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Found 8 results

  1. Due to an upgrade, I am now selling my Nauticam D300s housing. This is in very good condition generally and has never been flooded. There are the usually marks from use, particularly on the ball joints on the handles. I will be more than happy to provide images. The housing comes with a flood alarm. Although I do still have the orginal eyepiece, I have been using this with an Inon 45 degree viewfinder that has an adapter/been adapted to fit Nauticam housings. I am looking for £1000 for the housing and vewfinder. I do have a D300s body that I can include. It functions perfectly well except for the On/off button which is very stiff. As I have gone full frame, I have a Nikon fit Tokina 10-17 lens with a zoom gear for a Nauticam housing. £250. Considering that the gear is £140 on its own, this is bargain. I am based in London, happy to ship worldwide if the buyer covers postage.
  2. Hi folks, Since i am now shooting with a D500, it is time to sell my Nauticam housing for Nikon D300s, along with the D300s itself, which has never been used outside of the housing, so is in excellent shape, and counts around16000 clicks. Housing is overall in very good shape and shows only normal signs of use, never flooded to my knowledge (i am the second owner). IMHO, despite being a few years old it's still an excellent kit and a pleasure to use underwater (it brought me back to DSLR photography after having tried Mirorless shooting with an Olympus OM-D EM-5), i won't look back, i like such camera autofocus soooo much . Some pictures taken with it in the Mediterranean: https://picasaweb.google.com/107824357616950942584/6283174190728375009 https://picasaweb.google.com/107824357616950942584/2016AvrilWeekEndPlongeeVar I am also including a few photos of the housing itself. Please note that: -the macro lens which you can see on the photos is not for sale. -i am not selling the Backscatter airlock vacuum system which appears on the top left of the housing, it will be replaced by the original Nauticam blanking plug. -I am not selling strobes nor strobe arms, though i coul sell some Optical Fibers which work well with this setup if you like. -The moisture sensor would have to be fixed if you want to use it. Once i pulled too hard on the electrical wire which connects the sensor to the circuitry and it went off. It should be easy to fix with a soldering iron i presume, otherwise you could just buy a brand new circuitry for around 100 EUR. -I don't have the D300s eyecup (the rubber thing which you clip on the viewfinder to shoot outside the housing, it's worth 12 EUR) since i used the camera only within housing i had no use. -I am including as well: => 2 mounting balls + lanyard (worth 90 EUR). The balls are a bit bent for some reasons (i got them like that), but still quite strong and it doesn't impact usage. => 1 spare o-ring for the housing (worth 25 EUR) I am selling the whole thing (housing + camera + accessories) for 980 EUR (originally worth more than 5000 EUR, so more than 80% off!), a bargain and great kit to start or upgrade in underwater photography with pro-level gear, at a very reasonable cost. Optionally, i could sell the following which i am not using: -ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle rectilinear lens: Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5,6, which i am selling for 240 Euros, comes with original box and manual! -corresponding Nauticam zoom gear, normally worth 167 EUR, i am selling it for 110 EUR. Also in great shape. Any question, just let me know! cheers Nicolas
  3. Hi all, I am after a D300s housing with or without any ports or flashes. Kind regards Col Mornington Peninsula Australia
  4. I wish I could hold onto this camera since it is in WONDERFUL condition but I am not using it and it is only taking up space in my little apartment. Hope to sell it to someone who will take advantage of this great camera set up! I am selling: Nikon D300s body 12-24 f/4 lens Ikelite SLR-DC Housing Ikelite 8" Dome Ikelite DS 125 Strobe Ikelite DS 161 Movie Ikelite battery charger 2 Ikelite Sync Cords Zoom sleeve and clamp (zoom rings 2.8 71.12mm or less) Special Lens zoom rings (2.8"-3.00 71.12mm- 76.21mm) Nikon Camera Bag with strap AND I will include a Storm Case (iM2750) which can hold the entire system. AND I will include the manuals for the camera, housing, and strobes. I could make more money selling pieces individually but I will sell the ENTIRE bundle for $2,000 + shipping.
