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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys. I'm new on wetpixel but I've been freediving for quite a while. I've always loved having a camera in my hands underwater. My brother recently passed away and I adopted his setup. I used to shoot with my 5dmkii and an Aquatica housing. I proudly run my brother's 1DXmkii now in an Aquatica housing with his name on the back. He had such a gift of sharing the underwater world with people. He saw the world through childlike fascination and it showed in his imagery. So proud of what he accomplished and I'm happy for what I learned from him. This video was shot in a grand total of about five freedives. The hammerhead footage was taken with my 5Dmkii. The sand tigers were shot a couple years later with my brother's rig after he passed here in North Carolina. John Through_Brother's_Eyes.mp4
  2. Hello all, There are quite a few places and situations where donning a scuba tank is not ideal or even possible, whether for practical, legal (whales in Tonga or French Polynesia for instance), or other various reasons... I was wondering if some people here with experience shooting video on breath-hold might want to share some practical tips on the subject (such as weight, rig setup and securing without a BCD, body positions, how to increase stablity and usable time on a single breath, stable filming near the surface etc...) Personnally I've only done it a few times, but on the surface (feeding mantas in Indonesia and sea lions when I was working in Mexico for instance), and it's definitely something I'd like to be more confortable with - and I will definitely do some freediving training in the future, to try to improve bottom time, comfort and safety. I've found stability is the greatest issue when freediving - difficult to find the same kind of stable platform that a scuba gives (not to mention CCRs...), but this also has a lot to do with technique and proper weighting. When I was doing this I was trying to stay in a horizontal trim, but without a tank it probably makes more sense to go for a vertical position if one is stationary and really neutrally buoyant. I guess my aim now would be to be able to consistently get a confortable and stable 30 seconds to 1.5-minute shot down at depth, 20 metres max. Some ressources/references: I found Alex Lindbloom's recent DPG article on "Freediving Tips for Shooting Photos and Videos" very interesting, as he offers some great technical tips on shooting UW, including video, on breathold: http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/freediving-tips-for-shooting-photos-videos/ And here's a breath-hold reel of his: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdu4mtKm6Nc Videographer Julie Gautier is mostly filming on breath-hold (but she was a professional freediver, and a lot of her work is staged...) https://juliegautier.com/ https://monacolife.net/interview-world-freediving-champion-and-film-director-julie-gautier/ https://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/2019/04/freedivers-guillaume-nery-julie-gautier-one-breath-around-world/ http://www.panthalassa.org/julie-gautier-freediving-in-poetry/ Along with Fred Buyle (mostly UW photography?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CY9Td57U24 http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/interview-freediving-great-whites/ https://www.oceanographicmagazine.com/features/fred-buyle-freediving-photography/ And Behind The Mask is doing something on the subject as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohru9JoR3zQ There's a coupe of much older WetPixel threads that I didn't dare ressurect, here: https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21764-free-diving-for-shooting-video/&tab=comments#comment-148910 https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14938-freediving-video-still-a-work-in-progress/&tab=comments#comment-101388 Other articles I found are mostly photography related, which makes sense since it's probably a little more accessible on breath-hold than shooting video: http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-techniques/article/free-diving-photography/ https://www.freedivewire.com/freediving-photography/ http://thecoraltriangle.com/stories/the-art-of-breath-hold-photography https://www.housingcamera.com/blog/underwater-photography/7-things-learned-becoming-freediving-photographer http://momentum.travel/places/introduction-breath-hold-photography/
  3. Most of my focus within underwater filmmaking is targeted towards scuba diving, but lately I've been getting more and more into freediving as it offers it's own unique challenges and rewards. And while both disciplines take place in the ocean, there are more then a few differences that makes an article like this helpful. So I am going to cover my top 5 tips on how I shoot underwater video while freediving. These are not specific tips on freediving techniques, there are plenty of articles and videos that cover that better than I can. But I will include some very important bonus safety tips at the end, so please make sure you don't miss out on those. https://www.aquatic-images.com/post/how-to-shoot-underwater-video-for-freedivers
  4. I'm looking to connect/discuss about specific shooting techniques, post production process etc for those working with Olympus or Panasonic equipment - especially those who are freediving. Want to pick your brains on how to get the best image quality out of the format as I"m trying to make a decision if I should ditch the platform and move over to SONY A6xxx series. Challenge is I'm heavily invested in Olympus gear having 3 bodies, 4 fast primes, 3 zooms plus an Olympus housing and Zen WA-100 port for the housing. Trying to not take the hit financially switching to a new system so I'm inquiring to see who has had success in shooting with these cameras while freediving.
  5. Hey everyone, This method of aquaculture in the Mediterranean caught my attention last year, so I went to Malta and filmed their with some friends. With some improvements, do you think this could be a sustainable way of harvesting tuna in the future? Article and video: http://saltnomads.com/farming-tuna-mediterranean/
  6. Hi everyone, posting in from Monterey Bay, This video features the excitement of diving in a world class destination like Monterey and Carmel. Divers here go to great lengths to squeeze in that perfect dive, but it's all worth it to experience all the amazing things we see down there.
  7. Can I embed several videos in one post like this? I read one of the forum rules laid down in 2006 is "max one video per post" to save forum users' bandwidth. I am not sure whether it still applies in 2016 when bandwidth of embedded videos is not an issue. i feel that starting several topics with one video each is like spamming, so I put all of the vids in this post instead. Anyway, these vids were all shot while snorkeling with Olympus TG-4 and natural light in Cebu, Philippines.
  8. Hey guys, I in no way had anything to do with the production of this video, but I wanted to share it just the same. For me, the incredible editing shows waht is possible with our footage. So often we put together little videos of dives, and that's great, but there is a chance to tell stories with our footage. This video makes me think outside the box. Hopefully you enjoy it too. PS Paul Heinerth and Brian Kakuk provided the deep footage on top of their duties as safety. http://vimeo.com/45075681 This is the visual poem of William Trubridge's world record freedive to 100 meters (one hectometer, basically one football field length and back) in order to bring light to the plight of the world's smallest cetacean, the Hector's Dolphin of New Zealand. With one breath of air and diving without weights, fins or any propulsive assistance, William descended to 101 meters in the waters of Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas, the deepest blue hole in the world. This short documentary of the record attempts to transmit what it is like to freedive deep beneath the surface, and how we can return to explore our potential as an aquatic mammal in the search to help our endangered cousins of the seas. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Directed and Edited by Matthew Brown Written and Produced by William Trubridge verticalblue.net Director of Photography - Matthew Brown UNDERWATER CAMERAS Jason Sapp Paul Heinerth Brian Kakuk Charlie Beede Brian Pucella Alfredo Romo Paolo Valenti Igor Liberti SURFACE CAMERAS Matthew Brown Nic Rowan Dolphin Footage - Liz Slooten, Steve Dawson, and NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust Music Composed by Christopher Ward Voice Coaches - Linda Trubridge and Gerry Dinnage TEAM VERTICAL BLUE AIDA Judges - Ute GeƟmann and Ben Weiss Coach/Timekeeper - Brittany Trubridge Deep Safety Divers - Paul Heinerth, Brian Kakuk, and Jason Sapp Safety Divers - Charlie Beede, Brian Pucella, and Alfredo Romo Still Photography by Igor Liberti and Paolo Valenti whaledolphintrust.org.nz/nihectors.html Here's sort of the making-of/behind the scenes (basically bloopers) of the video, hehe tinyurl.com/73n99pz shot on the naked Canon HV40 (R.I.P) and edited with Sony Vegas
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