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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there! So I have a bit of a weird situation with my current set up, in that I have an Aquatica housing with LED flash trigger, and a YS-D1, and a YS-D2. As has been documented in various forum threads, the YS-D2 is not very sensitive, and so doesn't trigger from most LED flash triggers. That means that the solution I came up with is to trigger the YS-D1, and have the output of the D1 trigger the D2. That means running a fiber optic from the housing to the left (D1) strobe, and another fiber optic from the left strobe ALL the way to the right (D2). This was not possible with the length of the arms and my usual fiber optic cables so I ordered a long Sea & Sea cable which cost over $80, and still was not long enough. So I am building my own. For this after a few measurements I guesstimated that these parts would work: 25 feet of TosLink fiber optic (already tested with some Toslink to make sure it triggered): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005LJQPE0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Some rubber grommet thingys that would fit snugly in the Sea & Sea FO hole: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XBG5U82/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Some o-rings that would fit snugly over the grommets: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MTO0US6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 So.. on to the build Cut the fiber optic on a hard surface Measure out the length by running it along the whole setup as if its being installed Trim back the rubber from the outside of the fiber, exposing the still coated core Trim the little ridge on the rubber grommet, so that the o-ring can fit in the groove Place o-ring, this should now fit snugly in the FiberOptic hole Trim the rubber on the fiber optic back to where when slide inside the grommet, it just peeks out the other end. The fit with this brand of fiber optic was nigh on perfect! You should only need a bit of rubber cement to hold the fiber in place.. Thats pretty much it!! I now have over 2 foot of fiber optic for about $3! Pretty happy with the results. Obviously it doesn't have the coiling functionality of the branded fiber optic but I am going to be using some clips to hold it along the arms.
  2. Setting up new camera and housing. Can't get my strobes to fire. Setup details below. I just bought the Nikon Z7II Mirrorless camera and housed it in my first ever Nauticam housing (have been shooting Ikelite with previous DSLR cameras). Strobes are Ikelite DS160s (freshly back from servicing at Ikelite). I am using Sea&Sea SS-50128 F/O Sync Cord II M/2 fiber optic cables. Interfacing with the strobes using ikelite 4401.3 fiber optic adaptor. I can see the flash firing inside the housing by viewing with the fiber optic cables disconnected. Fiber optic cables seem to be fine as I see the fire at the non housing end of the cable when not connected to the strobes. I tested the strobes using Ikelites "shorting" method to verify the strobes are working (brand new batteries and fully charged). That leaves the fiber optic adapter as the culprit. Any insight/suggestions for troubleshooting or testing these adaptors? I am sending an email to Ikelite to see what insight they might have. Thanks, in advance, Lopes I can't get the strobes to fire. I have verified I am getting firing from the camera to housing as I am seeing the red flash through the fiber optic ports.
  3. I shoot mostly macro and a little bit bit of wide angle. I wanted a rig that I could do a bit of both and not break the budget. Did I forget anything? Any input on any of my choices? Here are some of my pics. My Flickr Page
  4. Good evening. I have an issue with my new photography gear. I'll explain it here written but I also made a video for those who prefer not to read. The whole setup is new and the batteries are charged. I'm using a Canon RP in a Nimar housing. I have a flash trigger sitting in the hot shoe (battery is new as far as I know). I had to stick the LED to the optical bulkhead but I made sure that the LED sits right in the middle of it. The optical bulkhead was already installed by Nimar. It was delivered with a small adapter to put two cables at the same time. I am using new Inon fiber optic cables and 2 Inon Z330 strobes. Here is what I tested (and documented in the video): When the shutter is actuated the LED Flash sync works every single time, a quick red light is emitted. (I confirmed with Nimar that the LED is indeed red and it's not a sign of low battery or similar). When I hold the strobe about 10 cm close to the optical bulkhead this little LED is strong enough to trigger it. I did this to make sure that the camera & strobe are in the right mode to fire. Both strobes work with this test. When I connect the fiber optic cables to the bulkhead and look at the ends, I can see the red light every time I click the shutter. I assume that with these steps I show that the camera, the flash sync, the cables and the strobes all reliably work. Now that I put everything together the strobes don't fire. My assumption is that the cables don't carry enough light to trigger the strobes? They seem clean and are original cables, so I assume good quality. Do I need to cut the tip off or something? I used them like I got them. They don't have any kinks or other visible issues. Any recommendations on how to proceed? Do my tests clearly define the cables as the problem or did I miss something? Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the light sensor of the strobes? Here is the link to the video: Thanks in advance for any help. Patric
  5. Hello, I have just switched to a DSLR system, my setup is a D800E in Nautical Housing with 2 strobe INON S2000 activated by the in-build flash with finer optic cable. I would like to know from someone with similar setup what would be the sync speed I can push the system, has anyone tested at 1/250, 1/320 or above? Second I was wandering if I-TTL mode would work as well as flash exposure compensation, somehow I feel it would be easier to adjust rather than using the small knob of thee strobe. I will be shooting Macro with 105 Micro VR, in your experience is recharging time really bothering in this setup? What alternatives do I have to fire my strobes, and what are the gain ? thank you for your suggestions.
