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Found 45 results

  1. Sealux CD300 for Nikon D300 (Revision and pressuere test: 6.10.15 document available), included: - GD viewfinder - 2 Flash sockets - Flatport PN94 with caps - Dome Port 180U with a new neopreneprotection - ZR28 - 2 x Sealux Orings (one is new) Sealux Flash Housing CX-800 for Nikon SB800 - Sealux LED Pilot lamp (with a ligting duration of aproximately 2 hours) - Sealux Quick 2500 - Quick-charger (100-250 V) - Sealux Ball with M8-thread - 2 x Sealux Orings (one is new) - Sea&Sea Silicon - Flash sync cable Nothing has been flooded and everything is in great shape. Price for all parts 1699,00 € If you like you can buy the Nikon D300 and the Nikon DX 12-24mm f:4,0 too.
  2. I'd prefer to sell this as a complete package since, as you'll see, it's a lot of gear and I really don't want to make ten trips to UPS. I did price individual pieces but I'm discounting it significantly if you take it all.Camera equipment: Nikon D300 (body only) $100 Compact Flash cards $120 3 x 32GB Sandisk Extreme 2 x 16GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 2 x 8GB Sandisk Extreme III 3 x D300 batteries (included with camera) 3 x Nikon battery chargers (included with camera) (No lenses, sorry)Housing system Sea & Sea MDX D300 Housing $100 Sea & Sea Ports with lens covers: NX Standard Port (for 60mm) $100 DX Macro Port 87 (for 60mm or 106mm) $250 NX Compact Dome Port $200 NX Universal Dome Port $300 NX Extension ring 20 $50 NX Extension ring 40 $50 Spare O rings for ports and housing body Leak Sentinel V4 Vacuum Seal System (included with housing) Sea & Sea 45° 1.2 Viewfinder $500 Turtle focus rings for: Tokina 10-17 Fisheye (plus Zoom ring) (included with housing) Nikon 60mm Macro (included with housing) Nikon 105 Macro (included with housing) (NOT LENSES, THESE ARE FOCUS RINGS) Misc arms and clamps $100Strobes Sea and Sea YS 90 $50 Sea and Sea YS 110 $100 Spare O rings for strobesSea & Sea Single 5 pin Sync Cable $50Sea & Sea Double 5 pin Sync Cable $50Pelican iM2950 Case $130Items priced separately total $2250As a complete package $1750 OBOPick up in San Francisco Bay Area or shipping TBD
  3. I've finally pulled the trigger and switched to mirrorless and thus no longer need my Subal housing for my Nikon D300. Dove sparingly, never flooded and works perfectly. For Sale: Subal ND20 with ND30 back for Nikon D300 - Includes GS 180 viewfinder ($1300 upgrade) - $950 + shipping Also will include the pictured ball adapters, extra body and port o ring, sync cable for Inon strobe, and a lifetime supply of batteries for the moisture alarm. I will also throw in 3 subal zoom rings free as I seem to have lost the labeling, but I dove it with the 12-24mm and 18-70mm. New this is more than $5000 worth of housing available for a fraction of the price (the viewfinder alone is worth that) Subal DP-FE 8 inch dome port w/ exr 50 extension ring - More than $1500 new. Some cosmetic scratches on the plastic but the glass is in great shape without any blemishes that would affect pictures. Extension ring is perfect for shooting with the above mentioned lenses. - $600 + shipping Subal FP-117B - This is an older flat port that I've dove with both the 60mm and 105mm. If you have lens compatibility questions PM me and I can take measurements. $100 + shipping Preference to sell as packaged but open to offers. Ports and housing are type 3 mount. Steve
  4. Hello everyone! I have the following for sale for $950: Nikon D300 - lightly used in like new condition - Battery charger and 2 batteries - 18-55 lens Ikelite Housing - lightly used in like new condition - On tray with two handles, bolt snap, and retractor - Oring in excellent shape, seals perfectly 8” Ikelite Dome Port - lightly used in like new condition 1 Ikelite Optical Cable for use with strobe Please feel free to contact me with any questions: covington.d@gmail.com or 305-301-9115 Best, Derek
  5. Back in 2008 I was bitten by the photography bug and bought a lot of gear, and dived for a few weeks with it while on vacation. The last time I went diving was my honeymoon in August of 2009, where we did a liveaboard on the Archipelago II in Indonesia. I had some amazing pictures taken and some amazing dives, but shortly thereafter, the children started being born. And that has put the kabash on the diving. Anyway, that is the back story. I have equipment that I spent a ton of money on, and which is not going to be used any time soon and I thought I would offer it up to someone who wanted to pay a fair price. It is all located in Yonkers, NY (just north of the Bronx) and I would ideally like to have some one come and cart it away (Fortunately, I have a large camera backpack that houses it all (other than the dome) which will