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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, i would like to share another Greenland video with you. This time i visited the Ice Camp at Sermilik fjord in East Greenland, a very remote spot. The scenery is mezmerizing and tremendous. The air is filled by sounds of thunder from the cracking icebergs or whale blows. At the beginning of the video you can see the mood at 1:30 in the morning. Enjoy watching these nature impressions! Alex.
  2. Hi, a video from my 2nd winter stay at East Greenland. We dove in the fjord in front of Tasiilaq. My plan for this video was to capture the elemental force in this region. I wanted to show time lapses of moving ice during the tides, under- and above water, and mix impressive icebergs with macro footage. A big thank you to Sven from Northern Explorers who supported my ideas and let me do what I wanted! The video is actually in the order as i experienced the trip. As i arrived we still had some left over packice. a few days later the winds brought icebergs in the fjord. After a week hundreds of iceberg right next each other were stranded in a bay. Unfortunately the last week the climate change said hello, and we had unusual warm weather for this time of the season and rain. We can´t went out on the snow mobiles anymore, because all the snow was melted away in only a few days.. And at the dive spots which were in walking distance, the viz droped to 5 meters due the melting water which were washed in the ocean. The video was shot in 7 to 8 days, on 13 dives. Enjoy watching! Alex.
  3. Hi, I went to East Greenland in September and sailed through a number of the Fjord systems. We had amazing water, which is common deep in Fjords. Coming home I realized I next year when we go back I want to work on Over / Under photo's of Icebergs. Living in Seattle I don't really have a great place to practice on something of that scale so I'm hoping to get some advice, especially around lighting. Gear: D850, 8" Dome Port and a Sigma 14MM F1.8 lens. What I'm struggling to understand is what type of lighting I need. Clearly strobe lighting is required, but being new to this, do I need something with a high guide rating? We shoule have decent ambient lighting and the water tends to be quite clear generally and very calm. Thanks for the tips. I'm completely new to underwater photography so hoping to get a decent setup and then head into some of the Alpine lakes around me this winter to practice. Tim
  4. Hi, i want to share my recent video. this time i´ve spent a couple of weeks in Greenland. watch what happend there: Have fun!
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