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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone have any experience with purchasing insurance against flooding (and other perils)? When I upgraded this past year (2018) to a more expensive camera system, I purchased insurance from H2OInsurance.com. Their policy seems to cover a number of perils, including flooding of the housing. Since the camera was very expensive, I thought this might be worth the cost. By the way, I checked and my homeowners would NOT cover the cost of the camera if the housing flooded. Any thoughts out there?
  2. Hi guys, I am new to the forum so please let me know if I should post this on some other sections. I took my brand new Nauticam NA-RX100IV housing on my diving trip here at Cabo. On my first day of diving, I did not have the vacuum alarm turned on. The first dive was fine, but during the second dive, I noticed some condensation on the LCD of my camera inside the housing. I ended the dive, and found there maybe about 2 teaspoons of water inside. Luckily the camera is fine, it just got a little wet on the outside (a few drops of water), but there was a little bit more in the housing. After the dive, I tried get the water out using a paper towel, as well as hair dryer. After I blew some warm air into the housing, I put a bag of small desiccants in to it and closed it for a few hours. Soon after I found that the moisture alarm system stopped working all together. Initially I thought it's the battery ran out or was shorted, so I bought some new ones, but it turned out it was the leak detection system just doesn't work anymore. In an attempt to save the housing, I contacted Backscatter and got suggestion of using denatured alcohol to clean the housing. So I bought a bottle of 200ml 70% alcohol to clean it out. Luckily it brought the moisture/vacuum alarm system back online. However, I've have the housing went through 20 minutes of hair dryer blow using cool air, as well as putting two desiccant bags inside the closed and vacuumed housing for about 40 hours (occasionally opened to check if the moisture is out). After being through all this, the moisture alarm still detects moisture inside even I cannot find any clue of any. The alarm will turn on once I flipped the switch on, the LED will go through a few blue blinks and then turn to red blink with the alarm beeping. Is there something I am missing? Or is there something else I should do to get the moisture out...
  3. Hi, On my recent trip to Komodo I had an accident where my Ikelite housing for Canon 600D got flooded. It was an accident after I hit the port lock with the boat. My 8 inch dome port hood cracked but miraculously the glass part remained intact. Camera and Lens gone. I had a Tokina 10-17mm. Obviously I bought again both Camera and lens after the trip. I had a Sony NEX 5N complete with housing which saved my trip. After I dried everything in hotel and thoroughly cleaned the housing I tested the TTL circuitry. It worked as lights on housing were on. I detached the cords and packed it neatly. When I came back I reassembled my gear after buying camera and lens. TTL lights stayed off. When I put the sync cord in housing terminal one of my DS51 starts flashing at its own will and its red light starts to dim. A friend of mine is telling that it might be the sync cord and has nothing to do with the flooding. I will try another sync cord this week and in the even it does the same than its from the housing TTL circuitry and will ship it for service. Please advice. Another issue I have is the viewfinder which has mildly smoked up and need a cleaning. Can be taken of with a butter knife and unscrewing it from housing but cannot be reached for cleaning in the insides. If I take it off again and soak it in warm water and soap or glass cleaner, will it be a good idea? Please advice. Thanks
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