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Found 2 results

  1. Nauticam just issued their GX9 housing (NA-GX9). GX9 inside NA-GX9 seems almost the perfect combo for me. It is small & light, it has pop-up flash for TTL with optical fiber, GX9 is not so expensive, I like it for land photo. But GX9 has a big limitation which is battery life allowing only 260 shots (CIPA). (it is 440 for OMD EM-1 II) I know there is an eco mode but I want to keep screen ON for more than 10s. I would like to be able to do 2-3 dives without opening housing to change battery (day trip boat, 90+min dive with plenty of critter). Then I need a bigger battery. I would like to include an external battery inside the housing. This external battery would be connected in parallel with internal battery. (it could also be connected to usb with a small step up/down circuit but this is less efficient) Here is how I would like to achieve this: 1) etch a groove in the plastic around battery in order to insert 2 wires. Plastic seems to be 0.5-1mm thick: enough for a small wire. Solder this 2 wires on the +& - connector from battery (on the side of connector to not perturbate camera contact to battery) On the bottom side of battery continue groove to bring wire in fromt of battery door small opening from camera. 2) output wires thru battery door small opening Is it possible to output a wire when GX85 is inside NA-GX85? (it seems there is a small piece bellow battery door) 3) connect an external battery with a connector on the 2 wires. This external battery is ideally the same GX9 battery to double the capacity. But it can also be a smaller battery or even 2 X 3.6V battery in serie. I'm even thinking into a multiple small LiPo battery assembled as a ring around lens. With Lipo battery I would probably go thru USB with a step up or step down circuit as it is not the same kind of battery. I'm looking for the available room inside the housing (could be on NA-GX85 or NA-GX7 to get an idea) Could you tell me if there is enough space somewhere in the housing to place an additional DMW-BLG10 battery? (size is 42x37x14mm) If not what would be the available room to place 1 or 2 smaller battery? To build a battery ring around lens what is the space between 60mm macro & 65 port? Did someone already tried anything like that in an underwater housing?
  2. Hi All My Panasonic/Nauticam GX1 setup has served me well but is due an upgrade. I'm looking at the GX85 and liking the look of it's compact form. The only significant downside I can see is the slow flash sync speed. Is anyone using this camera primarily for stills and finding the sync speed a problem? I think if you used a flash trigger rather than the inbuilt flash then you should be able to bump speed up a notch (probably 1/250th) but that nauticam housing is really small, not sure it would fit. Has anyone tried this? Cheers Joe
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