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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone I am trying to be very pragmatic (read lazy) and figure out how muxh of float arm bouyancy I need to get my kit neutral, or close to neutral in sea water. I have Nikon D850 in S&S housing with 45 VF and 230 glass Zen domeport as well as 2 Inon z330s. Mostly fisheye setup (8-15) but occasionally 16-35 and then some extensions as well. Sometines I use smaller dome ports as well. I already have a pair of Nauticam carbon floating arms and need more. But how much more exactly? Maybe somebody has similar setup and did all homework (how much grams of bouyancy, measure weight of setup in water etc) and I can just copy/paste :-) Thanks, Marko
  2. Inon Z240 Type 4 $350 Retra LSD base for Inon Z240 $50 Sea & Sea YSD2 $350 Sony 28mm F/2 + Nauticam N100 Flat Port 32 (37127) $650 H2O Carbon Fiber Float Arms 13" x2 $40 Buyer pays Paypal fees 3% + shipping (from San Francisco)
  3. All gear in working and perfect condition. The only exception is the macro lens (SMC-1) has some hard water marks on the lens from the pre ious owner. Everything else is pristine and was used for just a few dives. I have divided up the parts into separately priced kits that make sense, but am happy to sell all pieces for a turnkey kit to one buyer. Please mention the kit name in any comments. All photos can be found at this link: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B195Uzl7V43FEQ Wide Angle WWL-C Kit (Nauticam), asking $1100 Nauticam WWL-C Wide angle (Pristine, used a few times) ($1,200 new) Nauticam N50 Short port for WWL-C lens ($250 new) Backscatter Neoprene cover for WWL-C lens OEM lens caps for WWL-C WWL-C Original Box https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-WWL-C-Underwater-Wet-Wide-Lens https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-N50-Short-Port-17-with-Bayonet-Mount Flash Kit, asking $800 Inon Z-330 Flash with ball mount and cable connector ($600 new) Sea&Sea Fiber Optic Cable for Flash Sync ($88) 9 StiX Floaties (balanced for fresh water with WWL-C lens) ($100) 3 Float Arms ($120) 5 Ultralight clamps ($150) 4 Eneloop AA batteries with better Quick Battery charger for Flash (to charge batteries between dives if needed) ($90) Macro Kit, asking $500 SMC-1 Macro Lens Neoprene Case Nauticam M67 Flip Diopter Holder for NA-LX100 Sony RX100 VII Housing Kit ($1,500) Nauticam Rx100 VII Underwater Housing with two grips and shutter trigger. (Leak alert light functioning perfectly) ($1,970 new) https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-Sony-RX100-VII-Underwater-Housing-Pro-Package-NA-RX100VII?_ga=2.245903297.496493734.1640571661-552565520.1640571661 1 Longer port for zoom/macro Tools, lube, and extra o rings Air pump for housing Housing Wrist lanyard for BC Nautical zipper travel/transport case
  4. Hi from Bangkok, Thailand. I'm an ameteur underwater photographer (Beginner) but I frequently shoot landscape, panoramic photography and macro ( intraoral dental photographs). After research about housing, strobes and underwater photography technique , I bought my first full system (not include my old gopro4 and sony FDRx3000) My gears: A7Riii + metabones + 8-15 F4L Nauticam housing + port adaptor + extension ring 30 + Nauticam 140 mm fisheye dome port Sea & Sea YS-D3 + diffuser + mini flash trigger Weefine 2300 focus light x1 I wish I will buy INON mega float M -650g x2 + INON float M -135g x2 Total = -1570g But I'm not sure it gonna work. I see a lot photographers use Sony A7 with 8-15 and Nauticam 140 mm dome port. Please advise if you have any suggestions about buoyancy. Thanks Namton
  5. Hello, I am looking into migrating my camera setup from ultralight arms with StiX floats to Nauticam carbon fiber aluminum float arms. Since my setup is quite common, want to ask for arm size recommendations. I am using a NA-D850 housing, 2x Sea&Sea YS-D2J strobes, with 2x 5" and 2x 8" UL arms. Any input is truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ok, so I have a Nauticam housing and using 2 Nauticam float arms from the housing to the strobes. It seems that I have to tighten down the clamps so much to get the arms to stop moving and there's not much left of the clamp to turn (spring is about all the way compressed). Looks as though the O-rings are in good shape with no cuts or damage. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so what's the solution?
  7. Hi there, does anyone have any experiences with the Hugyfot Arm System (these ones) to share? I'm considering to give them a go, but have never seen anyone mention using them.
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