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Found 26 results

  1. The coronavirus outbreak in China has started to affect travel. Currently, this has mostly impacted travel to and from China, with airlines suspending flights and government issuing advice on travel to the country that effectively nullify travel insurance. For Government advice on travel, possible resources include the US State Department (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/china-travel-advisory.html), the UK's Foreign Office (https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/china) or the Canadian Government (https://travel.gc.ca/destinations/china) among others. As the situation develops, we ask that the Wetpixel community post in this thread their experiences, in order to help others to adapt or modify their travel plans.
  2. I had 3 min to make people evade. Please let me know if the objective is fulfilled. Regards Bruno
  3. Hi guys, here is the 1st episode of my French Polynesian series in 4K. Tahiti, Moorea in 3 days Be safe, Bruno
  4. Hi everyone, you want to discover new diving destinations? Enjoy some of the most beautiful marine life encounters? Take a seat and get prepared Bruno
  5. I like to share my lightweight insert creation. I had a hard time to find any good options for my carry on bag so I started to look at options how to make the inserts myself. I bought a light weight foam mat, velcro tape, and fabric that the velcro stick to, like loop fabric from Velcro etc. The total cost is around US$25 (not including the carry on bag price). I had to use another fabric type than the fabric described above since I couldn’t find the loop fabric locally. I recommend that you use a more stiffer fabric than I got hold on. My fabric stretches so I had to saw strait seems to fixate it onto the foam mat. I hope it will help someone else. The empty carry on bag weigh 1.65kg/3.64lb The total weight of my insert setup is 452g/15.9oz The total weight with my current gear that you can see in the picture is 10.9kg/24lb
  6. I would like to take my full setup in my carry-on. Am I going to have any issues going through TSA with camera housing, strobes, strobe arms etc? Mostly concerned with if there is any risk of the strobe arms being confiscated? Anyone taken float / regular strobe arms through TSA before?
  7. I just picked up a second hand PV102 10000 lumen video light by scubalamp. It has a contained 7X18650 battery pack. I am trying to find if this is allowed on airline travel. I know lithium packs need to be carried in carryon luggage, but I am having a hard time finding if this battery pack meets all the TSA regulations. Does anyone have this or large sized batteries like this who can point me the right way?
  8. Amphibico Discovery G3 Underwater Light Travel kit for sale. In mint condition, used very few times. For sale because I dont dive anymore. Includes: 2x lights 2x battery charger 2x articulated arms for mouting to underwater housing 2x diffuse filters 1x hard travel case pre-cutted Price new: 4280 Used price: 1700 O.B.O
  9. Just posted a new guide to Raja Ampat Underwater (focused on staying at and diving from the homestays). It includes info on weather, dive conditions, how to get there, a chart on how to deal with marine hazards in a remote place, descriptions and a map of many of the dive sites throughout Raja - and a link to a new guide to the underwater creatures of Raja Ampat (it's starting small but will continue to grow and we are happy to include your submissions). Hope this is helpful to folks!!! Underwater Guide To Raja Ampat http://nomads-expeditions.com/2017/12/underwater-guide-to-raja-ampat-indonesia/ Sea Life Of Raja Ampat http://nomads-expeditions.com/2017/11/sea-life-of-raja-ampat/
  10. Hi there, new here and want to share a glimps of one favorite dive location, namely Palau in Micronesia. Enjoy
  11. Hey Everyone - My husband and I have spent the last few years mainly in Indonesia and after quite a few hours lost to the hassle of trying to book domestic plane tickets online on sites such as Traveloka and pay with foreign creed cards, we decided to write up a quick article about what we have found on the different travel websites and what solutions we have found. Hope this helps someone else or at least sparks a discussion on here to share ideas. http://nomads-expeditions.com/2017/08/indonesia-booking-domestic-flights/
  12. Some time ago I mentioned that I was using a basic backpack as carryon with a fully constructed camera & housing inside. Someone asked for photos and I never got around to taking them. Yesterday I was helping Dad work out how he is going to pack for an upcoming trip and took some photos. Behold - camera in housing, housing in back pack, within the carry-on size, and room to wedge three t-shirts (for padding) and a couple of strobes around it. I then take a shoulder bag/"purse" with laptop and back up drive, plus maybe a second lens. The only real drawbacks here are back pain after carrying it across the airport and the risk that someone at the airline will want to weigh your bag, and subsequently try and force you to check it. Having a ratty looking backpack has saved me from being selected for random weigh ins. The advantage is that you land at your destination with a camera in housing and all you have to do is plug the strobes in and jump in the water.
