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Found 17 results

  1. For sale a complete Seacam for canon 5dIII all in excellent condition. -underwater housing Seacam canon 5 dIII - 1 x Wideport -Superdome -Port macro -2 Zoom lens gear -2 portextension I only sell everything together, not separated sold by change to Olympus 4900 € transportation included from Madrid, Spain Seacam by Javi Parri, en Flickr
  2. I'm a traveling glamour photographer shooting models on beaches. We were going to a remote dive resort in Fiji so I bought this complete set-up last month for their famous tiger shark dives. Didn't get enough free time to do more than 4 total dives with this rig (2 tank shark dive @60', 1hr pool session filming the models doing Discover Scuba class, 1 hr shore dive filming models doing first ocean dive in Discover class). Overall I don't see myself dragging this case around to many other events, I just have too much above water gear to begin with and for lighting I really do enough video it makes sense for me to have video lights. This kit is as PERFECT as you can get, here's your chance to get a complete rig for half of what you'd normally spend! 100% functional and perfect cosmetic condition. Housing works with the Canon 5D mkIII, 5DS, 5DR and the latest 5D mkIV models (must install the included rubber washer kit). Some of the pieces below have not been used at all (like the flat port assembly I bought to do macro stuff with my 100mm macro lens, only was too busy all week working on above water model shoots to do the nudibranch dives!). Here's what you get: Ikelite 6871.03 Housing for Canon 5D Mark III (5D mkiv with included kit below) Ikelite 5510.45 8" Dome Ikelite 5510.35 Flat Port Assembly Ikelite 5509.27 Standard Zoom Clamp/Sleeve Ikelite 5509.28 Special Zoom Clamp/Sleeve Ikelite 4070.01 SA-100 Arm/Single Cord Kit Ikelite 1061.1 DS161 Strobe (x2) Ikelite 4067 Li-Ion battery (x2) Ikelite 4067.1 Li-Ion battery charger Ikelite 4080.02 Double Ball Arm Ikelite 4080.05 Compact Ball Arm Ikelite 4080.06 Ultralight Double Ball Arm Ikelite 5510.28 Port Ikelite 5510.22 Mod Port Ikelite 5510.11 Mod Port Ikelite 4103.51 Single TTL Cord (x2) Ikelite 4103.52 Dual TTL Cord Ikelite 9295.02 update kit mkiv (can be reversed and used for mkiii) Ikelite 945.01 Strap Wrench for port Ikelite 200.5 Flat port Neoprene Cover Owners manuals, warranty paperwork, lube, gaskets, tools and spare pieces all included, even the original boxes and padding each came in! As a bonus, I also have a 3rd party dome housing for a GoPro Hero5. Good to about 15' deep, it's an acrylic dome with a housing for the Hero5, floating handle and removable trigger system that allows you to capture amazing 1/2 below water shots. Perfect for snorkeling or pool work (we used it to film new divers going through their Discover Scuba dive). Also a Pelican 1615 Wheeled AIR case with foam cut for all of the above (total weight with everything above in the case is only 38 lbs!) with a little bit of room to spare for extras. Total cost for everything above (obviously, the camera body and lenses are not included!) was around $9,000.00 new. Asking $4,000.00 obo. Might be willing to separate a few of the generic pieces and case if you're just looking for the housing and already have your own lights. I'm in Philadelphia, PA USA, willing to ship worldwide at buyers expense, or meet anywhere in the greater Try-state area at no charge. PM your email if you'd like higher res or additional pics.
