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Found 5 results

  1. I did a quick search and honestly only came up with 1 tread talking about this housing. For those unfamiliar, its a unique type of housing where it fits multiple cameras because the controls are actually electronically synced to the camera through a USB port, instead of being mechanically connected. Here is a link to the housing of interest: https://www.easydive.it/en/underwater-housing/mirrorless/leo3-wi.224.html#It has a few strong appeals for me: 1. Multiple camera compatibility over time - Clearly this is the main factor. I currently have an a6300 with Ikelite housing, but bought a new a7iii and was looking for housings. Cost of supporting a new camera is around 300 EUR for a new software update that you do from home; Cost savings will be substantial over time especially when changing cameras 2. Full electronic and not mechanic - less likely for leaks and misalignments happening; I had some issues with button alignments on my previous ikelite housings after it getting knocked a bit So here comes the question, anyone have experience with it? Really looking to have some feedback from the community to see if there are any issues / recommendations. The only person I know from the forum is Eitan (who has an amazing IG feed too), but not much else
  2. Hi, I'm getting ready to get a new housing for my 1DX2 and been shooting on acrylic. I will need a new dome port and considering getting glass. Is the additional cost worth it when you compare? I remember when i left kit lenses and started shooting on "good glass" and the difference was significant. Does the same apply here in your experience?
  3. Please send contact details if anybody has. Been a few years since I been chasing gear but need a few pieces. All help appreciated Thanks Paul pasuther AT eclipse.net
  4. Hey everyone! Like many, I was bitten by the dive bug and being an avid photographer, purchased an underwater camera housing system in 2014 thinking I would dive ten times a year and take a whole heap of awesome photos/video. Alas, real life has a way of bringing you back to reality and finances have dictated that the gear must go to free up funds, having been used on one dive in Canada. I currently live in Ireland but was home recently to take photos (photo files are too big so please contact me via email to see the photos!) of the gear and if there is interest, I will be back in Canada in july for a wedding and could arrange a paypal transaction and ship the gear then. I bought the gear for approx $7200.00 CAD + tax and am looking to sell it and a 10-17 tokina (nikon mount) lens (again used once with the wide angle port shown in the photos) for $6500.00 CAD + shipping. This is an unreal deal tbh as some of the gear has never been used and everything else has literally seen water once and not even salt water, for that matter. Unfortunately, given my current location, I cannot take further photos but would be happy to answer any questions you might have to the best of my ability. Thanks and hope I can find the gear a good home with someone who will put it to good use! Cheers, Adam email: adamjtoth88@gmail.com
  5. Hi everyone, I'm about to start underwater fashion photography and wonder if anyone can recommend a liability insurance policy? I'd also like to insure my new ikelite gear, so any tips there would be great too. Cheers. Alexis
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