  13. Hello Wetpixelers! QUESTION: I will be taking my first-ever liveaboard trip on the Palau Siren in 1 months time. For those of you who have been on this boat, wondering if it's necessary to bring my own soft sided-cooler/rinse tank? We'll be going to New Zealand afterwards, so not too crazy about lugging this thing around, but my camera's well-being comes first over mine...obviously..... Thank you in advance, wondering because I've heard some reports of rinse tank bad-behavior on other liveaboards, (which is to be expected, I suppose), so wanted to see what the rinse-tank to diver ratio might be on this one. -KTDG
  14. It's a great time to dive the Galapagos Islands at less than full price on the MV Humboldt Explorer. It's last minute, but for someone able to take our spots on this trip, we'll give a discount to bring the price down to $3495 each to make it worth your while. See Humboldt Explorer - Galapagos Diving Cruises - Scuba Diving for info. The trip is organized by one of Seattle's large dive shops, which will have 10 of the 16 spaces on the boat. (We've met most of the Seattle divers and they are a nice bunch.) Four other spots have been filled by the Explorer. The remaining two spaces could be yours. If you're interested, please email me at tshort1950@gmail.com Thanks and happy diving -- Tom
  15. Hi All, Please can you help? I am going to be bringing my underwater camera setup (worth maybe £4,000) with me on a trip travelling from UK, Russia, Asia (China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipenes) to NZ. Does anyone know if I am likely to have any issues with import duty in any of these countries? I will have proof of onward travel in all countries. Any advice appreciated!! Many thanks, Matt
  16. Hello All, Are any of you using a Pelican Hard Case for you DSLR Setup? I am really hoping to find a Carry On size Pelican Case that can fit my DSLR (Nikon D7200, Nauticam, 2 Inon Strobes, 2 video lights, arms, wires, 2 ports etc). Is anyone able to fit this type of setup in a Pelican case without removing the handles on the Housing each and every time? If so, what Pelican Case are you using? I'd really rather not have to check my camera gear. Any input much appreciated. Thanks! Hank scubahank@gmail.com
  17. I need a good example of a soft bag (ThinkTank, LowePro and other) for carry your M43 kit as carry-on baggage on airplane or small trips. Do you have some photos of your gear packed and your toughts? Thanks
  18. Only 5 or 6 spots remain on this awesome trip to the Maldives (12 pax total). Dates are Sep 28 - Oct 7 2015. Price From $4,700 per person based on double occupancy. Airfare is not included. If you are interested, message me and I will send you information ASAP! Best,
  19. I have been doing some research on previous posts and have seen that a lot of people suggested the Pelican 1510. I have heard that getting the ikelite into the case is a tight squeeze, does anyone currently use this setup to travel with their Ikelite SLR housing? I have a Lowpro backpack to transport my camera already but I was wondering if anyone has come up with any other carry-on options to fit an Ikelite rig. I really don't want to have to check the housing. If you have pics of your setup in a Pelican 1510 I would love to see it to get a better feel for the size of it/what I could fit in it. Thanks!
