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Found 13 results

  1. FS: Fisheye Fix UWL 28M52R Wet Mount Lens I have one Fisheye Fix UWL28M52R wet mountable lens for sale. Demo unit, has been lightly used on a trip or two and some shop dives. Comes 52mm, but an adapter is available to convert to 67mm. Full price offer will include this adapter, normally $13. Works great on compact cameras and many housings including Nauticam, Fantasea (RX100III & IV), Olympus and others. Very good FOV. Has one very tiny pinpoint nick that doesn't show when underwater. Otherwise in excellent shape. In box, with cover, manual, etc. Normally $400. Now $225, includes cc/PayPal and free ground shipping in cont. US. Email: Jack@opticaloceansales.com 800-359-1295
  2. hi folks, My old Sola 600 photo light is getting meaner and meaner with me. The charging contacts are extremely difficult to connect with, and after i charged for hours and left all indicators green, when i turned on the light it started blinking red!!! Too bad, so i am looking for another light, and it won't be a Sola. The recent announcements on wetpixel front page about several Fisheye FIX Neo light models caught my attention, in particular those two: -Fix Neo 1500 DX SWR: 599 USD -Fix Neo 1000 Mini WR: 299 USD Two very different price tags i know, but i am not sure yet how much i am ready to spend. Fix Neo 1000 Mini WR The cheaper one seems to match quite well the specs of my Sola 600, except: -the red light that is only 100 lumen (Sola had 250 lumen), i am thinking it's too low. If i were still shooting on Nikon D7000 OK, but this nice little Olympus OMD-EM5 doesn't have such a strong autofocus... -the ASO (auto shut-off) feature seems interesting, but i am not sure i like it: yes it would be nice to avoid the light's lighting to ruin strobe positioning efforts, but at the same time, this turns off the light for 1 second, i am wondering whether this would be annoying, i don't realize how long it seems in real life. Also, i am wondering how the battery holds between 2 charges (i usually dive once a week, and don't want to be re-charging the light each time). Fix Neo 1500 DX SWR Just looking at the specs, this light is a killer! It has all i need, plus the choice of keeping your light sealed while you charge (like the Sola) or to swap batteries for more flexibility... I am surprised it doesn't include the ASO feature, but since i am not sure i like it, that's not a deal breaker. So specs are great, but i have no clue on the usability of such a dive light: how easy is maintenance (when you swap battery), o-rings greasing each time? Feels safe or is it a single/scary exposed o-ring? What about manipulations underwater? And a question that applies to both lights: how reliable are the battery statuses? As you understood, this is the pain point on my current light, i cannot trust it at all. So i would really enjoy reading any experience you may have on those lights, or on other lights of that same range if they share similar designs. thanks Nicolas
  3. For my fellow Nikon D810 shooters who recently updated their Lightroom and/or Camera Raw apps, you may be noticing that your images appear a bit flat upon import. That is because Lightroom 6.1 and Camera Raw 9.1 ignore the Adobe Standard Color Profile from Nikon D810 raw images. Instead, they default to the next available profile in the Camera Profile pop-up menu which is Camera Flat, so your images display with unexpected color. Good news though ... below is the workaround until it's fixed. I just did this on my Mac, and after restarting LR, all is well. In addition, when I import new images into my LR library, they default to the Adobe Standard Color Profile. Nice. https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/lightroom-6-1-ignores-the-nikon-d810-adobe-standard-color-profil.html
  4. Before I put this up on eBay, I'd like to offer it on Wetpixel first: Canon S95 camera FIX S95 Housing UWL28M52 fisheye lens\ Original battery & charger 2 aftermarket batteries Price: $650 Shipping $10 in the US (only) or pickup in the Boston area PayPal preferred All are in very good condition with signs of moderate wear. The camera has some scratches on the LCD screen. The fisheye lens has a couple of hairline scratches on the dome element. They are very small, making them difficult to photograph. There is no effect on the photos. The lens shade is missing what looks like a 4mm screw. It stays in place well. I just havn't had time to order a replacement. I recently took the housing down to 30 meters and everythig worked flawlessly. The ergonomics of the FIX are terrific. The original battery lasts for two dives. The Bower branded batteries last roughly one dive. Higher res photos are at http://www.pbase.com/krancer/inbox
  5. For Sale: A pair of FIX LED1000 DX lights. The lights are in like new condition and have only been used on about 10-20 dives. Included are spare batteries for both lights and all of the original accessories and chargers. I am selling these as a pair, not individually. Price $350 (US) for both light plus shipping from Phoenix, AZ If you are interested please email me at egebhard@cox.net Thank You Eric Gebhard
  6. Hi folks, I am looking for a pair of video lights, 2K or above. SOLAS or Fisheye Fix would be ideal but I'd be open to others. Diving up here in the life giving green waters of Puget Sound we need the lumens! Thanks, David
  7. Hello! I won this Fisheye FIX G12 housing in the Monterey Shootout photo contest and never ended up getting the camera to go with it, so I'd like to offer it for sale. It is mint-in-box and never used, in original packaging. Contains: Fisheye FIX G12 black anodized aluminum housing standard lens port optical fiber adapter internal strobe diffuser spare O-rings, O-ring remover pick & grease lanyard product manuals I never even pulled off the plastic protective film from the port and back door window! Asking $600 + USPS shipping (or pick up if you're in SF Bay Area). Paypal preferred. PM me here or email me at sami.laine@gmail.com, serious inquiries only, no scams please, etc.. Sami
  8. Two led lights, 3500 lumen, one hour operating time at max power. 115° light beam. Stepless power control. Perfect condition. Few recharge cycles, battery still in full condition. 900€ both. Full album here: http://imgur.com/a/xfWT9
  9. Brand new in box -- received as a gift and don't need it. Never been used. $300 (retails for $350) http://www.backscatter.com/sku/fe-fix-neo-800.lasso
