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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I put a macro video together from a recent trip to Lembeh. Click on the cog and turn the playback up to 2160p if you can. Shot on the Sony A1 in Nauticam housing with 90mm macro lense.
  2. Shot with Sony A1 in Nauticam housing with 90mm macro lense. Video shot during a photo workshop in Anilao. Turn the quality up to 2160p if you can.
  3. Male cuttlefish can evaluate the likelihood of winning a fight by assessing their competition, according to a new study... Nikon D7000 f/8, 1/250, 7mm, ISO 250 Housing Nauticam
  4. Hello all, I was fortunate to get my hands on a 1dx mark II a few weeks ago, along with an underwater housing for it. Did a last minute trip to the Philippines to test this out. It is a short video, and I did a mix of macro and wide angle. I used the 100mm F2.8L and some shots with a +10 diopter on it. For Wide angle I used the 16-35mm F4L. Make sure to choose 4k on the playback options. Or Vimeo I severely underestimated what the move to 4k was going to bring. The amount of resources both from a speed and storage standpoint is massive. After 40 dives, I came back with about 3.5TB worth of data. Almost all of these shots were shot 4k and 60p, played back at 30p. Let me know what you think! Enjoy, Dustin
  5. HI everyone, I wanted to share my latest video I put together. It is from a night dive, where I had a friendly cuttlefish hang out with me for 45 minutes using my lights to hunt. It was great fun to watch. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment or make recommendations. Dustin
  6. We did a dive at Flinders Pier close to Melbourne yesterday and there were quite a few fishermen out on the pier. I was mainly looking for Weedy Sea Dragons however when I got to the end of the pier, I saw a lure sitting mid water with the current keeping it in position. In the distance I saw a young giant cuttlefish approaching the lure cautiously so I started banging my stick against my strobe arms to scare it off without avail. It was too entranced by the lure and went for it. Whilst I thought of swimming towards it to chase it off, I did not want to get into an argument with the fishermen. Unfortunately it had no chance once it reached out with its tentacle as these lures have about 20 hooks on them. I sat back and waited for the fisherman to reel it in but it did not happen, the cuttlefish was struggling so I surfaced to see why it was not being reeled in. The fisherman was not tending to his rod so I thought bugger it I'm gonna help it...I went back down and used my stick to turn the lure around so the cuttlefish was able to pull itself free, it happened instantly as the lure had no barbs. Luckily we did not meet the fisherman however he would have been clueless about what had happened! I am not against responsible fishing however this cuttlefish would have suffered for a long time. First pic is the cuttle fish trapped and the second after being freed, slight damage to its tentacles is visible on the right side...
  7. The sequence was shot at Karumolum, in the Russell Island chain of the Solomon Islands in December 2012. Two cuttlefish were spotted early during a courtship ritual. The viz had been generally poor, but we caught a break on this dive. [youtubehd]L6da8WozI7E[/youtubehd]
  8. Here is a short fun video from Lembeh of a series of different animals munching away on dinner! http://youtu.be/JXexf50vemY
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