  6. Hi, all. I bought an LED TTL trigger with my new housing and it requires extra-thick, extra-expensive Sea & Sea FO cables. I have two like-new medium-length Sea & Sea FO cables with 90 degree Sea & Sea tips, and one new Bluewater FO cable with straight tips and removable Sea & Sea adapters. They are in perfect condition. If you are not using an LED trigger, these should work just fine for you (if you don't need specialty tips). I've been using them with a Nauticam housing and Sea & Sea strobes and have never had a misfire. Will sell them for $25 each or $70 for the lot if you pay for postage from Santa Cruz, California. That's less than half the retail price.
  7. Looking for two cables to connect Z240/300 strobes on Nauticam RX100 housing. Shipping can be to the US or France
  8. For Sale- ​I am selling 1- INON Z240 Type Strobe Never Wet (Back Up Strobe) with original box, manuals,Spare Orings and Diffusers Retail $799 Your Price $490 as well as 2-Nauticam To INON Fiber Optic Cords Never Wet in Original packaging (Back Ups) Retail $100 Each Your Price $75 Each I am also including a Ultralight INON strobe ball adaptor for no charge with strobe purchase a $ 24.95 value Buyer agrees to pay Shipping/Insurance and 3% PayPal fee, US shipping only at this point My email is deedeeflores01@aol.com for fast reply **** NOTE-LONG CLAMP IN PHOTO FOR DISPLAY NOT INCLUDED*****
  9. Hi, Another dusty gem for sale Brand new Nauticam Fiber Optic Cable 26212 - Nauticam to Sea&Sea connector. Basically, bought, received, unpacked then smacked myself in the head....as I only have Sea&Sea connectors ...hence cable not used, never been underwater at all. Pics below: Price wise, 45Euro / 40 GBP + postage...sensible offers also welcome Cable is currently in Brussels, Belgium. Local collection is of course welcome. Any questions / need more pictures, just ask
  10. Hello, I'm not sure this is the right forum, but here goes anyways. I'm a (more or less) proud owner of an Olympus TG-4 point and shoot and their underwater case PT-056. Recently, I bought a tray and a UFL-3 external strobe. Question 1: I am unable to get the strobe to work in the case via optical cable. If I hold the cable on the camera's flash directly, the UFL-3 discharges, but not when shooting through the case. I bought a 3rd party cable, and suspect that this might be a reason. The vendor however says that case, camera, flash, and cable work fine together. The setup is basically exactly like this: https://www.olympus.de/s/uw_usage_guide/en/setup/PT-056.html tg-4 -> pt-056 -> pfca-02 cable adapter -> cable -> ufl-3 Does anyone have any ideas? I would hate to shell out 100+ € for a fiber-optic cable if that isn't the reason Question 2: I was planning on buying a second UFL-3. If I understand correctly, I would need to have an adapter to feed two cables into the camera? Alternatively, I could use the second flash as a wireless slave. Would a second flash be worth it, and could I set everything up via FC-cable? I'm not the most experienced diver yet, but can control myself well underwater. Still I would like to be able to use TTL etc. and keep everything simple for the start. Is it even worth getting a second strobe with that camera? (I would consider replacing it sometime in the medium future depending on how things work.... ). My main interest would be in the macro type world (shrimp, nudibranchs, that kind of thing... ) Thanks in advance! JJ
  11. Selling 2 Fiber Optic Cable mounts for Olympus Compact Housings. These fit the following housings: Olympus 5050, 7070, 8080, TG-870 & TG-4 housings https://www.backscatter.com/Xit-404-Sea-and-Sea-Fiber-Optic-Mount-for-Olympus One of the mounts was used for 2-3 dives with an Olympus TG4 set up. The other is brand new. $40 for both.