make that a bit easier. So what do I have? From the original invoice: Ikelite Housing for Nikon D300 digital camera $1,424.95 For Tokina 10-17mm lens: Ikelite 8" Dome port w/shade $ 379.95 Ikelite Super Wide Body Extension Ring $ 117.95 For 60mm lens Ikelite SLR Flat Port, 4.125" $141.95 Strobe & arm: Ikelite Substrobe DS-125 Strobe with Diffuser $759.95 Ikelite DS-125 Battery $125.00 Ikelite Substrobe Smart Charger 1.5hr for DS-125 & DS-200 $94.95 Ultralight Base Adaptor for NEW Ikelite SLR Release Hndl. $23.95 Ultralight Ikelite DS-125, DS-50, DS-51 Adaptor $22.95 Ultralight 8" Double Ball Arm $47.95 Ultralight 5" Double Ball Arm $29.95 3 Ultralight Fisheye Clamps (15 degrees side movement) $89.95 Ikelite Digital TTL Single Sync Cord to one DS Strobe $94.95 I was not planning to sell the lenses but given how little use they get, I could be persuaded to do so. Anyway, the total package without the lenses cost me $3,372.30 as per the above. I have NO IDEA what it is worth on the secondary market, so feel free to try and take advantage of me, just know that I'm not committing to sell for dirt cheap and may consider donating it to charity and taking a tax deduction. Everything worked fine the last time I used it. I would question the longevity strobe battery at this point as it hasn't been charged in over 3 years (I used to charge it every month but I used to do a lot of things, including diving and taking pictures!) I am writing this from the office and don't have photographs but everything is more than serviceable given the light usage and if anybody is interested in a photograph of the stuff, I will break it out over a weekend and take some pictures. Ideally, you live locally, can make an offer contingent on your seeing it and satisfying yourself with the merchandise, and you can pick it up at your convenience. Less ideally, you want to pay for it all and make me box it up and ship it to you. I really don't want to do that though because I am very lazy.
  6. Hi All, Selling the below only: Subal ND300 Housing 8 inch Subal Dome Port w/ cover Extension Ring Zoom Gear Free Nikon D300 Free Tokina 10-17mm FE Lens All Excellent Condition Upgrading to FF. 2390 Euros all in. Dublin, Ireland.
  7. Seacam Nikon D300 housing and ports for sale including SuperDome Port. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152943175559?ul_noapp=true Upgraded by 'Scuba Cam Singapore' to support optical strobe using TTL connectors.
  8. For sale: Seacam Housing for Nikon d300 with long macroport and medium domeport with extension ring 20 mm. Extra o-rings, buttons and other useful things. Comes with a SubSee adapter for Seacam, magnifier not included. Never been flooded, there is a leakage alarm with both light and sound. A few small scratches on the underside of the housing and on the dome protection ring. A small scratch on the dome, easy to edit. Price excl. shipping: $1200
  9. Although I already posted this for sale at the end of 2014, I can't edit that initial topic line to indicate the price drop, so I am reposting under an updated topic heading. For pics of the items, please search for the other posting I made. ****SPECIAL OFFER***** GBP1,000 / approx USD 1,500 In order to help a fellow enthusiast migrate to a DSLR setup, I'm willing to part with the entire setup listed here since I have retired from diving: Nexus D300 housing MP60-6 port with 10mm and 40 mm extensions MP60 fisheye port 10x arm clamps (8x 2 way and 2x 3-way) Pelican-type Hardcase fits all above. Asking USD 1,500 ex-delivery. Can hand carry to many Asian locations or occasionally UK when I return to see family (I travel a lot for work) or can arrange shipping from Malaysia. Also available to add to the package above: FIX LED500DX light USD100 Nikon D300 body, incl 2x batteries and charger USD 200
  10. Selling my D300 and housing plus a lot of accessories as I switched to a mirrorless setup and have not been using this. The housing was sent to Ikelite for service and they actually replaced the main housing because of a small crack and the electronics, so everything related to the housing is new or like new. You will notice some tape around the circumference of the lens - this is to hold a piece of plastic the mates with the zoom gear for the housing and there is nothing functionally wrong with the lens. Included in this sale is the following: Nikon D300 camera (with original box, manuals, body cap, strap, cables) Sigma 10-20 DC HSM lens Ikelite housing for D300 Tray and handles for D300 housing Sync cord for single strobe zoom gear wide angle port 8" dome with neoprene cover battery charger Guide to the D300 by Thom Hogan 4 CF cards to 32 GB with waterproof case Asking $2350 for everything or would consider breaking up and selling individual items.
