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Found 3 results

  1. This is a warning to all underwater photographers about using hashtags in your photos. If this post violates Wetpixel’s terms of sharing please let me know and I’ll remove it or please remove it beforehand. Nauticam used my algae-covered Sea Turtle image which I shared here a couple of weeks ago on their webpage without my permission AND without informing me. I found out about it from a photographer friend who was comparing housing specs. I spoke directly with Nauticam and they ignored my voicemails (plural), my Facebook massaged (plural) and I did receive an email reply from Ryan Canon, one of their Directors. Ryan sent me a straight-forward and firm email stating that since I tagged Nauticam in my Instagram feed they could use the image as they saw fit. I spoke with several of you on Facebook, on Instagram and even a few in person and the consensus was unanimous. It’s ok to reshare on social media; however, to post on your website to sell an item (see pictures) without permission or compensation is NOT. I exchanged a few more emails with Ryan and he remained firm Nauticam can do as they please. They said since I tagged "#nauticam" they could use it how they saw fit. I noticed this weekend the image had been pulled down though. I am LIVID about several things: 1) My permission was not asked. I would have said yes if asked in advance. 2) When I asked for something in return for usage, he blew me off and said because it’s tagged they can use it. 3) No apology. A simple, “Hey Julian, it’s a new automated feature and we’re still working out the bugs...” or “someone should have reached out, we’re so sorry...” but nothing. I tag the gear I use so people know and don’t have to ask, plus a few have been very encouraging. Nauticam used my image on their website, with the expressed goal of promoting and selling a product and did not inform me or ask me. That’s against FB terms of use and IG’s too. Moral of the story is be VERY wary of who you tag in your posts.
  2. Hi all, Here are a few screenshots detailing how to add images to forum posts. If possible, please try to link to images, rather the embed. Some ideas on how to do so are here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15473 If you have to embed, please follow the instructions below: Click on the Attach Images (Choose Files) button. This will open a dialog that allows you to select the files on your computer. Please note that maximum file size is 1000KB. This will add a small thumbnail of your image(s). Move you cursor to where you want the image to appear in your post. Click the "Add to Post" text on the bottom right. This will add the text linking to your image. When you click "Post New Topic", the image will appear in your post. Any problems, please let me know! Adam
  3. I need some help from you out there. About a year ago I swithed from Sony V1E to the NX5E (w/ Amphibico). It was a struggle ... with Amphibico going out of business and my 1st NX5 having massive electronics problems. Now all seems to be OK technically. BUT... to make a long story short... the NX5 just doesn't seem to deliver the crispy, color rich and clear images I used to get from my V1E. Even in FULL AUTO, the V1E delivered quite acceptable pic's, as where the NX5 needs extensive Picture Profiles to even come close to the V1. Above water the NX5 is great, underwater it seems to forget it's a camera! MY QUESTION TO YOU ALL, has anyone had any experience with the NX5? And if yes what are those? Positive/negative? Any tricks or tips are VERY WELCOME! regards, Evert
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