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Found 6 results

  1. FS : Nauticam GH5 housing with ports, lens This housing is a friend's item and has only been tested in fresh water about 10 times. The lens has a feeling of use, but the housing maintains a new level. - GH5 housing ( Vacuum system, HDMI bulkhead with HDMI cable for external monitor) - 36135 Macro port 45 for Panasonic 45mm macro lens - 1)Inon 170mm optical dome port with N85-Inon port adapter for Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens. No scratch on the glass - 36630 30mm extension ring with item1) for Panasonic 7-14mm lens. - 25101 M67 Flip diopter holder. - Panasonic lens 8mm fisheye, 45mm macro, 7-14mm , 20mm lense. My price is $4,000 include free shipping worldwide. For more information please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  2. A good friend, airline Captain and motion creator put together a new system last year, pool tested, then contracted an aggressive medical issue and we lost him. His widow and family aren't uw motion creators so I'm helping her sell the system. I have the complete list of pieces with their new prices before price increases at the end of the 2021 year ($14,690). Would like to find someone to buy the system for about 70 percent of the pre-increase invoice prices. A serious potential buyer can contact me by eMail and I'll send the list of pieces and we can discuss the sale (chris@chriscrumley.com). A dated photo is included here. Summary of the system is: Nauticam housing w/vacuum sealing, GH5S w/14-42mm, Wet Lens, Nauticam external monitor housing w/SmallHD 502, Keldan 9k lumen lights (2) and all arms, floats, batteries, cables, clamps, gears, rolling case and pouches making a complete and operational system.
  3. It's been 29 years since the great tragedy in Red Sea.
  4. Hi, This video is shot in my home country in the emirates of Fujairah. It is during different seasons. Although visibility is not great, the wreck is full of life and lies in 24m. The whole video is shot in ambient light with red filter using the Panasonic GH5s. I hope you enjoy it.
  5. Attached a little clip I've compiled from our dive trip to French Polynesia. I took my GH5s along this time but I did miss the stabilisation a bit I must admit... Most shark footage form the Fakarava South Pass "Wall of Sharks" at Tomutoa Atoll.
  6. Hi fellows, I’d like to share with you my test for the GH5s. The primary focus was to test how would the camera produce colors with just ambient light. The secondary was to test the autofocus in challenging conditions. The clips were taking around 25m in bad visibility and with a lot of particles. Thirdly, I wanted to test the low light performance. The amount of light in summer at 25m in our seas is relatively dim. And it presented a good test for the light sensitivity of the camera which I sat to variable with a maximum of iso 6400. This is a result of two dives on the same day. My rig still needs balancing. I am quite pleased with the camera ability to produce such good color rendition when white balanced on a gray card with a red filter. My gray gloves which are a shade darker than the 10% gray card produced more pleasing colors and needed little or no color grading in post beside exposure adjustment. The autofocus, despite the challenging conditions with bad visibility and numerous particles, was really good and definitely much more better than my aging eyes it is fair to say that it can do the job more than 90% of the times. The low light performance was good which resulted in better exposure, color production and autofocus. I know many would prefer the GH5 over the GH5s due to the lack of IBIS. Honestly, I have not tried IBIS underwater and I have read mixed reviews. However, the color rendition of this camera in ambient light is beyond the capability of the GH5 and overweighs the IBIS in my opinion. The setup: Nuaticam housing with 7” dome, Dive and See 5.5 monitor, Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8 version ii, Red filter, Standard picture profile, Variable ISO with maximum 6400 https://youtu.be/X1fKNylMj74
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