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Found 1 result

  1. Focussing on the virtual image created by a dome port either requires a lens which will focus close, or a supplementary close up lens on the camera lens. B&W seemed to be better than plano-convex custom dioptres I had made in New Zealand. For experiments with over/under pictures I bought B&W lenses and had them cut in half. I can provide pictures if you are interested in any individual lenses, or make me an offer for the lot! B&W 77mm glass +3 split dioptre in B&W mount. (slight chip on the edge.) $US 24 Glass split +3 (probably B&W) no mount, 67.7 mm diameter. Chipped edge. $US20 Glass split +4 (probably B&W) no mount, 72mm diameter. $US20 B&W 77mm glass +3 dioptre. Complete. $US25 B&W 77mm glass +2 dioptre. Complete. $US25 B&W 77mm XS Pro Digital, HSM Circular polariser MRC $US50 77mm circular polariser. Brand unknown. $US20 Nisi 77mm ND1000 10 stop ND filter $US50 Hoya 82mm Skylight 1B filter. $US15 Custom +3.3 dioptre, glass, coated, in 52mm HOYA mount (Suitable for 6” domes). $US20 Cokin P111 Split field +1 dioptre 74.3mm diameter (Glass) $US20 Cokin P113 Split field +3 dioptre 74.3mm diameter (Glass) $US20 Cokin P113 Split field +3 dioptre 74.3mm diameter (Glass) in 77mm Marumi mount $US25 Cokin B111 Split field +1 dioptre 56.5mm diameter (Glass) $US15 Cokin Graduated ND filter, circular, 74mm diameter, no mount (Plastic) $US15 Graduated ND filter, 77mm circular mount. $US20 P124, Cokin graduated tobacco filter. $US20 P121M Cokin graduated ND filter $US20 Acrylic split dioptre +5, 74mm diameter. No mount. Free Acrylic split dioptre +6, 69.2mm diameter. No mount. Free. 1B Skylight filter, 73.8mm diameter. No mount. $US10 Hoya 62mm 1B Skylight filter $US10 Nikon NC protective filter neutral colour. 77mm in mount. $US20 72mm UV filter Free Magic filter 74mm diameter, Magic filter 26.8mm diameter $US20
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