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Found 23 results

  1. £4000. Selling my full underwater Lumix GX8 kit. Includes Nauticam NA-GX8 housing with M16 Vacuum Valve II, Inon Z240 Type 4 Strobe, I-Das arm system, Nauticam FlexiTray II system with handles and trigger system. The amazing WWL-Wet Wide Lens1 with 130 FOV. An AOI UCL-06L macro lens. A macro port. As well as the camera to fit inside it…The brilliant Panasonic Lumix GX-8 Micro Four Thirds digital camera which offers 20mpMOS sensor, 4K-UHD video, and superb picture quality. A 14-42mm F3.5/5.6 OIS II lens allowing for underwater zoom capability. The focus gear is included as well. The kit includes the correct flash module to fit the housing. Also two extra batteries are included in this sale. The housing sits on Nauticam famed tray system which has been upgraded to include a trigger for easy shutter operation. Basically it is a full kit that is ready to go. It had only been dunked twice, so is basically brand new. No scratches or marks. All seals are in perfect condition. To buy this full kit in todays market would set you back way over £4000, so in its basically brand new condition ( everything in their original boxes), it is well worth this asking price. More higher def photos available on request.
  2. For Sale (prices in Australian $, postage extra): a complete, pro quality, Nikon FX SLR underwater photographic system, lightly used, and in very good condition, comprising: Nauticam Housing: D800 (mk 1), including vacuum warning system + UW Technics TTL adapter for fibre optics (works really well) + Nauticam strobe trigger for fibre optics + 2x fibre optic ports + Ikelite hard wire port (not fitted) $2,250. Nauticam Ports: 8.5" acrylic dome $500 | macro 60 port $ 300 | macro 105 port + gears $350 | extension port and gears for dome to fit 16-35 lens $75. LowePro Gear Bag (accommodates housing + dome port + 2 strobes). Cost $300 - free bonus to anyone taking the full Nauticam set of housing, and ports. Nauticam Viewfinders: 45 degree $850 | 180 degree (straight) $1,000 - both make a huge difference underwater! Nikon FX D800e (7,315 shutter count) $ 1,200 | Nikon D810 (145 shutter count) $1,800. 2x Nikon batteries with each camera, showing "new" in menu (always stored out of the camera). Both cameras in great condition, with boxes. Nikon FX lenses: 16 f2.8 $600 | 16-35 f4 $800 | 60 f2.8 micro $500 | 105 f2.8 micro $800 | 50 f1.8 $100. All unblemished and in great condition. Strobes: 2x Inon Z240 strobes + 2x Inon Snoot sets + fibre optic cables $1,000 2x Ikelite DS 161 strobes + one extra battery + external Ikelite TTL adapter (works very well) + Ikelite fibre optic slave adapter. Single & dual Ikelite strobe cables. $ 1,500. Extensive collection of genuine Ultralight trays, arms, clamps, quick release handles - roughly $25/item (negotiable). This was to be my forever outfit, after more than 40 years of underwater photography, some of it professional, and mainly with Ikelite. The photos are the same, but the difference using a Nauticam system is like going from a Ford to a Range Rover. The D800E is a magnificent underwater camera (massive improvement over DX and D610), and this one has only had 7,315 actuations (I shoot carefully underwater, like I'm still using a film camera, with 36 on the roll). It should be good for many years. The D810 was purchased as a backup and hasn't been used (only 145 "playing around" shots), as I've been playing with Fuji, topside, for the past few years. It almost fits the Nauticam housing, which be converted for it, but why bother? The D800E will do everything you ask it to, and the D810 is much nicer to use on land. As along term proposition (which was my plan) you'd have everything covered, at a fraction of current replacement cost. Why am I selling? Arthritis has struck and I'm half way through getting both knees replaced. My legs are stuffed and I doubt I'll be able to get back into serious underwater photography. If I do, it will be with a much lighter kit. This gear is heavy, and built to last! Plenty of photos of all the kit are available, Just ask through Wetpixel, or direct: solutionist999@me.com.au
  3. Two Inon Z240 type 4’s. Excellent working condition. Cosmetic wear and tear. $500.00 US for the pair with $25.00 Shipping in the US.
