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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I went out on a dive today and had a minor o-ring leak (forgot to regrease it) on my WP-DC54 with Canon G7x MKII. Thankfully the camera is held away from all surfaces pretty much so camera is fine but the housing is fogging a little and I can see tiny amounts of water around the rubber lens surround. What is the best way to dry this out - has anyone tried unscrewing the glass from the front to get in there and really clean it up? I guess I need to flood the inside with deionised water when I get back from my trip and dry the whole thing out again? How would you suggest I go about getting it really dry? Thanks in advance! Adam
  2. Does anyone have any experience with purchasing insurance against flooding (and other perils)? When I upgraded this past year (2018) to a more expensive camera system, I purchased insurance from H2OInsurance.com. Their policy seems to cover a number of perils, including flooding of the housing. Since the camera was very expensive, I thought this might be worth the cost. By the way, I checked and my homeowners would NOT cover the cost of the camera if the housing flooded. Any thoughts out there?
  3. I have an Inon Z240 strobe that is getting water in the battery compartment. I've checked all oring sealing surfaces and they look fine. The oring has been switched out for a brand new one and the water is still getting in. 2 floods, 2 different orings. Both orings look perfect and the installation was fine. Is there any other way for the water to get into this compartment? Ie. not through the cap/oring.
  4. During my last dive with my Sea&Sea MDX 300 housing I discovered a leak at about 20m depth, only a few drops but enough to damage the D300 display. I then had another dive with the empty housing and it leaked again. I am almost sure its one of the multi selector push buttons that is causing the leak. The best thing to do I guess would be to do a full service on the housing. Unfortunately its impossible right now because I live on a small island in the indean ocean (great for diving though...) , so I am obliged to solve the problem on my own unless I stop using the housing for the next couple of months which I would like to avoid. · How to disassemble the push button (see photo), to clean all parts and possibly replace the o ring? In order to access the C clip I first need to take off the plastic rod but I cannot figure out how. Is it possible to take off the C clip without destroying it? · Where can I purchase replacement parts ( I guess I need a new o-ring for the push button and a new retaining ring) / I was searching on the internet but without success, I always bump into maintenance kits (with retaining ring, spring, o-ring ) for Ikelite housings but I couldnt find anything for Sea&Sea housings. Thank you very much in advance for you help
  5. hi there, I have recently acquired the newest Nauticam vacuum check system (version II), as a replacement of the Backscatter Airlock which i used in the past (the basic one, not electronic). Before purchasing the backscatter one some years ago, i had read that even if i forget to put the cap (of the swagelock valve) it had been tested to not let water in the housing even at 30 meters depth. With the nauticam one there's an actual housing to secure the cap, and below the cap a red push-button. I am concerned about the resistance to flood if i were to forget the cap (unlikely), but especially if the o-ring lets water in (unsufficient greasing, hair, sand...). What would happen then? Would it break the valve? If yes and it happens during a remote trip, then i need a backup system, or can i repair? Would it let water inside the housing (worse!). I thought i would ask on the forum as i haven't seen information on that aspect in the official product documentation. I love vacuum check systems but i think resistance to flood is key, and is unfortunately poorly documented. cheers Nicolas
  6. Hey Soggypixelers, It has been a while since my last visit, shame to return under these circumstances. I know this sounds bad, but I just flooded my camera and I want to rent yours. Actually I'd rather buy one. Anyone have a better plan than me flying to Singapore tomorrow to get one? 6000+ dives without a flood. Was in the rinse tank, I didn't put it there. Catastrophic but freshwater and the cards full of hairy frogfish survived mercifully. We are only here for a week on the way home from 14 days in Raja Ampat and would rather not stop shooting just yet. Wide open to suggestions.... Thanks in advance. Josh PS it is Easter, how's that for bad timing? PPS am shooting with the brand spanking new Gates GT14 lights and they rock like none other.....
  7. Hello, I just got my YS-D1 strobes back from Sea and Sea (I was having the firmware updated). This was my first dive with them since the upgrade. Before that, they were fine. Before the dive I made sure the Oring looked good and was free of any debris, slathered on some silicone lube, put new batteries in and locked the flash. I then did 2 dives (the first was slightly deep @ 112') and didn't notice any strange behavior with the flash. I got back to my hotel room and opened up the flash to take the batteries out and noticed this- So I can't quite tell what happened here. Either my flash flooded or a battery exploded, or ??? I didn't notice any seawater inside the flash, which makes me think the battery exploded. I was diving in the caribbean where the ocean temp was 84-86 degrees, so maybe things got too hot? Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Brown smelly goo in your flash? I'm wondering what to do next and what's the safest way to clean this up. I am also wondering if i should contact Sea & Sea to see if there's something they can do. Thanks! -Pete
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