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Found 14 results

  1. As the Great Lakes diving season slows down, time to post a few images from this years adventures Number 1, the JH Jones https://imgur.com/gallery/h7C2H7L
  2. Recent video, Barracuda lake in Coron, Palawan, Philiipines. With temperatures raising to 37 degrees centigrade this is an awesome experience of a dive if you get to Coron, you have to try it! I have other videos of the shipwrecks in Coron also shot last few weeks, will post separate link here or find on my YouTube. Thanks! All video shot on Sony A7SIII, 10bit 4:2:2 Prores direct to Atomos Ninja V all in Nauticam housings. Im using the Sony 28mm F2 lens inside a WWL-1 which I bought here from @Phil Rudin. Thanks again! If like the footage, please subscribe, im trying to build up my channel and its all 4K underwater shots, hopefully something there for fellow divers to enjoy! Thank you!
  3. Hi team Wetpixel ;-) I already went through all the posts on mini dome use cases and they all clear. But, I want to toss in my specific use case and see what you would recommend. I ask since some of these dives are difficult to do so I don't have many opportunities for try and test approach that I would normally do. - I am going to take some wreck shots at about 60-100m depth. - I will use new Nikon 8-15 fisheye on D850. - As for shooting, no split shot opportunities. Also I don't really see value of corner sharpness on these dives so will compromise here. Instead, I will focus on framing the entire wreck with ambient light in blue, getting some flash lighted parts of wreck in the foreground while rest of the wreck and blue is in the background or really just some CFWA with details or fish and again parts of the wreck and blue in the background. - Large dome port was too bulky for me with rebreather, stages and rest of the dive kit so I took with me now only 4 inch mini dome and 7 inch glass dome What do you think will work better: 4 or 7 inch dome? Is there an obvious better choice? My main use case is natural light ... or traces of it down there :-) if I have to choose one. Thanks, Marko
  4. I had the opportunity to dive on the MV Rena this weekend. For those of you not aware the 236m container vessel ran aground on Astrolabe Reef in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It subsequently broke up in heavy seas, spewing it's 200 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and hazardous containers before sinking. Following a long recovery and salvage process it is in the protracted and lengthy process of a resource consent hearing to determine whether the wreck can be left or further removal needs to be carried out. Since the exclusion zone was lifted the Mount Maunganui Underwater Club dives the vessel when weather permits. This year the Bay of Plenty region has been plagued by strong north westerlies, late season for the water temperatures to warm up and below average visibility conditions. This past Sunday the club visited the wreck again and thankfully the blue water had finally made an appearance, the scale of the wreck can only be appreciated in the clearer conditions and on this day it didn't disappoint. Shot on a Canon 7d, Tokina 10-17 in a Nauticam NA7D Mk II housing. https://vimeo.com/207180478
  5. Hi, Some clips of diving around Tobago, visibility wasn't that great but still some nice dives including turtles, eagle rays, stingrays and a wreck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL1QlbH0DsA. Enjoy.
  6. Dear All, We started this petition and hoping you as fellow divers may give us some help. This idea is to put to rest HMS Illustrious in warm blue clear waters which apart from the legacy and its history, the reach from all divers around the world to dive it safely and in a safe country. www.ipetitions.com/petition/scuttle-hms-illustrious-in-malta Please copy link and sign. Thank you.
  7. Discovered by accident in 2009, the spawning of the Jewel Anemones must surely be considered one of the greatest annual wildlife events you can observe as a scuba diver in New Zealand waters. For two consecutive years I have had the special privilege of capturing the action. This is the first time I've ever put a video together - that was a fun learning curve! Please feel welcome to share your feedback. https://vimeo.com/133317564
  8. Hi, thought I would just post this link to a video I shot today of the wreck MV Rena. This has been in a state of removal and clearance for the past 4 years following a grounding on an offshore reef out from Tauranga, New Zealand. The salvage operators have almost got it to a point that they consider it clear for recreational divers to start diving it. The Mount Underwater Dive Club have been involved with the Insurers of the vessel in applying for a resource consent to leave it as a wreck and as part of that process I was invited as a club member to dive on it today. Hope you enjoy. Hope you enjoy.