  20. Was thinking about spending a few weeks in the Galapagos this summer (June/July most likely) but unfortunately it seems like they are predicting an El Nino. Has anyone been to Galapagos in El Nino conditions and would advise against it? Would it still be worth it to go on the off chance El Nino doesn't happen? I didn't know how much it would affect wildlife viewing there next summer. Thanks for the help
  21. I just read this article The Packing Guide for Underwater Photographers|Underwater Photography Guide and was wondering what other underwater photographers do. I will be traveling from the US to Bali later this year for the first time, so the timing of this article was perfect. Currently I use a Porter hard case (44lbs loaded), and this works great traveling to the Caribbean since it fits nicely in the overhead bin. When reading about airlines weighing this bag/ case that has me worried. I did see that the airline has clear weight limitations for carry-on bags. I use a Olympus E-M1 with a Nauticam housing, 2 ports, 2 strobes, 2 SOLA lights, and arms. So my question is, do you agree with the article, or do you have different recommendations? I am looking forward to your feedback! Here is a link to the case I currently use http://portercase.com/main/product_info.php?products_id=73
  22. Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that Pelagic Life opened a new section in thier website. Travel. Here they recommend the best seasons, places, operators and even accomodation for big animal encounters in Mexico. Check it out here: http://www.pelagiclife.org/#!travel/cmsw
  23. I am packing my Aquatica D90 rig into a rolling carry on bag, and I have a new (to me) 8 inch dome port. I wasn't happy just putting a piece of cardboard between the top of the dome port (in its neoprene cover) and everything else in the bag. I found the steamer basket from the Panasonic SR-DE103 fuzzy logic rice cooker fits perfectly, after trimming off some of the edge so that the basket fits inside the sunshade. The remaining edge rests on the lips of the sunshade and prevents the bottom of the basket from touching the dome. The neoprene cover fits over it all without a problem. I have made a gallery of the process: http://slickpic.us/407264UNTN The part number from the Panasonic website for the basket is: ARK53T975-W9 We own the rice cooker and never use the basket, so it didn't cost me anything. The rice cooker is really an excellent device, BTW. Willis
  24. We have 3 spots left (1 male, 2 shared cabin) on the Rocio Del Mar live aboard for the February 15-23rd trip to Archipielago Revillgigedos (Socorro Islands). You must arrive in Cabo, Mexico on the 14th. Price of the trip is 3295USD. This trip was sold out, but 3 people had to drop out. This is a trip for advanced divers. Socorro is all about big animal diving; leave the macro lens and diopters at home! We expect to see giant Pacific manta rays, Silky Sharks, Hammer Heads (Great & Scalloped), Galapagos Sharks and White tipped reef sharks. Tigers have been seen occasionally. Additionally we expect to see dolphins, huge schools of jacks and giant tuna. We have chosen this time of year to go to Socorro (my 6th trip there) because we feel that it will give us the best opportunity to encounter humpbacks (and their calfs) on SCUBA (no guarantees :-).) If you are interested, please contact me and I will answer any questions you have regarding the trip. There is also a lot of information about the trip and the boat at www.rociodelmar.com. (some of my images from past trips are there also.) I would love to meet some new divers and share this incredible place with them.
  25. I have been traveling to Providencialis for 13 years for the great scuba diving and underwater photography opportunities and part of a group of veterinarians that does volunteer veterinary work. I also travel to Grand Turk on the same trips. The crime has always been non existent on Grand Turk but always a problem on Providencialis. It is no longer just an inconvenience. Now the crime has gotten so bad, my cameras (D3s and D800 and lenses) were stolen within 48 hours of gettting to the Island - right in my house, while we were in the house eating dinner! Only got one afternoon dive before my equipment was stolen. Fortunately, we did not get held at knife point like an unfortunate resident the night before. It seems the natives in Providencialis are much more interested in stealing than tourism and are brazen and dangerous. The crime is at epidemic levels here. Stay away! If traveling to Turks and Caicos, go to Grand Turk - they are friendly (unlike Providencialis) and the diving is better than Providencialis, but most importantly you will not have your cameras and equipment stolen. March is a great time to photograph whales at Salt Cay (near Grand Turk) Sadly, I am doing volunteer veterinary work here for the next 2 weeks with no way to replace my cameras - It's almost not worth diving without a DSLR in my hand. Dr. Joel Murphy www.drjmphotography.zenfolio.com
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