  4. For sale is a set of two Inon Z240, Type 4. The strobes are only four years old and weren't used really much (very good condition, see images). There are a few extras: every knob has knob-extensions so that if you use thicker gloves you can adjust them better. Second extra: every strobe has a custom made sunshade as you can find on the Z330. They work excellent. There is also a neoprene cover for each strobe. And a ball adapter is also included. And the diffusor plate (not on the pictures) comes with them of course. I used them with fibre optics but the Z240 can also be fired by electrical cables. If you want to know more- drop me a message. Asking 930 Euro for the set (which is a fair price with all the extra parts...), open to offers.
  5. Great strobe set for underwater photography. The set includes: -Inon Z240 in good conditions for sale due to change of set up. -Two optic fibre cables for different plugs -Nauticam Ball joint mount -2x Nauticam Ball Headed arms -2x Nauticam Clamps -Red filter for the spotlight -Spare Inon O-rings (untouched) -Inon Silicone Grease All together 650 AU$ ONO Pick up preferred, however, can be shipped (in this case shipping and packing costs are excluded) Located in Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Australia) Perfectly working. Cables used with housings for: Lumix GH5 Nikon D7200 Nikon D7000 ...and more If you can read this, the item is still available. More enquiries to: sirio.lauricella@gmail.com Payment accepted: Paypal TransferWise Bank transfer (Australia only) Cash at pickup Thanks and happy snaps.
  6. Hello friends, Due to a system change to Sony, the following underwater photography complete system from Sealux is for sale: Housing : - Sealux CD7100 underwater housing for Nikon D7100 with GV150 angle finder and acoustic leak detector, N5 flash bulk and 2 optical ouputs - 180 domeport made of optical glass with neoprene cap (for use with Tokina 10-17mm fisheye or with Nikon 12-24 f4) - Sealux Mini-Dome made of optical glass suitable for the Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye (ideal for close-up wide angle photography) - PS 90 macro port for the Nikon AF-S 60mm - ZW28 extension ring for use with the Nikon AF-S 105mm f2.8 (macro) and the Nikon 12-24 f4 (180 dome) - Subsea + 10 dipoter Camera: - Nikon D7100 body in perfect working condition and fully functional including accessories and batteries Strobes: - 2 x Inon Z240 flashes in perfect technical condition + neoprene protection - Nauticam flash arms in 3 different lengths with brackets and floating devices - 2 optical cables - 1 x Sea & Sea dual cable with N5 connector Price for housing, flashes and camera: 3200 € (which is less than the price I paid for the housing alone) The following lenses are also for sale: - Nikon AF-S 105 mm f2.8 VR: 500 € - Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye: 300 € If you buy the entire set: 3500 € All items are used but still have minimal to no signs of use. Lenses, domes and flat ports are absolutely free of any scratches (as can be seen on the photos). Everything was taken perfect care of over time and the housing was revised at regular intervals. It was recently subject to a complete overhaul with pressure test in July 2020 (invoice is included as proof). The set is ideal for ambitious amateur photographers and has proven itself during a World Championship as well as in various international competitions. I will be happy to send you more photos by email. Looking forward to hearing from you. Shipping worldwide. Buyer pays for shipping Since it is a private sale, I do not provide any warranty.
  7. Hi guys, Do you have any information on strobes reliability (especially when comparing Inon Z240 vs Sea&Sea YSD2)? I have been using Inon Z240 for 6 years and never had any problems with it. I use optical cables and slave trigerring (with TTL), so cannot comment on electric trigerring, but I have even never heard of any malfunction related to optical trigerring on Inon Z240. From what I know, these strobes are very reliable. As there is improved control over exposure in case of new YSD2 (plus some other features), I sold my Inon Z240 to uprade to YSD2. But after browsing through the internet I found out, there is many complaints about poor reliability of Sea&Sea YSD2. It usually relates to overheating when firing more than 10 times at high setting "in a row". I usually don´t fire strobes at high setting 10 times in a row (as it is not even possible when using optical cables), but there were also other issues reported. New features are nice, but reliability comes first when going to an expensive diving trip, being engaged as UW photographer (taking photos of freediving champions for example).... I cannot afford any mulfanction in that case. So now I feel like selling my old but reliable Inon was maybe a mistake. Not sure whether to buy Sea&Sea YSD2 (as it features many improvements) or get back to old, but reliable Inon Z240. Many thanks for information / sharing experience with Sea&Sea YSD2.
