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Found 1 result

  1. Wondering if anyone else have the same issues with YS D2? I was at Raja Ampat recently using a New set of Sea & Sea YS D2 X 2. Both strobes fire with no problem when I tested it on the LOB. However, when I dove to about 15 to 20 meters, both strobes fire for about 10 to 15 times and then the right strobe stopped firing. It was giving me blinking signals, indicating that my battery is dead. I swtched On and Off. It doesnt work. Thinking I must have forgotten to charge one set of the batteries, I tried again during the 2nd dives. As for my 2nd dives set up, I decided to swap the strobes from left to right. Just to make sure it wasnt my syn cord that was giving me problems. I tested again on the LOB before diving with it and both sets of strobes fires well with no problem. I have 16 pieces of Enloope batteries so, i have the privilege of using a different set. Same thing happened again. it will fire for about 10 to 15 times at the depth of between 15 to 20 meters before the same strobe which was initially giving me problem failed to fire again!!! This time there was no warning lights. It just cut off. When I turn On and Off again, the blinking red/gree lights appeared warning i have problem with battery or something else wrong with it. I tried one more time with the YS D2, checked and re-checked everything syn cord etc. Swapped the unit from left to right. It fires well on LOB. Again, it will fire for 10 to 15 times, at about 15 to 20 meters in the water before the same unit dies on me. Same warning blinking lights. Fortunately, I have also brought along my old set of YS D1 x 2 just in case. I decided to revert back to YS D1 for the rest of my dives. I have no problem with the YS D1. It fires well on LOB and also in the water all with the same settings. On 12th Dec 2015, I have returned the problem unit to my retailer in Malaysia which was then sent to the distributor in overseas. I have no idea who the distributor is but I was told, it has been sent back to Sea&Sea in Japan. I have written an email to the retailer in Malaysia describing my experience with the problematic strobe which was then forwarded to the ditributor and Sea&Sea. I have indicated I do not want a Repair unit as it was brand new when I used them. As at today 5th Jan, 2016, I have no new information or updates despite following up. On the positive note, while i had the 10 to 15 times of usage, I must agree the beep sound to re confirm that my strobes were ready to fire again are very useful. The lighted up indicator and knobs are one of the plus point too. Its just the reliability that kills the overall experience of this new YS D2. Does anyone else have similar problem? I will update on the progress of YS D2 which has been returned to the retailer.
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