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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I’ve been looking into upgrading my kit for a while, to have a better image quality and control over what I’ve been using so far for video, ie Go Pros 4 to 7 and a TG5 ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGm5QuR4KQftzMoaAM1ExSW0UFKNatJRR ) I had a Canon G12 in the past as well as a Lumix compact, and miss the image quality, and also having a more practical camera to work with. I’m trying to gather opinions on the best upgrade options - if any on my budget - for underwater video excusively. A lot of the reviews and tests are very photocentric and commercial, so it’s hard to get a clear picture on actual video results. I’ve been reading up on some very useful threads here but I thought I would avoid hijacks and ask directly, hope this is ok. To give a bit more detail, I work in diving, currently in between jobs - and as much as I like video I do not intend to go do this more professionally, as I do want the extra pressure of having to produce - however I would really like to have more control / get better image quality and also move forward. I will be doing video only, mostly shallow wide-angle in ambient light in the tropics. Main concerns would be good white balance and good low light response. I'd love to have some macro options in the future, but for the time being, wide angle is fine. Camera will be in the water a lot, sometimes in roughish conditions, so a good housing is in order. As much as I'd love to go for bigger / mirrorless cameras like the GH5 , the price tag of the camera + lens + housing combos is beyond my current budget - that would have to wait for a couple of years and/or a steadier position. I'm quite limited at the moment, 2000 USD tops, ideally in the 1500 USD range. I've been looking into compacts, narrowing it down to the Lumix LX10, Lumix LX100 ii, Sony RX100 series, but maybe there are other, better options, for a reasonably sized and priced video rig. A cruise director friend is getting good results on the RX100, but I must say I’m quite partial to Panasonic - my first UW camera was a Lumix compact, and I was very impressed by the video white balance i was getting with a UR Pro filter. I’m currently mostly in developping Asian countries, so quite limited as to what I have access to second-hand / or online, unfortunately. Any tips would be very welcome - I'm torn between the desire to finally upgrade and a nagging feeling that I should better wait until I have a better opportunity to invest in more advanced gear. Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers, Ben
  2. Hello all, I'm trying to figure out what compact would work best for underwater video only. I've been looking at specs, reading reviews here and also wherever else I could find them, including for older RX100 models, watching side by side videos and whatever uw clips I could find, but unfortunately the mass of contradictory information found online is a little confusing. To summarise what I'm looking for: I'm only interested in a compact for shooting underwater video clips only, not stills. I'd shoot in 1080 and/or up to 4k, 24/30 to 60 fps - mainly with shallow ambient light in the tropics - and mainly wide angle general reef scences, with a red filter (primary), and less commonly with lights for macro/closeups (secondary) - I don't really care much for slow-motion. As a side-note I'm well aware of the limitations but have decided to focus on on compact-sized cameras for now, for specific practical reasons, - mainly to have something with manual controls and of reasonable size to work with for a couple of years before eventually upgrading to something bigger and more efficient like a dedicated camcorder or mirrorless. Main points of interest to me: • white balance for video in camera white balance (I'm partial to Lumix cameras on this), possibility to do a manual white balance, possibility to shoot in a flat profile to white balance in post (I don't think there is a compact capable of shooting raw video, but a flat/ flatter profile option would be very useful) • low light capacities for video how efficient is the video in lower light conditions - ie how will the camera handle darker days, going a little deeper, say with a red filter, what are the manual options • efficient video autofocus how good is the autofocus when shooting video - some cameras (LX series) have touch screen focus controls to set focus, but this is not really a practical option in a housing. How good is the camera at tracking in the sort of environment we shoot in underwater etc... • video image quality how defined is the video image, dynamic range etc - these compact cameras come with 2 sensor size options, four thirds for the LX100ii and 1" for the others, but it's not clear what really works best due to cropping, processing etc Not a major difference in apertures for these cameras, but there might be something to lookout for in lens quality • video stabilisation these compact cameras offer 2 types, lens and in camera - the RX100 seems to have a slight edge on this • battery life how does the battery hold when shooting video - I've heard that the RX series drains batteries very quickly when shooting 4k videos this is less of an issue on land, but underwater and in housing, for one hour dives shooting short clips, more so • overheating when shooting video? I've heard this is/was a major issues when shooting video on the Sony RX series. I shoot to edit 10 to 30 seconds clips, might go up to 1 minute for very specific reasons but not beyond, so a 5 minute cap like the RX100's 4k mode doesn't bother me for instance however the camera will indeed be used for underwater video only, in a housing, so reallynot very practical if it overheats easily --------- As mentioned in the title, I've narrowed down the search to 3 classic compacts: • Sony RX100 V or VI (or higher) • Lumix LX100 ii • Lumix LX 10 But I'm open to other recommendations for good video cameras of of similar size. I am quite partial to the Lumix series, have seen some good really good and helpful feedback here (thanks again), but have been reading contradicting information on video performance, especially when compared to the RX series. It doesn't really help that most of the video info found elsewhere online is focused on vloggers shooting in very different conditions from what we would find underwater, and that most commercial showreels focus on closeup scenes with a great light rig, which is not what i'll be using the camera for most of the time, and hardly mention white balancing Some info i've picked up along the way on these cameras: The older Panasonic LX10 seems to have focusing issues, and stabilisation is not great The Sony RX line (V, VI, VII....) is also very interesting, but I have heard of the overheating issues, which seems to be a common problem for other users shooting video. Since I'll be using this camera for video only, this does seem like a major problem. Not clear if this is major issue really fixed with the RX100 VII - found tests saying that it is, others that it isn't... Apparently in a studio, 40 minutes of continuous shooting is possible, but not sure what this would translate to inside a UW housing. RX100 battery life is also supposed to be quite dismal when shooting video, again not great underwater, and not sure what to make of its white balance options The Panasonic LX100 ii seems like a good alternative without the overheating issues and with better battery management, but what of autofocus, low light and image quality? It's also not clear how its bigger sensor really performs>>> ------- Beyond dry camera specs, it would be fantastic if people with real-life underwater video experience with these cameras could give opinions to help me make a more informed decision on which compact to get for shooting uw video clips. Thanks in advance for your help and pointers cheers ben
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