  8. Asking anyone who knows the technical details of the Inon Z240 strobe... Is the battery compartment watertight when the primary (watertight) cap is not on? I had an incident today diving salt water (ocean) where the cap became dislodged and the battery compartment flooded. While the batteries were of course destroyed, I flushed the battery compartment many times with fresh water, then soaked the strobe in fresh water and finally dried it completely. There seems to be no corrosion on the gold contacts inside the battery compartment, nor on the inner cap that holds the battery contact. Once fully dry I tested it and the strobe to be water-free and working fine, but I was still wondering if the technical specs for the Z240 indicate a sealed battery compartment. Sure seems like it to me. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I drowned one of my beloved Z240s last week and am now trying to locate a used replacement (type4 only). Is somebody out there keen for an upgrade and wants to sell their? I'm located in Norway. cheers, Peter
  10. hi guys, Reading at the issues experienced by others on some Inon Z240 type IV strobes, i was glad not to have experienced any problem with my 2 strobes bought in 2011. However during today's dive i noticed straight away that my left strobe wasn't producing as much light as the right one I trigger these strobes in manual mode both on same power, using Nauticam fiber optics, Nauticam housing on Nikon D500. I've done a number of tests after rincing the housing on dry land: -swapped the fiber optics, no change -changed the flash output settings, i.e. starting with both at EV-2 and then EV-4 -> my left strobe still was noticeably less powerful -and of course, i had made sure each time the pre-flash button was fully engaged To make sure i wasn't getting tricked by what i was shootting at, i just aimed my camera to a white wall, shot subsequently with left and then right flash, could clearly see the shift in the histograms/ This looks like my left strobe has just become overall less powerful, very strange! I had just changed batteries before that dive so i am wondering if it could explain the problem, but i do wait for the strobe's red ready light to turn on before i shoot. My question to the community: does anyone know what could be the cause of my issue? Any way to fix it myself? If it requires repair, does anyone have an idea of how long and how costly such a repair can be (i am in Sydney, Australia). thanks and merry Xmas to all! Nicolas
  11. Looking for used strobe Inon Z-240 type 4 in working condition from EU... And loking for carbon arm, clamp ... prefer Inon...BS-kinetics... Thanks Nikola
  12. Hello everyone, I would like to share with you some of my underwater photos, I just started my underwater photography journey, at the moment I'm in Koh Tao, Thailand doing my dive master and than IDC. I have a lot time for fun diving and to play with my camera. I would like to say big thank you to Tim and Shark Business for great equipment I bought off them. https://www.facebook.com/dive4lifee
  13. Hello, I'm looking to buy pair of strobes for D7000 (YS-D2, Inon z240, YS-D1, DS160) or say what you have. Europe only.
  14. There are very different views on the gudie number values underwater: some use a factor of 2, some even 4(!) to estimate underwater GN from land values. Which is correct for clean blue seawater or 50m vis pool? I suppose color temperature also has a significant effect here, the 4200-4800K strobes getting punished for their nice warm light... E.g how do the inon z240's compare to the subtronic novas in terms of underwater working distance? (iso, f-stop being the same) Coverage might be the cause of confusion here, "flat port" strobes, like the inons, squeeze their beam underwater, e.g. the 100°-s of the z240 becomes 70°, approximately doubling the power/surface ratio. I guess a factor of 2 is sufficient for "squeezed angle" strobes, factors of 3+are for dome-port units, like the subtronics, seacam.
  15. Hello, looking to sell my used pair of Inon Z240's in excellent working order for $1000. Can throw in Inon to Nauticam FO cables for an additional $100. Pics on request ...or stay tuned.