  10. There is a few norwegian words in there, but it's mostly a silent movie and should be pretty self explaining.
  11. 1- FIX ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) Conversion Lens UWL-04, fits Fisheye FIX housings for G10,G11 and G12. $300 USD One very small scratch otherwise perfect. 1- Fix Wide Lens Port, fits FIX housings for G10, G11 and G12. $275 USD Like New 2- INON UCL-165M67 close up lenses plus lens holder to clamp on Ultra Lite strobe arms. SOLD Already, that was fast Like new I accept Wire Transfers or PayPal
  12. 2 FIX housings ForSale First-- FIX G10 housing, For Canon G10 only, $500 USD plus shipping Comes with extra orings including complete overhaul kit 1- Close up lens adapter 1- Port cap 1- Cheapo FIX focus light ( it works ) This is a clean housing, everything works, no sticky buttons. The port has many fine scratches but they don't seam to show up in the photos, I don't think this is a problem but want buyers to be aware. Second-- FIX G12 Housing, For Canon G11 or G12, $600 USD plus shipping Comes with extra orings As close to new condition as you can get Bought as a back up camera and didn't use it much I accept wire transfers or Paypal
  13. Hi all, DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Fisheye nor I get these light for free nor I got some discount. It's a new product, I was one of the first to receive these lights and I wanted to share my opinion on them. I hope you will appreciate this mini review of my new lights Few weeks ago I finally received my brand new FIX Aquavolt3500 video lights from Fisheye Japan. They are self-contained led lights and as their name suggests they have a 3500 lumen output. The light beam covers 115° with an even flux without spots and they guarantee one hour of operating time at maximum power. For a complete data sheet just look at the manufacturer web site. http://www.fisheye-j...3500/index.html I’m not an unboxing lover but I think it is worth a photo showing the carefulness of the packaging. The light kit is composed of the light itself, a small charger with a peculiar base for the battery (I will be back on this shortly), a handle, a 3300mA Lithium battery with two caps, a spare o-ring kit and a tin can of silicone grease. My kit arrived with a Sea&Sea joint which I substituted with a ball joint for my Nauticam arms. I think that you can specify the joint type while ordering. The Aquavolt3500 is entirely built in aluminum alloy with a front mineral glass. The light body has a classic screw type opening with double o-ring. I shot a photo near a 1/2L Coca Cola bottle to give you an idea of their dimensions. Weigh in water is only 290gr. The back of the light has an LCD display which gives information on the power setting, residual battery life and its internal temperature: if the light reaches 68°C it shut down automatically. The user manual specifies that it cannot be used out of water. Near the display there is a knob with a central button. A finger pressure of a couple of seconds turns on the light at the maximum power. Following presses change the power at 80-50-30%. You turn off the light pressing the knob for three seconds. Power output can be regulated also rotating the knob with a 2% steps. This feature is aimed to macro photography. You can finely tune the exposure just rotating the knob. On the left of the knob there is an over-pressure valve and on top of the display something like a cap: user manual states that they can be remotely controlled. Maybe Fisheye has some special accessory for this feature. The custom Lithium battery is worth describing. Electrical contacts on both sides are circular shaped: you can insert the battery into the light or into the charger without paying attention at polarity or position. The battery charger has a custom base with 4 led indicating the ongoing charge (max 3 hours). Inserting the battery into the base without power supply you can check the remaining battery charge through the same 4 led. The battery itself has an extra electrical connection identical to the main charger allowing to be charged without using the base. Continue on next post...
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