  3. ​Looking for a bit of advice for how much of an ISO change would be recommended for a full stop change of F/4 to F/5. I will be shooting in natural light. The attached picture is an example of what I would like to work on for the next shot, just want to go into the next dive somewhat prepared as the opportunities are not that often. I am mostly happy with the result after some work with Lightroom, however you can see there is a bit of softness on the lower left fin of the turtle that I am hoping a move to F/5 could do away with. Or if I should be trying something else all together. For simplicity let's just assume that the lighting conditions are the same or similar for the next dive. Here's the info from the example photo. Also a side note, I cannot adjust the shutter to anything less than 1/200 for the types of shots I'm looking for. Thanks! Shot on Canon 5D Mark IV - 24mm 2.8 EF IS lens - spherical dome port - natural light F/4 - ISO 500 - Shutter 1/200 - Manual white balance 45 feet deep, mix of sun and clouds, sun at back
  4. Hello everybody. I have for sale a complete professional camera set up: Canon 5D Mark II camera, with 3 Canon lenses (16-35mm wide, 50mm macro, 100mm normal) Aquatica housing with dome port (shade + cover) and flat port 2 x Inon z240 strobes. One of the strobe clamps has a broken handle (it does not affect in any way the strobe, for me it is just a cosmetic issue as I never removed the clamp) Other accessories (arms cables, bags, etc) All items are in perfect working condition. This is a used system but no issues with it except some signs of normal use. Asking price 3800 euros plus shipping. We can negociate a bit if somebody is seriously interested. The items are located in Romania. Reason for sale, since last year the life changed, I have relocated to Europe and unfortunately not so much time for diving these days. Please send me PM if you're interested or if you have any questions. Many thanks in advance and safe diving to all.
  5. Here is the classic Canon 5D in excellent Aquatica housing. Includes Housing, camera body, mid range 28-105 mm lens, 4 batteries, a charger, 2 CF cards for 4 GB and 32 GB. Just add the port and you are ready to go shooting. All O-rings are new, camera and housing in mint condition and never been flooded. Asking $1600 for everything. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. I have moved up to a housed Canon 5D III system so I am selling my previous system. All parts of this housing package are compatible with Subal's Type 2/3 port system. Everything has been very well cared for and has never been flooded. I would prefer to sell the entire setup in one package. Asking $1650 for everything listed below. Canon 5D full frame camera body is also for sale upon request. Please feel free to PM with any questions. Michael Pollack www.untamedimages.com Subal CD5 Housing with GS 180 Viewfinder - No dings or scratches on housing. Optics on viewfinder in pristine condition, some fading on black finish. Subal DP-FE2 Glass Dome Port - Excellent condition. A couple of very slight surface scratches on glass that are very hard to detect. Zero impact on image quality. Subal EXR-60 Extension Ring - Near mint condition. Subal Zoom Gear for Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L - Near mint condition. Reef Photo Neoprene Dome Port Cover Subal Custom Focus Port for Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro w/ focus gear - Glass is perfect. Overall condition excellent. Subal FP-90 Flat Port - Glass is perfect. Overall excellent condition. Subal EXR-33 Extension Ring - Mint condition Subal EXR-20 Extension Ring - Mint condition ULCS BA-TG Base Adapters - Excellent condition ULCS BA-TP T-Groove Plate - Excellent condition Spare o-ring for port and housing included.
  7. Wanted: Canon 5d mkii/mkiii with respective Seacams housing + camera body preferably within the EU so I don't pay import tax. Please get in touch!
  8. For Sale: Brand NEW Aquatica A5D Mk III Underwater Housing + Aquatica 8 inch Dome Port + Aquatica Focus Extension Ring for Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II All purchased new from B&H Photo in December 2013. A bit of a story why I've had this gear for a year and never used, but I'll spare you the details. It's all brand new in boxes. Retail from B&H or Backscatter for all 3 is $4,345.95 Will sell all 3 for $4000 and I'll pay shipping/insurance in USA. Will consider splitting up set for individual purchases but would prefer not to. Serious inquiries only please. Thank you, Blaine
  9. Greetings! Thinking I was moving to SE Asia and would have ample opportunity to dive and get involved with UW photo I went for it and bought the best equipment. Turns out that move was canceled and I have BRAND NEW and NEVER DOVE Aquatica housing and accessories for a Canon 5D Mark III. Unfortunately, I am unable to return it to the business that sold it me. So here is your opportunity to get a great deal on some brand new gear! I have in boxes and unused the following Aquatica gear as seen in the picture of my receipt: -Canon 5D Mark III housing with dual blk head moisture alarm - Maintenance O ring kit -8" Dome with cover -8" Dome shade (wide angle) -Extension Ring for Canon EF 17-40 F4USM -Canon EF 17-40mm F4USM Type II -Port locking collar Price: $3500 + Shipping You save: $1,100.90
  10. We spent a week diving in Bonaire 8/2-8/9. It was our fourth trip to the island, but the first trip since getting a housing for the 5D mk III. It was a great trip to cut our teeth using the new kit. The pictures turned out pretty good for our first time out. At times it seemed to be "spray and pray" shooting, but there were also plenty of well thought out compositions. Unfortunately most of those are on the cutting room floor! Overall it was a great trip and made me realize that we are going to need another 5d and housing...my wife loves it as much as I do! I'm surprised we were both good at sharing the camera during the trip. The full album can be found here: [url=http://s533.photobucket.com/user/ChasinTales/library/Bonaire%20Aug%202014?sort=3&page=1]Bonaire August 2014[/url] Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  11. In good condition, my UK-Germany housing for a Canon 5D (mki). Done about 200 dives with it, shows small signs of use but is mostly in great condition. As with any UK-Germany housing it is very solid built (aluminium) with a very nice dark grey coating. Pleas pm or email me for more info (info@rudgr.com).
