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Found 15 results

  1. IMPORTANT: the gear is based in Madrid, but I will be in New York from the 30th of Dec 2017 to the 7th of Jan 2018, so if you are based in the US I will be more than happy to take it with me so you can spare customs and a big chunk of the shipping costs! Hi, everybody time for releasing some gear that I am no longer using, so please have a look and, hopefully, serve yourself! Everything based in Spain, will ship worldwide (buyer to bear shipping costs) Payment by either transfer or Paypal. Thanks for looking! Pedro PS: all photos at the end of the post 1 x Seacam D4 housing USD 3,000 Never flooded, 2xS6 connectors + 1x Nikonos (not pictured but I can sent photos on request) 1 x Seacam D300 housing USD 700 Never flooded, 2xS6 connectors (not pictured but I can sent photos on request) 1 x Seacam D200 housing USD 500 Never flooded, 2xNikonos connectors. Modified by Mike Dive to fit the D300 (reversible mod) 2 x Seacam Seaflash 250 TTL USD 1,100 each / USD 2,000 pair Hard to find powerful flashes, including neoprene covers and seacam balls. I also include a DIY screw-in system that allows to use diffusers (x2 made from Gary Fong), snoots (x1), barn doors (x2, not pictured) or grids (x2) 2 x Inon Z240 USD 650 each/ USD 1,200 pair Including neoprene covers, Ultralight balls, knob extensions (to better handling with gloves), 8 x diffusers (standard -1,5 (x2) and -0,5 (x2) stops plus newer -0,5 stops at 4600K (x2) and 4900K (x2)) 1 x Seacam Fisheye port USD 500 Including lid and neoprene cover. Small scratch that will not show in photos. Old model, with metal shading, indestructible! 1 x Seacam Macroport P90 USD 150 1 x Seacam wet diopter USD 150 1 x Saga double flip holder for 65mm wet diopters (i.e. Subsee). Fits the P90 USD 250 1 x Nikkor 10,5 USD 400 Perfect working condition and good aestetics - never flooded 1 x Seacam extension ring PVL 70 USD 150 1 x Aquatica trigger for Nikon remote (just release) USD 300 2 x Seacam S6-S6 cables USD 180 each 2 x Sea&Sea N5-Inon cable USD 100 each Attached Images
  2. Hi all, When you go diving with others who have similar housings or gear, how to you make sure you can identify your gear? I mean, how do you label your gear so that you know it is your own? My dad uses red and yellow electrical tape, and I use a silver paint marker. However, since the housings are submerged very often, and salt water is pretty brutal on most everything, we were wondering if there are any better solutions. Does anyone have a certain brand of label or a certain brand of marker or tape or something that they use and that works for an extended period of time without wearing out? We would prefer something that can be written/printed on or written with so that we can write names on our gear. Thanks, Alex
  3. Equipment for sale: - AquaTech DC-5 V1 Canon 5D MkI housing + Canon 5D MkII Conversion Kit - AquaTech ND7 housing for Nikon D700 - AquaTech LP-WZ II flat port (for Canon 16-35 f2.8 II and other max. 112mm lenses) - AquaTech LP-NWZF flat port (for Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 and other max. 106mm lenses) - AquaTech Pole Shutter Extension Kit - AquaTech LP-1 6" dome port Please send me a PM if you are interested
  4. $385 or best offer E-PM1 and Olympus matching underwater housing, battery charger, two batteries, 12-42MM lens, zoom ring and neck strap. Camera: Fast Shutter Response. Never miss a shot again with the E-PM1's Fast Shutter Response time of less than 60 milliseconds. The TruePic VI feature allows for reduced shot-to-shot time by shortening the black-out time between shots. Professional Audio Sound Capture. Take Videos that are able to capture uncompressed CD-quality 16bit/44.1kHz Linear PCM stereo recording or AC3 Dolby Digital audio. 12 MP with 3.0" LCD Screen Face Detection with Eye Detect Full 1080 HD Video Shoot up to 29 minutes of 1080 60i HD Video and stereo sound in either AVCHD or AVI formats. A Direct HD Movie Button switches you from still to movie mode with just the press of a button. EP06 underwater case has been specially customized for the E-PM1 Camera and is waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 45 meters. Easy open and close, extra O-ring.
  5. I have just seen Seacam's announcement of a new Prelude housing for the Nikon D750. I feel this housing is very deficient in its controls for a camera like the Nikon D750. The housing has no controls for either the preview or function buttons on the camera which can be programmed to provide a number of functions useful to an underwater photographer. These include instantly disconnecting your flashes. Or using Nikon's flash value lock function. As far as I know, no Seacam housing has ever had controls that allow you to use these. Even more incomprehensible, since Seacam makes and sells TTL underwater flashes, is the apparent lack of a control for the flash compensation button on the camera which allows you to increase or decrease TTL flash output. If you want to have access to the full capabilities of your Nikon D750 camera, I think this housing would be a bad choice.