  11. Dear Wetpixel I actually didn't plan to upgrade from this Nikon D300 setup yet, but a trip to the dark North during Winter (no sunlight) forced me to upgrade to more sensitivity - so for sale is: Hugyfot housing for Nikon D300 - completely serviced end of 2016 including change of electronics (without TTL-converter). CNC-machined aluminium housing with two electrical flash sockets (5-pin Nikonos), Huge-Check vacuum system. I bought the house November 2008. Included: spare O-rings, pump, tools, manual. Nikon D300 camera for sale can be included. The cameras shutter-count is 35.500 - estimated life-time is 150.000. Included: Two batteries, charger, strap, two 8GB and one 16GB card, all paperwork and manual and original software. Please note: There are no ports, arms, flash, flash cables or lenses included. In my opinion this is a great way to start shooting DSLR in a (fairly) cheap way, as long as you think you will be using Nikon and Hugyfot in the future, so you can reuse the lenses and ports, which you will need to buy. Total price (housing and camera): 1.500€ - or give your best bid :-) Price (housing only): 1.200€ - or give your best bid :-)
  12. I upgraded my underwater rig so am selling my old setup: -MDX-D300 with YS Converter. It has a backscatter bulkhead for a vacuum system installed - it took the place of the 2 pin two type N strobe connector (350 + shipping) -2 Sea & Sea 5-pin sync cord (60 each + shipping) -Tokina 12-24 F4 Version 1 with backscatter focusing gear for sea & sea housing attached (350 + shipping) - D300 Nikon Bundle (D300 body + Nikon MB-D10 Grip + 2 batteries + 2 chargers + memory cards) (300 + shipping) - the camera has 51.6k Shutter actuations - Sea & Sea Macro Port 87 (370 + shipping) - Sea & Sea focusing gear for Micro Nikkor 105 (200 + shipping) Payments accepted: money orders and paypal if buyer pays for fees I am based in North Carolina, US
  13. During my last dive with my Sea&Sea MDX 300 housing I discovered a leak at about 20m depth, only a few drops but enough to damage the D300 display. I then had another dive with the empty housing and it leaked again. I am almost sure its one of the multi selector push buttons that is causing the leak. The best thing to do I guess would be to do a full service on the housing. Unfortunately its impossible right now because I live on a small island in the indean ocean (great for diving though...) , so I am obliged to solve the problem on my own unless I stop using the housing for the next couple of months which I would like to avoid. · How to disassemble the push button (see photo), to clean all parts and possibly replace the o ring? In order to access the C clip I first need to take off the plastic rod but I cannot figure out how. Is it possible to take off the C clip without destroying it? · Where can I purchase replacement parts ( I guess I need a new o-ring for the push button and a new retaining ring) / I was searching on the internet but without success, I always bump into maintenance kits (with retaining ring, spring, o-ring ) for Ikelite housings but I couldnt find anything for Sea&Sea housings. Thank you very much in advance for you help
  14. Hi Have broken up a system and am now selling individual parts. Just to give you an idea I have details below, the overall condition is between good and extremely good. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks Marc ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Aquatica A300 housing (with tray, handles, Ikelite bulkhead and tools/accessories) - Good condition - zincs in good condition - $500 1 X Aquatica Aqua View Finder (with small prism defect - does not effect ability to view image) - $500 Ikelite sync cords- 1 X single to single - $30 1 X Aquatica 6" Dome Port (plus Hood) - great condition - $130 1 X Aquatica Flat Port (with Focus Gear) - good condition - with small scratch on inside of glass outside of image path - not noticeable in images - $100 3 X Various Port Extension Rings - (to fit Sigma 105mm, Nikon 60mm & Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm) - $75 each 3 X Various Zoom Gear Rings - (to fit Sigma 105mm, Nikon 60mm & Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm) - $40 each 2 X 12" Ultra Lite Bouyancy Arms 1" diameter - $50 for the pair
  15. Subal housing for Nikon D300, excellent condition, completely overhauled by Reef Photo, not in water since. Includes Subal GS-180 magnifying viewfinder, 2 Sea & Sea Nikonos style synch cords. $4,000. OBO. Motivated to sell.
