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Found 9 results

  1. Aquatica Complete Housing Kit for Canon 5D Mark III Due to a lack of use, I've decided to sell my complete UW Housing kit. Kit centers around the Aquatica A5D-III housing for the Canon 5D III, dual Ikelite DS-125 strobes, and Stix buoyancy arm system. Camera and lenses not included, but could be negotiated separately. The housing includes the acclaimed 180° Aqua View finder. Everything with the housing is fully functional and operational in great condition. There are some very minor cleaning scratches on the LCD window which are not visible underwater. The ports include the 9.25 inch Aquatica Mega Dome for sharp corners and the ability to take over/unders, a 4" dome port for wide-angle macro, and a flat macro port that allows you to choose manual or automatic focusing. I shot this system with the Canon 100mm f/2.8 EF USM macro lens, the Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens, and Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX DG diagonal fisheye lens. All the zoom/focus gears and port extensions necessary to shoot these lenses are included, as is the Sea & Sea M77 internal correction lens which the lens corrects image aberration and distortion when attached to a wide-angle zoom lens. More information about the system and lens compatibility can be found here: AD5-MkIII instructions A5D-MkIII Lens Chart I recently tested the strobes' capacity and each delivered over 260 full-strength flashes on a single charge. The spare battery came in at over 230 flashes. The Stix buoyancy strobe arm set does an excellent job of achieving neutral buoyancy making the rig a joy to handle underwater. Lots of spares (o-rings, sync cords, housing hinges, etc.) and owners manuals are included. I strongly prefer to sell this kit as a single package. Priced to sell at $3,450. Please message me if interested. Quantity Manufacturer Part Number Description Retail value 1 Aquatica 20071-NK-V Housing for 5D Mark III w/ std viewfinder $3,360 1 Aquatica 20054 Aquatica 180° aqua view finder $1,333 1 Aquatica 18789 Housing body cap $67 1 Aquatica 19224 ISO Extended Lever for A5D Housing $89 2 Ultralight Control BA-AQW Handle balls $54 1 Ultralight Control AD-1420-IK Adapter for modeling light $24 1 Aquatica 18407 Megadome 9.5" $1,895 1 Aquatica 18490 Rear port cap $67 1 Immersed Imaging? Travel case for dome port $50 1 Aquatica 18506 Neoprene cover for megadome $66 1 Aquatica 18464 Port extension w/o focus knob $440 1 Aquatica 18469 Port to extension locking collar $100 1 Aquatica 48708 Zoom gear for16-35 f/2.8L & 17-40 f/4 $138 1 Aquatica 18453 Port extension 28.5 mm $233 1 Aquatica 18490 Rear port cap $67 1 Aquatica 18426 AF/MF macro port $507 1 Aquatica 18700.1 Focus gear for 100mm $138 1 Aquatica 18505 Neoprene cover for macro port $32 1 Aquatica 19350 Close-up kit $566 2 Aquatica 19354 Lens caddy $138 1 Aquatica 18490 Rear port cap $67 1 Aquatica 18410 4" dome port, Bk-7 coated mineral glass $660 1 Aquatica 18490 Rear port cap $67 1 4GD Photo FB-12 Float belt for dome port $60 1 Sea and Sea Lanyard $25 1 Sea and Sea M77 Internal correction lens for wide angle lens $599 2 Ikelite DS-125 DS-125 Strobe $1,400 2 Ikelite 4069.2 Dome diffuser $160 3 Ikelite 4104.31 Nikonos to Ikelite single sync cord, non-TTL $360 2 Ikelite 45232 Nikonos to Ikelite dual sync cord, non-TTL $380 2 Ikelite 4066.1 Smart charger $200 1 Ikelite 40066BK Spare NiMH Battery Pack for DS-125 $250 4 4GD Photo SX-09 Stix 9 inch strobe arms $192 2 4GD Photo SX-12 Stix 12 inch strobe arms $96 1 4GD Photo SF-43 Stix Jumbo Float Kit $35 1 4GD Photo SF-42 Stix Large Float Kit $25 2 4GD Photo SF-2 Large Float $15 6 Ultralight Control AC-CS Clamps $198 3 Ultralight Control AD-125 Strobe ball $14,153 Various Owner's manuals for everything Various Spares (o-rings, housing hinges, etc.)
  2. 2 Ikelite DS 125 strobes and TTL sync cords. Cords were for a Nikon D300 and Sea & Sea housing. Also extra battery and o rings. All are in good condition. All lights work as well as batteries. Charger included. All for $1,450.00 plus shipping.
  3. 2 x Ikelite Strobes. 1 x N160; and 1 x N161 (which incl the Video Light). AU$1100.00 for both
  4. 2 Used Ikelite DS 51 Strobes with diffusers, ball connectors, extra door, extra connection port cap, manuals, and o-ring grease. Also, new Ikelite dual TTL connection cord for the strobes.