  12. Selling 2 Sea & Sea Fiber Optic Cables - Please see product details here: https://www.backscatter.com/search?keywords=SS-50128 These were used on 2-3 dives with an Olympus TG-4 set up. We decided to sell the TG-4 set up, so cables are no longer needed. $125
  13. I am selling my Fix Neo FR1 remote control for the Fix Neo video lights. Has only been used lightly. Comes together with 2 fiber optic cables. VB EUR 170. Buyers in Europe preferred for simplicity reasons. Items based in Germany http://www.ebay.de/itm/-/282572490813?
  14. I have two Nauticam to Inon Fiber Optic sync cords, Nauticam product 26211 http://www.nauticam.com/product2.asp?id=99&sid=10 They are both in excellent condition, only used on about 10 dives. $70 each including shipping to US. Payment by check or Paypal.
  15. For sale, 3 Nauticam to Inon fiber optic strobe cables. One is a spare that has never been used. All 3 are in excellent condition. Asking $60.00 each. Please respond via e-mail to jwcondor@gmail.com
  16. SOLD - Two (2) Sea & Sea Fiber Optic Cables (L Type); Model 50107; with boxes Very gently used and meticulously maintained. All is in working order. Shipping costs depend on your preference for speed, insurance, the weight and size of what you want, etc. and so are not included, but I will pass them on at cost. These are small enough to ship using USPS Priority mail for very little, depending on what else you may buy from my other listings I have currently advertised at the same time. Price is suggested; I can consider any reasonable offer. For sale to buyers in the continental United States only. $50 for the pair; $30 each
  17. Greetings, I have not posted in quite awhile. I am looking to convert my aquatica D300 to fiber optic. I know awuatica makes the fiber optic bulkheads, but how to trigger tmem ,as there is no way to pop up the flash. There was a manufacturer that for awhile sold a small board that popped into the flash shoe on the camera, and had 2 leds on it. This sent a signal to the bulkhead fittings. Does anybody remember who manufactured this item ? Ben
  18. Selling TWO used Sea & Sea Fiber Optic L-Type cables. Been on less than 15 dives. Their coils are still perfect (no stretches) if anyone wants pics let me know but they look just like they came out of the box. Retail at Reef Photo: $160+tax for the pair, selling both of them for $130 free shipping
  19. For Sale: Inon Z-240 strobe--only used on two trips, in excellent condition! Extra o-ring kit included. Will sacrifice at $650.00 Also, two Nauticam to Inon Z-240 fiber optic cables, $80.00 each. PayPal Accepted--buyer pays for shipping.
  20. Just curious if the Sea and Sea ys-120's TTL will work using a fiber optic cable attached to the optical sensor on the front. I've been using it in slave mode and keeping it in manual settings but wasn't sure if I should try out TTL. I shoot with an Oly E-PL1 so I usually just keep the flash setting on the lowest power (1/64) to save battery, im sure ide burn through battery faster if I were to use the TTL.
  21. Must downsize my personal camera setup - all items in excellent condition, lots of TLC and with very little use: (2) Ikelite DS160 Strobes, both come with NiMH Batteries, diffusers, & bulkhead covers (1) Ikelite Charger (2) ULCS 1” Ball Mounts attached Originally $1750 – asking $1200 for the above set and will include a new spare latch kit for free! Also selling (2) Ikelite Fiber Optic Adapters for DS Strobes, Originally $80 each – asking $110 for both All items are located near Chicago, IL Buyer pays shipping & insurance. Payment via PayPal preferred. PM with questions.
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