  16. Selling a Sea & Sea MDX-D300 Housing with Nauticam 180 deg Straight Viewfinder all with recent Backscatter Service. (has not been in the water after service) unit never flooded. $2000.00 Nikon D300 with Nikon MB D10 Multi-Power Battery Pack. $425.00 All with original paperwork and manuals. Denver Area
  17. Nikon D300, Tokina 10-17mm, Seacam silver housing, 9cm dome, plus extra lenses Working perfectly. Just selling to upgrade. Includes manual and book for D300, and all service parts and spares for the Seacam housing. The dome port is a uniquely small acrylic dome, perfect for CFWA (Close Focus Wide Angle) shots. The housing has N-5 strobe connectors installed, but I'm also including a set of the much more robust S6 bulkheads. The housing also has a leak-alarm. The camera bag in the picture is also included. Selling for $2900 USD plus shipping from Florida. Here are some photos taken with this system: http://d300.scubasoft.net/#!album-2 For an extra $200 USD I can also include three extra lenses: Nikon 50mm 1.8, Tokina 20-35mm (3.5-4.5) with extra polarizing filter, Vivitar 500mm 6.3 plus a 2x magnifier turning it into a 1000mm lens.
  18. I am selling a complete Nexus D300 setup, including travel hardcase. 4 years reasonable use. Flood-free. Housing has been serviced by Nexus Japan in the past year. Includes: Nexus D300 housing MP60-6 port with 10mm and 40 mm extensions MP60 fisheye port 2x Sea&Sea YS110a strobes, complete with both cables and fibre optic connectors 2x Ultralight arms with floats 2x ultralight buoyancy arms 10x arm clamps (8x 2 way and 2x 3-way) Pelican-type Hardcase fits all above. Total weight of all above: approx 18kg Asking USD 2,700 ex-delivery. Can bring to UK in December if that helps anyone to keep shipping costs down. Also available to add to the package above: Subsee +5 and +10 adapters USD 120 each FIX LED500DX light USD175 Nikon D300 body, incl 2x batteries and charger USD 325 I am looking to sell everything together and will wait before offering individual items for sale Can provide pictures and answer questions as required. Thanks Steve
  19. I wish I could hold onto this camera since it is in WONDERFUL condition but I am not using it and it is only taking up space in my little apartment. Hope to sell it to someone who will take advantage of this great camera set up! I am selling: Nikon D300s body 12-24 f/4 lens Ikelite SLR-DC Housing Ikelite 8" Dome Ikelite DS 125 Strobe Ikelite DS 161 Movie Ikelite battery charger 2 Ikelite Sync Cords Zoom sleeve and clamp (zoom rings 2.8 71.12mm or less) Special Lens zoom rings (2.8"-3.00 71.12mm- 76.21mm) Nikon Camera Bag with strap AND I will include a Storm Case (iM2750) which can hold the entire system. AND I will include the manuals for the camera, housing, and strobes. I could make more money selling pieces individually but I will sell the ENTIRE bundle for $2,000 + shipping.