  5. Here is the list of dSLR UWP items for sale: Ikelite system: 1. 8 inch dome port assembly 5510.45 (purchased in Nov 2012, used 45 dives) - MSRP $399.95 Price $300 obo 2. Superwide port body 5510.11 (Nov 2012, 45 dives) - MSRP $125 Price $90 obo 3. Flat port 2.5 to 3.5" for Canon 60mm Macro lens 5502 (March 2014, 24 dives) - MSRP $125 Price $90 obo 4. Housing for Canon 7D 6871.07 (Nov 2012, used 45 dives) - MSRP $1499 Price $500 obo 5. Substrobe DS-160 with EV Control, single TLL sync cord, smart charging system, arms and ball joints 3944.91 (Original Ni-MH battery is not included MSRP about $199.95) - MSRP $1139.95 Price $600 obo 6. Substrobe DS-160 with Ni-MH battery 4060.1 (March 2014, 24 dives) - MSRP $950 Price &500 obo 7. Dual TLL digital sync cord for Ikelite strobes 4103.52 (March 2014, 24 dives) - MSRP $159.95 Price $120 8. Dual TLL digital sync cord for Sea&Sea or Inon strobes 4118.2 (June 2014,15 dives) MSRP $179.95 Price $135 9. Reefnet snoot with two tips, brand new (Jan 2015, never used) MSRP $300 Price $150 All items are kept in excellent condition in the original boxes with receipts (except for few). Free shipping to US. Split shipping international. Kit
  6. This is a great kit, old but in good condition, complete with spares, O-rings etc, all neoprene protectors and pelican case. Never flooded and well cared for but unused for the past couple of years as I no longer work as a diver. D200 with leak detect alarm (vis+audio) CSM switch,dual strobe bulkheads €800 Flat port P105 €150 S180 viewfinder €800 Fisheye dome port €600 Nikon 17-35mm f 2.8 wide angle zoom lens €250 Nikon 105mm f 2.8 macro lens €250 Zoom gear 17-35mm €50 Focus gear for 105mm €50 Shift gear for 105mm €50 Macromate +2 diopter (incl Seacam +2 diopter) €200 Nikonos to Ikelite iTTL dual sync €100 Ikelite SS200 strobe €200 D200 camera body €200 I would rather sell as a package but I will accept reasonable offers for individual items. Buyer pays the shipping from Spain. Any questions, please feel free to ask.
  7. After 40 years diving with ikelite gear I've finally moved to metal: Nauticam and Inons. So my Ikelite system for the Nikon D800 is up for sale. I have a fairly complete outfit, covering the range from fisheye, to wide angle zoom, to 2 sizes of macro lens, matched to a twin strobe system (sync cord and slave systems). There's not a lot this outfit won't do, and do it very well. Everything is well-used, well cared for, and in perfect working order. Any minor scratches won't affect performance in any way - they just give the gear a little extra "character". The Ikelite iTTL system is very fast, very accurate and very easy to use. I'm still working out my new Inon fibre optic system and sense it won't be as unfailingly accurate as the Ikelite, which has almost seduced me away from using manual flash. Photos are attached. Everything is located in Melbourne, Australia. Prices are in Australian dollars (good exchange rate for non-Aussies at present) I'm happy to post anywhere, at purchaser's cost. Prices are per major component, with a discount for the whole system if taken as a job lot: 1. Ikelite DSLR Housing for Nikon D800 $1,500.00 2. Ikelite 8" Dome Port + 5510.11 (short) + 5510.28 (long) port extensions - fits Nikon 16mm F2.8 fisheye and Nikon 16-35 F/4 wide-angle zoom. $650.00. 3. Ikelite Modular Macro Port System for Nikon 60mm F/2.8 AF-S AND Nikon 105mm F2.8 AF-S VR macro lens (flat glass 5510.35 + lens extension 5510.22 + focus extension for 105 macro 5510.75) $500.00 4. Ikelite Modular Macro Port for Nikon 105mm F2.8 AF-S VR macro lens (flat glass 5510.35 + 5510.28). $325.00. 5. Ikelite DS161 strobe with 2x NMiH battery packs + DS51 strobe. Both with 1" ball mounts. 2x Ikelite quick release strobe arms with 2 clamps each. Includes 2x Ikelite single sync cords; 1x Ikelite dual sync cord; 1x EV Manual Controller (slave sensor for regular and off-camera use). Diffusers supplied for both units. $2,250.00. Individual components = $5,225.00 (roughly 50% of new price) + postage costs. If taken as a job lot I'll sell for $5,000.00 and include free freight. Merry Xmas!
  8. Nikon D300 camera (Great condition, includes 3 original Nikon batteries and 1 charger, shoulder strap) Ikelite D300 housing (includes extra O rings) Nikon 60mm lens (like new) with UV protector filter Ikelite #5502.41 SLR Flat Port for the Nikon 60mm. Ikelite #5505.46 SLR Flat Port for Nikon 105mm. Brand new. Two Ikelite DS160 (great condition and with diffusers) with 2 smart chargers. Ikelite Dual TTL Sync Cord #4103.52 for Ikelite DS Series Strobes. Ikelite TTL Sync Cord #4103.51 Ikelite Exposure Value Manual Controller #4100.6 for Ikelite DS Series Strobes Subsee +5 and Adapter to fit Ikelite flat port. Like new, no scratches. comes with front and back covers. Looking to sell the whole set for $4650 plus shipping
  9. I have 2 Ikelite DS-125 strobes for sale, each with a smart charger and the four plugs, and each with an SA 100 arm. They are in excellent condition. I prefer to sell both as a package. $475 each or $900 for both, plus shipping. I will pay the PayPal fee.
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