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Found 1 result

  1. I know I can't be the only one with the following challenge Been diving with a camera & housing (one form or another) for the last 15+ years, and outside of diving at places like Wakatobi, Lembeh, etc. (with a camera room close to dock) or on a live-aboard I'm still looking for the best way to carry a fully put together housing (currently for a D7100) & arms from hotel room to boat, many times with a significant walk/transit in between. Example: On the plane to the Big Island (HI) right now (WiFi at 30k feet & WetPixel to help pass the time) for a week of diving with the family. As we usually do, staying in a resort, diving 25+ min away down near Kona or up near Puako. I'll put together my camera gear the night before, and then end up carrying it from the room to the car, then from the car to the boat (along w/the rest of our dive gear). I've been on an unending search for a backpack wide & tall enough to comfortably carry the housing (preferably w/the arms collapsed (but attached). The best I ever found was actually a free backpack from the old Microsoft PDC developer conferences (got one at one at the conference, then started buying them on eBay as they wore out, which was fairly quickly given the environment). After I couldn't find any more of these, I switched to an Akona backpack that was slightly narrower (very tight fit, but was a little more ruggedized (material was resistant to salt water, heavy duty zipper, small waterproof compartment). On my 2nd one of these backpacks now, so thinking about what's next when this one wears out (it's a very tight squeeze [side to side] for the housing). This may only be an issue for those of us who still occasionally tolerate multi-dive day boats (most have limited capacity to carry on larger camera bags), but I've found myself even wanting this during longer excursions off of liveaboards (last year in Raja Ampat we did a 3 dive long range trip with 1 being a shore dive - wanted to carry some gear & my camera in a way that kept it out of the sand). Both hands end up being for dive gear, so really like the option of carrying the rig on my back (also have a wife and 13 year old daughter diving so I seem to be carrying more gear than before - even though they do claim they carry their own gear). So I'm looking for ideas, or better yet, a recommendation for some mythical backpack-like, rugged, salt-tolerating bag big enough to comfortably carry a full housing (and a few odds n ends). Does such a beast exist? - Matt
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