  12. I have for sale a Subal 5d Mkii housing and 8" port for sale. All purchased from backscatter last year. Housing is in great condition and never flooded. It was used for a dive trip to Mexico and its been sitting for the last 8 months after I broke my camera in Yosemite. Need the cash to buy a new 5dmkiii. Comes with a extra oring for the rear plate. Housing $2750OBO 8" glass dome with spacer for running a sigma fisheye with teleconverter, and back scatter cover $1000OBO Both for $3500OBO Buyer pays insured shipping.
  13. Im in Asia using an older rig since I mostly use video. The canon 5D shoots above water but will not actuate underwater. Ive tried this with 2 lenses. Sometimes it works most times it does not. Ive set the camera to spot focus because the manual focus ring got lost. There is plenty of light and ive tried several exposures and auto. ast option is to set on manual ficus and preset distance. Any suggestions? thank you
  14. I have a Sea and Sea Housing for a Canon 5D Classic, that's a 7 year old camera. The camera is a full frame sensor. I'm selling the whole kit complete with camera, extender (for use with say a 17-40mm or 16-35mm lens along with the fisheye port. The housing is well used but in perfect working order, the camera has only been used below water so there's plenty of life in the shutter. Oh and there are no scratches on the dome port. I wanted $1000 for the lot and I'm not interested in selling for less. I can mail anywhere in the States. Payment via PayPal only.
  15. I have a "like new" Ikelite underwater housing for a Canon 5D. Included is a flat port for a 50mm f/2.8 lens, an 8" dome port with extension for a 16-35mm f/2.8 lens (w/ B+W 77mm +4 close-up diopter NL-4), Substrobe DS-51, Digital TTL Single cord to one strobe, 8" double ball arm, 16" double ball arm. If interested, I also have a Canon 5D body for sell with the housing gear. I am asking $3000 for all the housing gear including Canon 5D camera body. w/o camera body - $2500 -or best offer- Contact: Jon Little jon@jonlittlephotography.com
  16. I am selling a complete Ikelite housing for a Canon 5D Mk2. It has been used twice (Curacao and Bahamas) and is in mint condition. The package includes the 6871.02 housing, the 5510.24 8" dome xtend zoom body, 8" dome with cover and the amazing Pro-2800 LED light system. At 2800 lumens this thing is amazingly bright! Plus all associated clamps, sleeves, spare o-rings etc. are included. PayPal and cashiers checks accepted. Buyer pays shipping. $2,500 for the complete package.
  17. Hi there, I'm now selling my Aquatica housing for the Canon 5D Mark II. I have the following: Original Aquatica 5DMII housing with dual bulkhead & audio/visual alarm Aquatica 8" acrylic dome port Aquatica extension ring for the Canon 16-35mm lens Zoom ring for the Canon 16-35mm lens I'll also include the zoom ring for the Canon 24-70mm lens (but I'm keeping the extension ring) O-ring kit The kit is in perfect working order. There are some surface scratches on the housing from normal wear & tear but nothing which affects the performance. I had a couple of scratches on the dome port but I fixed them with the Micro Mesh kit. See http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_ports_18405.html Total original cost US$4,238, will sell for US$2,600 or Eur2,100. Many thanks Ken
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