  6. Wanting to buy either a MDX-70D Sea and Sea Housing or a Nauticam NA-70D housing for my Canon 70D Please message me if you have one and would like to sell it! Thanks in advance
  7. Hi everybody. I am a snorkeler, and later this year I will be snorkeling for about five hours a day for a week while in Indonesia. I recently purchased a Sony RX100 II, and I am now trying to make a final decision re which $500 or less housing to buy. I saw some earlier posts on this forum re the RX100 II, but none of them addressed my question. I had decided to go with the Ikelite, but then read some negative reviews regarding the functionality of the a few of the buttons and/or regarding the difficulty in using the locking mechanism (the most negative reviewer stated his is a very experienced diver/photographer). As some other folks gave the Ikelite favorable, reviews, it appears that there may be some significant variance from housing to housing. I also saw that, toward the end of last year, Recsea introduced its polycarbonate housing for the RX100 II. Because that housing is relatively new, I have not found any extensive reviews regarding the Recsea housing. I do understand from a Blue Water video that this Recsea housing cannot control the Sony rear control wheel, and it has a very different locking mechanism. Although Recsea generally has had favorable reviews for its aluminum housings, I am a bit concerned about trying a somewhat newly engineered product. There has been no real opportunity for Recsea to determine if there are any glitches that need fixing. If any of you have had experience with the Recsea polycarbonate housing for the the RX100 II, please let me know your views re that housing. Also, if any of you have used the Ikelite housing for the RX100 II, please let me know your evaluation of that housing. Thanks. Ralph
  8. Here is a good deal, Aquatica D300s + Nikon D300s lens kit, since I have upgraded to the D800/D800E, I no longer put a lot of action on my D300s kit, Since I work for Aquatica, you can be assured of the proper maintenance and condition of this housing, this is my own personal gear (as opposed to company demo gear), the housing has been revised recently and a 300ft equivalent pressure test will be performed before shipping, strobe connectors will be set up to your liking, the housing is now setup for accepting a Ikelite TTL converter, but dual Nikonos or optical is also possible, as I said, it will be configured to your specification Equipment description and value 1 20064 Housing for Nikon D300s (with your choice of strobe connectors) $3 089, 00 USD 1 18405 8" dome port $545, 00 USD 1 18480 8" dome shade $143, 00 USD 1 18503 Neoprene cover $59, 00 USD 1 18462 Port Extension $230, 00 USD 1 18717 Zoom gear for Tokina 10-17mm $104, 00 USD 1 18698 Zoom gear for Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5, 6 $138, 00 USD 1 18719 Zoom gear for Sigma 17-70 f/2, 8-4 $138, 00 USD 1 17514 TLC 3 section arm with 3 clamps $254, 00 USD 1 17514 TLC 3 section arm with 3 clamps $254, 00 USD 1 18428 AF Macro Port $368, 00 USD 1 Nikon D300s body, 1 batteries, charger (B&H pricing) $1 700, 00 USD 1 Tokina 10-17mm F/3, 5-4, 5 Fisheye* (B&H pricing) $550, 00 USD (* This Tokina lens has been upgraded with a rear filter holder to accept magic filter) 1 Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5, 6 (B&H pricing) $400, 00 USD 1 Sigma 17-70mm f/2, 8-4 (1:2, 3 macro ratio) $500, 00 USD 1 En EL3e Nikon batterie $39,00 USD 1 En EL3e Nikon batterie $39,00 USD I am asking $ 4,000 USD non negotiable (shipping not included), this is a turnkey kit, ready to hit the water.
  9. Hi All, I've been having a frustrating time with a malfunctioning control on my Subal ND800 housing (shooting D800E). I've corresponded with both Subal and Backscatter and have tried to troubleshoot via email and phone, but haven't had any success in finding a solution, so I'm hoping that someone here might have run into this problem and found a solution already. One of the controls on my ND800 housing does not operate as intended, it's the "UP" button on the multi-selector on the back of the camera. When pressing the "UP" button instead of moving the AF point up, it moves diagonally upward and to the right, sometimes even in an arc with the last positions going downward and to the right. My best guess is that this is an issue having to do with too tight of tolerances and fit, since the problem only arises at depth, when there is a tiny amount of compression between the main housing and the backplate with the controls due to the main o-ring being squeezed. Here's a video with the camera in Live View mode so that you can see what I mean. Have a look at what happens to the AF point when the UP button is pushed. http://youtu.be/DKeVmzOWy8E I do notice that if I push on the button really gently it goes upward at first, and pushing harder (as in when you're just using it regularly) makes it float upward and to the right. However, I'm a little hesitant to start grinding down the pin on the other side of the button just yet, hoping that someone out there might have another fix or confirmed that this would do the trick. I know that what really needs to happen is this housing needs to be looked at by Backscatter in person with my camera body in hand. However, I'm on a 4 month trip in Southeast Asia and it's just not feasible to ship or fly everything to Monterey from here right now. Also, since the issue can't be reproduced on dry land I know it's not going to be a snap to get this sorted out even if/when I do get it back to Backscatter. I would be much, much happier to get it fixed here and so I can enjoy shooting this rig for the remainder of my trips. It's a very annoying problem to have as I use the multi-selector often as some of you might, and I've already missed quite a few shots as a direct result of this problem :'(. Any helpful advice or solution would be greatly appreciated! I have two D800E bodies and the problem is the same with both of them. Thanks a bunch, fingers crossed.
