving in July this year, and having never dived in the Caribbean area, I am unsure as too what lenses to take. I normally go to the Red Sea and mainly just leave my TOkina 10-17 on my camera for most of the week, and enjoy the wide angle shots of all the reefs there. However there are few decent pictures from Cozumel on the web so I don't know whether the fisheye lens will be too wide. Due to baggage restrictions I can't really take more than one lens/port combination, so I am OK with the 10-17 fisheye, or is it best to take a macro lens or 10-14 wide angle. Thanks!
  23. Hi there, I'm just upgrading to an SLR (Nikon D7100) from my Olympus m4/3 camera, and was just wondering which lens I should start with. I can only afford one lens to start with, and my favourite shots are wide angle. I am thinking the Tokina 10-17 as many people have recommended it to me, although I was wondering whether it would be too wide as the only lens I would take. I only have one strobe (at the moment) so would the 10-17 be too wide and something like a Nikon 10-24 would be better? I'm going to Egypt at Easter, so I am unlikely to be taking photos of sharks or wrecks, and many people say that rectilinear lenses are not as sharp in the corners. If I get the Tokina, I would put it behind the 4.33" port. I am not looking for a macro lens at this time. Many Thanks!
  24. FOR SALE: Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 DX fisheye lens with Canon mount, with built-in hood. In its original packaging, with user's manual and original Tokina 3-year limited warranty. NEVER USED! Purchased in May 2012 from Adorama and never used (because new baby at home = no diving!). This is the ideal lens for u/w wide angle photography. Great price: $449 with free UPS ground shipping in the continental USA. (for other destinations/forms of shipping, contact me). Thank you.
  25. Aquatica D7000 Housing with Deep Spring kit installed, 4" bk-7 Glass Mini Dome, Extension Ring and Zoom Gear for Tokina 10-17mm lens, +Extras Rig has only been used a few dozen times and everything is in pristine / like-new condition. The external hydrophone has been removed and replaced with a Nikonos Bulkhead so you can connect strobes with direct sync cord or with fiber optic through the other bulkheads. This is great for backups or if you ever find yourself borrowing strobes from a fellow diver. The rig already already picks up external noise extremely well on the D7000 internal mic. Included: -Aquatica Nikon AD7000 housing with dual optical fiber ports (for Sea & Sea and Inon type), and 1 nikonos style bulkhead for nikonos style sync cords with cap. -Factory installed conversion spring kit for 425ft/130m depth rating -Factory installed leak sensor -Aquatica 4" glass mini-dome (including neoprene dome cover), glass is in perfect condition. -Aquatica extension ring (18456) + zoom gear (48717) for Tokina 10-17mm fisheye -Xit 404 body cap -Strobe arm base ball adapters and carry handle Prices new are: D7000 Housing - $2939 Deep Kit - $69 4" Mini Dome - $699 Extension Ring - $220 Zoom Gear - $130 Xit 404 Body Cap for Aqautica housings - $50 Ultralight (ULCS) Base Adapter - Wide (x2) - $48 Sea & Sea handle brackets (x2)- $40 Removable handle with SS bolt snaps - $10 Total: $4205 Asking $3000 +shipping costs.
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