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Found 12 results

  1. Rock of life is a dive site located in Browning Passage near Port Hardy, on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The dive starts out in a beautiful kelp forest and the landscape slowly transitions into a sheer wall that cascades down into the depths below. As the name would suggest, this site is teeming with colorful life. Enjoy 2 minutes of footage from Rock Of Life.
  2. My wife, several friends, and I spent 4 days at the beginning of May scuba diving in Port Hardy on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. These high current, nutrient rich waters are some of the best cold water diving North America has to offer. The biodiversity, bright colors, and amount of marine life is amazing. We did a total of 10 dives over 4 days with sites like Gooseneck Point, World Famous Browning Wall, 7 Tree Island, Nudi Beach, Tim's Wall, Carl's Corner, Barry Islet, and Rock Of Life. My personal favorites were Barry Islet and Rock Of Life.
  3. As the Great Lakes diving season slows down, time to post a few images from this years adventures Number 1, the JH Jones https://imgur.com/gallery/h7C2H7L
  4. About two years ago, I upgraded from the Olympus TG-6 to the GH5 and then GH5ii. Here's a few videos I've made this past year with my new set up. Enjoy, and I welcome feedback! Thanks!! April_1_2021,_Redondo_-_HD_1080p.mov
  5. Had a chance this fall to dive the legendary Browning Wall off the northeastern part of Vancouver Island. It did not disappoint.
  6. The cold waters of the Salish Sea contain many beautiful and colorful marine creatures. With the world in challenging shape this past year, I feel fortunate to be able to visit them every now and then. Here's a compilation of various visits throughout the pacific northwest. Comments and critiques welcomed.
  7. Hi, Any suggestions for which dry gloves work best for uw photography? (I have a Santi drysuit and a Nauticam Housing ML). I have seen a few posts on the issue but dated 2009. Thank you for your help. Pier A Mane
  8. Hi, I recently bought the Nikon D500. I live in Maine and hope to take some wide angle photos in my home state. The visibility is terrible 5 to 15 feet. Is it possible to do wide angle in these conditions? I have both the Nikon 10-24mm and Tokina 10-17mm. I also have Sea & Sea Ys-D2 strobes. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Here's a recent video I put together of an encounter with a very large sea lion in the puget sound. As you'll see, he starts off being playful then becomes a bit more threatening. Used a sony CX550 in a bluefin housing with a GoPro 4 black attached. I also used an osmo for steady shots in the boat and a Phantom 3 4k for drone footage.
  10. Hello Everyone, Went diving in the Galapagos in August for the first time, and boy was that an interesting destination! We pretty much saw everything...Really a spectacular trip, above and below water. One dive, which has to be one of the most unique I have ever done/heard of...is the Marine Iguana dive. During a certain hour of the day, the Marine Iguanas head to the ocean from the land and swim and eat the seaweed and algae. Hundreds of them are in the water. Really a fun dive...cold but fun! We lucked out with excellent visibility, which is not typically the case in this particular dive. Here is a video I put together of it. Please feel free to Share or Like it. Also, any comments good or bad are welcome. Enjoy, Dustin https://vimeo.com/78419332
  11. This is the time that the beautiful nudibranches spawn here on the west coast of Norway. So me and my buddy went for some nudibranch hunting! Since the waters are so cold during the winter ( 34F) our only option is a heavy duty drysuit. We managed one hour bottomtime, but then it was time to head for the surface to a hot cup of coffee! I use an canon 350d in an ikelite housing. 160ds strobes and a l&m sola 800 focus light.
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