  5. Going to sell whole set of the followings, anyone interest please drop me PM. 1. Anthis Nexus Nikon D200 Housing converted to D300s early 2012 by sending back to Japan factory (both optical and sync cord can be used) 2. AF-S 60 Macro Port (Anthis M5 Flat Port MP60-5 for 60mm macro #16360) 3. Extension add on to use AF-S 105VR Marco (Anthis M5 Port Extension 30mm PE30-5 #18333) 4. 160 mm Glass Dome Port (Anthis M5 Optical Fisheye Port FP160-5 #16355) 5. Dome port Hood (Anthis Lens Hood LH-FP160 for Dome Port FP160 #18324) 6. Zoom Gear for Tokina 10-17 Please note that such housing was converted from D200, there is no right button on back panel. I am going to ask for USD$2,000.00 for whole set above. If no negotiation, the pair inon ball arm attached will be a gift. Please refer picture showed. Items are in Hong Kong and Buyers pay postage. Thanks Inon Ball Arms not included Plastic band round the port is just float material, can be removed.
  6. Hi I am selling my complete underwater photography setup. Sadly I don't get to use it as much as I wan't anymore partly because of the lack of time and partly because of a slipped disc in my back. The camera and housing is from mid 2010 and has done about 60 dives in tropical waters. Everything is in excellent condition and has never been flooded. I have taken very very good care of it with plenty of fresh water rinsing and the housing has just been serviced just to be sure. Lenses are in perfect order with no sctratches. All have UV filter on for protection. I am selling: - Nikon D300S Camera - Nikon SB-600 Flash unit with Stofen diffuser - Extra battery for the camera - Nikon AF-S VR 18-200mm 3.5-5.6GF IF-ED - Nikon AFD-S 12-24mm 4.0 DX IF-ED with Sea & Sea Zoom Gear - Nikon AF-S VR 105mm 2.8 Micro IF-ED - Nikon 50mm 1.8G - Tokina ATX NI 10-17mm 3.5-4.5 With Sea & Sea Zoom Gear - Sea & Sea MDX300S Housing fittet with 0.8 optical viewfinder - 2 Sea & Sea YS-110Alpha strobes - Sea & Sea TTL YS Converter - 2 Sea & Sea 5 pin sync cables - 2 Sea & Sea optical sync cables - 2 Complete Sea Arm 7 arm systems for flash units - Sea & Sea NX Dome Port with cover - Sea & Sea DX Macro Port Base - Sea & Sea DX Macro Port 50 - Sea & Sea SX Extension ring - Lens shades for lenses, extra O-rings, remote trigger for camera, 0.5 optical viewfinder, pouches for the nikon lenses and flash unit, several different UV and ND filter for the lenses, several memorycards and everything extra I can find . I haven't dared to sum up what I payed for it all. Price for the whole package now: 6000 US Dollar. Price for shipping with FedEX, UPS or similar covered by buyer. Setup is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please contact me if you have any questions or want more pictures. PM me here or at kennethbang75@gmail.com Sorry for my spelling. English is not my first language
  7. AMAZING SALE - UPDATED MARCH 19 2013 My underwater housing requirements are heading on a different direction and need to sell my gear. I have been the only owner of the equipment listed here. Camera has cables, manuals, strap and battery in original packaging. Housing has original packaging box. Nauticam Underwater Housing D300s -> $1,800.00 Nikon D300s (Original Box, cables, manuals, battery and package) -> $700.00 Total $ 2,500.00 All equipment is in perfect and mint condition. (Check pictures) Contact: joaquin.pineros@me.com
  8. Hello all, I'm an avid reader of this site but only a sporadic poster. However as I now feel that I have finally exhausted the potential of my trusted D70, I thought it would be best to ask for some advice before I upgrade. I would like to stick with Nikon and with DX format if possible to retain the use of the 10.5mm fisheye and also as I like the additional reach for topside work (I'm a marine biologist and do a lot of Photo ID work with cetaceans). This leaves me with 2 options as far as I can tell, the D300s or the D7000. I know this is a debate that's been done to death already so apologies for that. At first glance the D300s seemed the more attractive option to me, especially for my topside work given the faster AF and the more durable body (great against nasty salt spray and the like). However, after looking at dozens of underwater pics taken by both cameras, the D7000 seems to deliver better results. The D300s looks a little noisy to me, especially when dealing with sunballs and other wide angle work. The D7000 seems to have markedly better image quality in this respect. To be honest, the best pics i've seen in this regard from a crop sized sensor are from the Canon 7D! But I'd rather not jump ship at this juncture if possible. Am I being overly picky? And should I wait for whatever Nikon comes up with as a direct replacement for the D300s? Any help would be much appreciated Dom
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