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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, people, I own an old Sigma 14mm F2.8D EX HSM ASP which despite being very big and heavy used to deliver amazingly sharp images when shooting chrome films and APS-C sensors on land as well. When I switched to full-frame it could be seen some flare in my outdoor pictures, I guess due to the fact that it's not "nano coated" (or some Sigma nomenclature equivalent to the ones advertised by the Nikkors) for big digital sensors. Hence naturally I started to choose another WA among my lenses (like the Nikon 16mm FE or the 16-35mm) rather than this, and have never dared to try it UW in order to avoid the critical limitations that shooting against the sunburst could bring me. Indeed I must say that I love this lens so much that as time went by I simply couldn't see myself selling it, so I kept it for many years even with no use at all. Now I'm reviewing my whole gear because I'm gonna upgrade and then, seeing this kinda "forgotten" lens, I wonder whether I can give it some more dignified use than be left forever at the end of my cabinet… If not, I'll be definitely selling it in order to make some more money to add to my upcoming new acquisitions. Only to justify such a passion, worth say it focuses very close: 18cm - being probably the shortest focal length, non-fisheye wide-angle auto-focus lens with a fast 2.8 maximum aperture - but anyway I've never gave it a chance UW because it's not "coated". Thus, I have no idea how would it perform, for instance, behind a dome (which one, by the way?), paired to a TC (I have Nikon 14II and 20III), neither about dedicated extensions etc. Finally, the obvious question: Anybody has already used this lens UW? If so, does its benefits outweigh in someway dealing with its size and weight? I'm interested primarily on FX users' experience, but DX's incomings are also welcome as I do would like to have an strong reason to remain keeping it... Just joking! : ) For sure any thought about it will be much appreciated! Valeria
  2. Hi all, My second clip from the last dive trip to Bali. We went to Menjangan Island on the north of West Bali. Not as popular as other Bali dive site such as Tulamben or Nusa Penida but worth checking. Some of the dive sites were: Menjangan Coral Garden, Sandy Slop, Eel Garden and Menjangan Wall. Viz was quite good, with some current on the Eel Garden site. Viz on the wall was not that good. I've been shooting more and more video compare to pic, and some of my experience on this trip are: 1. Shooting video need more plan! Most of the time I just press the video button to shoot video but with this I get 2 type of resolution as GH4 you need to go to movie mode to shoot 4K video. If you on pic mode the video will only 1080 and if you in movie mode your pic is only JPG. Better have plan prior to dive on what you going to do, in what resolution, in what AF mode, etc. 2. There were so many variables in shooting video. With light, without light, auto WB, or manual WB all giving different result. Not to mention auto Focus and manual focus, etc! And I have not shoot macro video just yet! 3. I love editing and tinkering with image. I've used LR and PS for quite some time so coming to Premiere Pro was relatively easy for me. In video you'll edit more and tinker more! Love this part. 4. Need to work on my "story board". My time line selection is usually based on video that have good focus, good wb, good brightness, not shaking, etc. But most of the time the good subject was not capture that way. 5. Camera shaking is horrible! Many clip was ruined due to camera shake. Next trip an underwater tripod is a must and learn to do panning properly. I've got more than 50 dive log already and I think my buoyancy is OK but still panning and stable image need more practice. Here's the clip, and as always appreciate any comments and critics from the viewer. Regards, Bona
  3. I just saw that a new WA lens has been announced ( http://www.canonrumors.com/2014/05/canon-announces-two-new-ef-ultra-wide (weitwinkel)-angle-zoom-lenses-and-white-eos-rebel-sl1-digital-slr-camera/ ) . I'm currently looking for a setup for my 5dmkIII. Having sold my ikelite setup, I'm starting fresh, and considering lenses and ports. Have initially been thinking about a Nauticam, and then buy the Canon 8-15 to use. However, this being a fullframe camera, that would go from circular crazy wide to wide. Unless your shooting whale sharks, Im thinking that might not be the ideal lens. I was in Coccos last year, and looking back at my shots and my gopro shots, extreamly few times did I wish for wider shots. More tele on the other hand... I have already the Sigma 15FE and Canons 16-35 f/2.8 II, but I also read up that you need a very big dome to get good corner sharpnes, and preferly a 82mm +2 diopter. I'm using the 16-35 for other things (indoor concerts) so I'm not getting rid of it, but if this new lens, for a quite decent price, could outmatch the 2.8 version, and possible let me use a smaller dome, it would be something to consider. Does anyone have a guess on what dome it would perform best in, and how small you possible could go? I'm doing all my diving traveling, and a dome take up very much space in the carry-on. And thinking of going with glas, does add quite a bit of weight. Any feedback would be appreciated. /Björn
  4. I shot 43rds for years but have recently moved to micro43. Currently I have the Oly EM1, 12-50 lens and Nauticam housing. I would like your opinion on which wide setup to go with first. The 8mm Panasonic or the 7-14 Panasonic. I know they use different domes, which surprises me, sine I used the 170mm dome for both lens with my 43rd setup. I will eventually acquire both lens but not now. I will be shooting in Fiji at the end of the month. All opinions welcomed.
  5. Hello WetPixelers, I have created a new OL albums from my first two dives. I have no prevoius experience with photography (unless shooting with my cellphone counts), however I am a divemaster and I always wanted to keep a "diary"; of my dives. If you care to look it my photos, your feedback will be much appreciated. One note, I had to crop all my WA photos (Installed the dome port with the shade on the sides instead of topqbottom ). My new rig: Nikon D7100 Nikkor 105mm Nikkor 10.5mm Ikelite housing 2X DS161 8" Dome port flat port for the 105mm Some macro Thanks for watching, Gal. My album
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