  9. Hello everyone, I wanted to share a short video of the famous "Betty Bomber" plane wreck in Truk. It is a fun and photogenic wreck in Truk that is not to be missed. This was shot with the new 16-35mm F4L canon lens on the full frame 5d. It also used an 8" dome. I found the sharpness excellent in comparison to the 17-40mm. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! Dustin OR Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMjH_NJMPfY
  10. June 7th - 14th 2014 we need UW Photographers and Videographers to join us once again to one of my Favorite Destinations. North Carolina. in June we get 70 to 80 degree water and good visibility. Great Wide Angle shooting of Wrecks and Sand Tiger Sharks. I need 4 more Divers. shoot me an email if you are interested. Hal. info@hollywooddivers.com
  11. Hello diving photogs. Just a heads up that the 100ft dive liveaboard "Ultimate Getaway" is running a special trip Sept 5 - 8, 2013 to dive some great SW FL offshore wrecks known to harbor schools of Goliath Grouper. These dates are right at the peak of expected aggregation maximum (new moon of Sept.) I was on this boat in early Oct of 2010 with David Doubilet shooting Goliath images & video on the Baja California wreck for 2 days. We saw dozens of clustered goliath eventhough peak aggregation was well over by then. That trip inspired me to work with Ultimate Getaway to plan a dedicated trip targeted to finding goliath schools on SW FL wrecks. Here is the link to details on the trip we came up with: 2013 Ultimate Getaway Goliath & Wreck Photo Trip Regards, Brian D.
  12. The project: Creation of a Navy Warships’ Underwater Park Ocean Revival by sinking four decommissioned Portuguese Navy vessels, 3 miles from Portimão, Portugal. Yesterday the first 2 ships has been sunk. One corvette with 85 meters long and a patrol ship with 44 meters. They are "divable" already but no penetration is allowed for the moment. Only after being completely stabilized on the seabed, the authorities will allow do dive inside the vessels. More or less 2 weeks expected for stabilization... The other 2 vessels are being prepared for the sunk that is expected to happen next year. One hydrographic ship with 64 meters and one frigate with 102 meters. You can learn more from the project on the official web site http://oceanrevival.org/en/ You can watch the sinking of the corvette on the following link http://oceanrevival.org/en/informacao/noticias/item/imersao-oliveira-carmo.html?category_id=16 and the patrol ship on this one http://oceanrevival.org/en/informacao/noticias/item/imersao-zambeze.html?category_id=16
  13. Hi guys, A video from two dives on the wreck of the Henry Desprez, a tanker sank during the WWII in the South of Italy. Normally I would have thrown away some clips, especially at the beginning of the video but this is a dive very difficult to organize and I tried to edit the video giving the viewer the opportunity to understand what I'm shooting and where it is located on the ship. I've still lot to learn on light position. While the lights are capable to cover the fisheye entire field I had to stove and move the light several times to enter inside the wreck. Through the camera small display is difficult to understand if the entire field is lightened. The camera is mounted on a scooter. It's very important that the entire setup is neutrally buoyant but at 50m/164ft. the setup became immediately very heavy and I discovered that the Stix Jumbo float were squeezed like marshmallows so moving the scooter/camera was a pita. [vimeohd]47105423[/vimeohd]
  14. Hi All, I'm so new to photography, both UW and topside. All advice helps... Im still waiting on my strobes, and I'm not able to expose much color in my shots. All our wrecks are 90-120' and I've been converting to black and white to get a bit more pop out of a greenish photo. I'm just looking for general advice from whoever wants to help out. AP_Caribsea-120701-1939.jpg by A_Papa, on Flickr This was shot with my d7000 (sea and sea housing) with /nikor 16mm fisheye @ f/5.6 1/160 ISO400. Thanks!! Annette
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