  20. NIKON D300 UW Housing, Camera, lenses, port, strobes and accessories. All equipment is in good working condition, gently used and taken good care of. I upgraded cameras three years ago and the Nikon D300 system has been my backup during that time and seen little UW time since last servicing. This is an excellent DSLR camera system for someone wanting to take high quality publishable and award winning images. $3,999 for everything below or individual prices listed. Located in Long Beach, CA. 1) Sea & Sea MDX-D300 Underwater Housing for Nikon D300 with adjustable 45 degree viewfinder: $1450 (new: Housing $2800 / View Finder $900) 2) Nikon D300 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera-Body Only: $300 – Includes 2 batteries, 2 chargers, manual, and strap (new $1200) 3) Sea & Sea NX Compact Dome Port with port cover (6”): $400 (new $500/$60 port cover) 4) Two Sea & Sea YS-110alpha strobes: $400 for the pair (new $1000) 5) Sea & Sea 5 pin Dual Sync Cord: $80 (new $180) 6) Nikon AF DX Fisheye-NIKKOR 10.5mm f/2.8G ED Lens: $475 (new $770) 7) Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED Lens with UV filter: $675 (new $1150) 8) 12-24 zoom gear for Sea&Sea housing: $80 (new $170) 9) B&W 77mm +2 Closeup Diopter (for 12-24mm lens): $25 (new $50) 10) Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II Lens: $400 (new $650) 11) Hoya 72mm DMC PRO1 Digital Circular Polarizer Glass Filter (for 18-200 lens): $25 (new $50) 12) Seven Ultralight Clamps: $15 each (new $30) 13) Three Ultralight BA-TG Ball (for use with T Plate): $10 each (new $24) 14) Pelican Case 1650 with Velcro dividers: $100 (new $250)
  21. The missus is selling her customised Subal D300 kit including cameras, lenses, ports, cords, etc. The housing and camera bodies have had some specialist tweaks to allow for fibre-optic sync cords and TTL exposures. All in full working order. • Subal ND30 underwater camera housing with GS180 viewfinder • 2 x Nikon D300 camera bodies, batteries, chargers • Subal FE2 8" glass dome port • Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom lens • Subal zoom gear for the Tokina • Subal EXR-18 extension ring for the Tokina • Sigma 17-70mm zoom lens • Subal zoom gear for the Sigma • Subal EXR-40 extension ring for the Sigma • B+W 72mm close-up NL +3 diopter for the Sigma • small Subal flat port • large Subal flat port • Macro-Mate flip diopter • Sea&Sea 5-pin single sync cord • Sea&Sea 5-pin dual sync cord • Inon fibre-optic dual sync cord • 2 x Inon fibre-optic single sync cords Photos, descriptions and contact info on our website http://www.underseaproductions.com/subal-d300 Asking US $3950 or nearest best offer, plus trackable and insured shipping.
  22. Nexus Aluminum underwater housing for Nikon D300/D200 for sale. Complete Kit; housing, M5 Flat port, 40mm M5 extension, body cap, port caps, Nikon D300 body, back plate to convert back to D200 if so desired. Excellent condition, light use, housing serviced in July 2014. Spare O-rings, Nexus grease and tool kit include. I am asking $2400.00 complete. But, will consider any reasonable offer! Free1234_99@yahoo.com
  23. seajacq

    Subal ND 30

    Pricing negotiable if purchasing all components. Subal ND 30 Housing for Nikon D300 $3500. complete overhaul, all parts/o-rings replaced; pressure tested Aug 2013 by Reef Photo. Hasn't been wet since. Subal Flat Port FP-75/4 (for 60mm lens) $ 200. Subal EXR-40/4 Extension Ring (for 105mm lens) $ 100. Subal GS-180 Magnifying Viewfinder (installed) $ 950. Subal Zoom Gear for Tokina AF 10-17 FE $ 50. Zen Underwater DP-100 100mm Fisheye Dome $ 750. Port for Subal type 4 Sea & Sea Nikonos Style Synch Cord 2@ $90. $ 180. Nikon MH-18a Charger $ 25. Nikon Li-on Battery Pack EN-EL3a 2@ $25. $ 50.
  24. For sale, perfect condition. For sale, perfect condition. 1. Ikelite ttL D-300 Housing 2. Two - Ikelite DS-125 Strobes 3. Ikelite Dual Sync Cord for above item 4. Nikon D-300 camera, (body only)( comes with all oem box parts) 5. Nikkor 60mm Macro lens 6. Ikelite 60mm Lens Port 7. Sandisc 8gb compact flash card) and 4gb compact flash card) I have $4400.00 in this system. Asking $2500 I will split Shipping Cost with Buyer Upon request I will email pics of items and pictures taken with items.
  25. For sale, perfect condition. *** No ports or lens included *** 1. Ikelite ttL D-300 Housing 2. Two - Ikelite DS-125 Strobes 3. Ikelite Dual Sync Cord for above item 4. Nikon D-300 camera, (body only)( comes with all oem box parts and 4gb compact flash card) I have $4100.00 in this system. Asking $2500, make offer. I will split Shipping Cost with Buyer Upon request I will email pics of items and pictures taken with items.
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