  16. Aloha - I have an extra Z240 strobe that has been sitting in my closet the past year that I'd like to sell. Only been on a couple trips, lightly used, few small normal scratches - tested and working perfectly. Ebay link here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Inon-Z240-Strobe-Type-4-for-use-Underwater-Barely-Used-in-Great-Condition-/181734608047?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a503a0caf
  17. hello, i need a quick advice, since i have opportunity to get cheap used inons, but one of them is type 3 and other is type 4. are they "compatible"? can i use them as tween set without issues with strobe power? i assume that is not the issue in manual adjustment (is it?), but what happens with TTL shooting? thanks in advance
  18. Hi everyone, I unfortunately have a flooded Inon Z240 Type 4 for sale. Perhaps someone can use this for spare parts or fix it. I will sell this for US$170 plus shipping (should be around $30 globally). This comes with the original box and the diffuser. Please see pics for details. Please PM me if you are interested. Many thanks, Nick
  19. INON Z 240 in very good condition. $550.00 bettewarn@gmail.com
  20. hi i'm looking for a Hugyfot housing for the or d7100 inkl. gear for sigma 105mm macro (flatport) and nikon 10-24mm (domeport). aditionally a 45° viewfinder and a inon z-240. if you have any of these items, specially a hugyfot d7100 housing, feel free to PN me. thx
  21. I am selling my slightly used Inon z240. Everything you would need to use with your underwater housing is included. I purchased it new in October 2010 and has been used on less than 30 dives. Inon Z-240 type 4 Strobe - All new would be $925.00. - Diffuser and all accessories, including spare O-rings and silicone grease - Large red knobs (makes it A LOT nicer to adjust strobe with gloves on) - Inon Optical D Cable - Ultralight Strobe Adapter - 8 x Sanyo Eneloop AANiMH Batteries (4 in strobe and an extra 4 for backup) - Sanyo Eneloop Universal Charger Single Ultralight Arm Setup - All new would be $248.65. 1 x Ultralight Ball Joint Adapters (connects to housing handle - $23.95 new) 3 x Ultralight New Style Clamps ($89.85 new) 2 x Ultralight 8 inch Double Ball Arm ($95.90 new) 1 x Stix Jumbo Float Kit (four floats) for Ultralight Arms ($38.95 new) I'm asking $925.00 (Will ship from California) Information on the Inon z240 - INON Z-240 Strobe [Overview] * High power with Guide Number 24 * 100 degree circular beam angle without diffuser. 110 degrees circular beam angle with supplied -0.5/-1.5 diffuser. * Recycle time is min. approx. 1.6 sec. at full flash. * Optical / electrical connection compatible. * Precise S-TTL, 24-step External Auto, 13-step manual and Nikonos TTL for film camera support. * Built in EV. Controller to find tune S-TTL Auto exposure * High intensity 180 lumen power LED multifunctional Focus Light with shutter linked auto OFF function. * Next generation wireless TTL
  22. Underwater setup bought from uw-fotopartner after test. Never used letter in water. Package contains SONY NEX-5 CAMERA WITH 18-55mm lens. RECSEA NEX-5 Housing with Diffuser RECSEA NEX-5 18-55 PORT RECSEA NEX-5 18-55 PORT ZOOM GEAR INON Z-240 TYPE IV I'm selling because I got Nauticam setup with more ports, macro adapters. Recsea is smaller but I got more ports for my Nauticam. More photos - in better resolution at -> http://pwch.linuxpl.info/allegro3/ Click image to enlarge. PRICE 1800 EURO + SHIPMENT I made few photos with NEX-5 AND NAUTICAM SETUP with YS-01 one month ago https://plus.google.com/photos/113755403645014854834/albums/5900624958243436017?authkey=COnhvoytycWERA
  23. Two novice questions.-----Can sTTL settings on a Z240 actually be even worth trying? I have a d800 with an optical cable for the housing. What flash settings would be the proper to use on the camera that would work well the Z20 strobe?
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