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Found 4 results

  1. In another thread I started about strobes, the thread was getting sidetracked with questions about the SWC corrector lens set. So I decided to start a new thread. The Zeiss corrector lens set is used to correct for the decrease in angle of view due to the physics of water when using the SWC. The set consists of the outside flat port (spherical inside) and the smaller lens that mounts on the camera. Even if you have these two lenses, you also have to have the "gauge" tool to properly set the distance between camera and port and also to ensure that they the camera is perfectly perpendicular to the gauge tool. The camera is set at 10 feet, seated on the gauge tool, and mounted using the SWC mounting screw which allows for adjusting the axial distance. This "guage" tool is screwed in place of the port lens, then removed. My dad never acquired the SWC rear section of the housing. Instead, he removed the prism and would imagine the viewfinder frame. Haha.
  2. HI, Im selling my Hasselblad H38 Peterson Gates Underwater Housing for 903 SWC, 903SWC (Superwide). It's in excellent condition. The angle of view is so wide that one usually just points the housing, but I found the viewfinder useful as well. The dome is mint with no scratches. The housing has been used maybe 50 times at the most. Fantastic housing!! It was developed in collaboration by Lee Peterson at Marine Camera Distributors and Gates with Hasselblad. It was designed to optically match the Zeiss Biogon 38mmm on the 903 SWC Superwide and take full advantage of it's unique (non retrofocus) optical design. I enjoyed using it immensely. It's so well balanced, that it weighs only a few ounces underwater. Over the years, I've found myself using it less and less, so it's unfortunately time for it to go. The selling price was $5575.00 USD in 2005. And I believe 2005 was the when they stopped making them. This is super rare item. I can't find them anywhere online to make a price for selling. It comes with everything - new nuts and bold, o-rings and two light meters. one working and one for parts. I Have no idea of how to price and I have spoke to Hasselblad USA to find out and they response was wow!!!! how do you have one? they are so rare. I live on the Gold Coast Australia I have images if needed
  3. Hey Guys, I started reviewing some of my camera gear and posting them to youtube. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Jeremy
  4. This is another of my Hasselblad housings and it is perfect for the Hasselblad collector or for actual use. It is a very unique opportunity in that it includes the standard front half, the port extension for the 50mm lens, both of the rear halves (one for the 500C/M and one for the SWC) AND A CUSTOM MADE MACRO PORT EXTENSION. This gives you the flexibility to use it for the 50mm, 80mm, 38mm (SWC), and a 120mm macro with two 55mm extension tubes. The macro port extension allows you to shoot amost 1:1 macro by using the 120mm lens with two 55mm extension tubes. By adding a close-up Proxar lens you can get more than 1:1 macro. It does not have any exposure or focus control, use your lighting position to adjust exposure. It actually worked quite well the few times that I used it. It does need to have a focusing light though. I haven't used it in a long time, but it worked great then and is still in incredibly good condition. I don't think that it has ever been used with the SWC back. Never had any leaks. I had Gates change out one of the flash bulkheads to use a Nikonos five pin instead. I also added a leak detector. Includes: - Front section for 500C/M, 500C, and SWC - Rear section for 500C/M, 500C - Film advance adapter for 500C/M, 500C - Lens support ring for 80mm lens - Extension set for 50mm lens - Rear section for SWC - Film advance adapter for SWC - Shutter release adapter for SWC - Original neck strap - Frame viewfinder for the SWC - Custom made port extension for 120mm with two 55mm extension tubes - One set of gears - Wrench to remove the port - Extra o-rings and screws - Original flash bulkhead that was replaced with Nikonos 5-pin - Leak detector Contact me immediately if you are seriously interested in it. I have one offer on it but I have not accepted it yet as it is a bit low.
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