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Found 4 results

  1. Just wanted to share and discuss with other video shooters using A7SIII. Until this trip I have been shooting always in SLOG3, however for this last weekend I tweaked a HLG profile and shot exclusively with that. I found it fine to use, although colours can be a bit odd to my eye. Always keen to hear from and learn other Sony shooters settings for underwater video. Enjoying the process. All shot in 4K 4:2:2 10 bit, 60fps, PP10, HLG, with A7SIII, 28mm F2 inside WWL-1, using a combination of nitescuba NSV80 lights which I'm currently testing, and my existing Keldan lights.
  2. I recently got the Nauticam A7SIII housing to shoot video and am very happy with it, shooting with the 28mm F2 and WWL-1 that I bought on this forum from @Phil Rudin I just tested the Sony A1 in the same housing today, thoroughly checked all buttons, dials, etc and wanted to just share to anyone who needs to know, the A1 works perfectly in A7SIII housing. I know for the Nauticam A1 housing they sell the adaptor tray for the A7S3, but this is not required if you have the A7S3 housing.
  3. **EDIT: I have realised I put this in the photo section, not the video section. Apologies, if a mod gets to move it, that would be great.** Hello WetPixel! This is my first post as I take a bit of a dive into the pointy end of underwater camera gear so please be gentle. I am moving from a GoPro mounted to the front of my DPV which I have been using to shoot video on deep wrecks over the past few years. After a number of expeditions with some questionable footage, I thought that investing in to a decent camera would yield some better results. I'm looking at an a7Siii in with the WWl-1B but I'm wanting to know more about the lens and what it will offer me if I go for the fixed 28mm or the 28-60mm option. I have read many of @Phil Rudin's posts which have been very helpful in clearing up an concerns I have over going this way due to quality, and also his references in terms of understanding what these wet lens' actually do. So I suppose my question is, 28mm fixed or go for the zoom for more options, even if that is going to be more useful getting footage on the surface. I may well have completely missed some other important point, but like I said, I'm very new to this level of kit. Cheers, Dave If it helps, this is a link to my most recent video I put together after a dive. I'm basically looking to do a similar thing, but with a better camera. I did have a light fail before the dive on this one, so on the bottom it is dark and I'm really under gunned on the light.
  4. Hi All, Looking for a second Nauticam NA-A7SIII housing and would prefer to buy used. Would need to be shipped to 33160 (or I can pickup if you're within ~50-100 miles). Thanks!
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