  10. Selling my Panasonic GF2 with 8mm Fisheye Lens and 10 Bar Housing. Setup includes: Panasonic GF2 8mm Fisheye 10 Bar Housing 8mm Dome Port Camera Tray Camera Tray Extension Camera Tray Handles Center Ball Mount The last photo is of my entire set up. Arms, Lights, Cables and Strobes not included in this sale. Selling price is 1850obo If interested call Clark 310-nine 7 seven - 6 1 zero nine
  11. Hi again all, Gates has also announced a series of new products including a housing for the Sony F55, a housing for the Canon HF G20, a new HDMI monitor and a kit that allows for surface control of lens focus, iris and zoom; http://wetpixel.com/articles/gates-announces-new-products Adam
  12. Selling my briefly used complete SeaLife pro duo. All the Underwater Photography Essentials and Backups in a Single Package for $995. This is an almost new - used on a dive trip in November, 2012 - complete SeaLife DC1400 Pro Duo set, including the new 14 pixel digital camera, strobe, and focus/video light. Basic kit selling at LeisurePro, amazon, and eBay (Buy it Now) for $1099.95. I added essentials to make it a complete setup, ready for next dive trip, including 8GB memory card, extra camera batteries, batteries for strobe and light, and diffuser valued at $200. Asking price for this $1300 package is $995, including shipping (USCON). The complete SeaLife DC1400 Pro Duo set includes the new 14 pixel DC1400 digital camera, dual light capability of a Digital Pro Flash (SL961) and a Focus/Video Light (SL980). Included are ALL accessories, an 8GB SDHC memory card, Lithium camera battery and charger, Flash Diffuser, Moisture Muncher pack, spare o-rings, USB connector, AV connector, USB AC power adapter and instruction manuals. This set-up also includes two extra Lithium camera batteries, eight rechargeable AA batteries for the Pro Strobe and Focus/Video Light and a recharger, and extra o-rings, separate cases for camera, lights, batteries and chargers. Payment via PayPal. Shipping within continental US included. I will also post detailed list of items, model numbers, and features.
  13. FS: SEA&SEA Housings, CANON D60 & REBEL Cameras Dual Strobes, Arms, Ball Joints, Plates Syncs, Power cords, Aiming Light, O-Ring Kits Fish Eye Dome Port, Flat Port, NOT a scratch on them ! 28mm-90mm & 20mm Lenses, Gears Lots of extras, everything like "New" in the boxes Take it ALL for $4,000. or everything but 1 camera & housing make an offer. 305-949-1194 or adventurescuba1@bellsouth.net
  14. Edit: David DB posted at the same time as me in the video forum. Mods, feel free to delete this to avoid duplication or to leave it here for stills-specific discussion. A video of the forthcoming GH3 has appeared on the Panasonic site. It's due to be officially announced on 17th. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiSwGHPJw74 Here are the predicted specs from http://www.43rumors.com/ - 16 Megapixel “Wide dynamic range” CMOS Sensor. - New Venus 7 engine - electronic shutter - ISO 100-12.800 - 6fps - Fastest AF of any interchangeable lens system camera. - Video Bitrate 50Mbps (72Mbps ALL-I) - 60/50/30p/25p in MP4, MOV and AVCHD - 3.5 Mic in - built-in stereo mic - Audio out - Pc control - Time Code - 1740k OLED LVF, Touch Monitor OLED 610k. - external battery grip - Wifi with remote control through iOS and Android Applications - external XLR accessory - Focus Peaking - Interval shooting and slow motion. Slow Movie extension (40%, 50%, 80%) Fast 160/ 200 / 300% - Magnesium alloy body. Body is bigger than the GH2.
  15. My wife has been doing UW video for some time. Her camera is an old Sony (using mini DV cassettes for recording) in a Light & Motion housing. She wants to upgrade to an HD video camera. We went to a local camera shop that could only recommend a high end Canon & a housing that (combined) would cost a total of about $5,000; or a Go Pro. From one extreme to another. Does anyone have any recommendations for a camera & housing somewhere in the middle of these two?
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