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Found 32 results

  1. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/tImsYWZ8R4w?controls=0" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> https://youtu.be/tImsYWZ8R4w Gates, RED KOMODO, Sigma cine 18-35
  2. It was August, 2019. I miss all the days in the warm tropical water. https://youtu.be/Hc_w1srP9yw ps) Anybody can help me to embedd my video on this page? I try to copy and paste sharing code onmy youtube page, but it dose not work.. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Hc_w1srP9yw?start=1" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. If you have not yet dived (dove?) at Komodo, you should really give it a shot; flying to Bali is quite cheap from many places now, then another quick flight to Labuan Bajo. The best months are April through August, once November hits the currents change, and can be so strong that visibility is quite limited. The north of the park tends to have the best sealife, which is generally avoided from November through February when dive shops go south. Go see the mantas, check off that bucket list item.
  4. We have a last minute availability of a space in a Budget cabin on the Mermaid 1 liveaboard for a trip to Komodo! This is with a male so it's best that the space would go to another male. The dates for this trip are 1 - 10 June 2018, in other words in around 3 weeks time from now. The Mermaid 1 is the flagship vessel of the Mermaid fleet, this 9 night trip will depart and return to Bali. Therefore, there are no domestic flights needed. All of the best spots in Komodo will be visited on this trip with amazing black sand sites in Sangeang, Manta Alley, Horseshoe Bay, and Castle Rock all on the itinerary. The space is 2900 Euro (approx USD $3473) plus a National Park/Harbour Fee of 150 Euro (approx USD $180, paid directly on the boat). The Komodo itinerary is a special one as there are really amazing encounters with mantas, big schools of fish, beautiful reefs for wide angle opportunities and world class macro life as well. A member of the Underwater Tribe will be on hand to help with all photo related questions. This is not a Photo Workshop but there will be plenty of photo talk and some casual presentations about the best way to capture stunning images in the Komodo area. For more information please visit: Komodo 2018 Or email us directly at info (at) underwatertribe.com
  5. A short video from my last trip to Komodo. This is possibly my 4th or 5th time in Komodo but I never get tired of it Shot on: Red Scarlet-W in a Gates Deep Weapon Housing 5k @ 48fps with a Sigma 12-24 F4 ART Edited and graded in Davinci Resolve 14.2 Hope you enjoy!
  6. Hello, My family and 3 friends are a part of a group going on a liveaboard trip to Komodo. We had one of our group drop out, so we no longer qualify for the 10% discount. We would like to get that discount back. Please contact me if interested. Mark markaverett@comcast.net
  7. Devils in the sky is one of the dive site in Myanmar,Andaman sea.I used to dive there long time ago and we spotted school of Devil rays quite often hence the name. Cannibal rock is world famous dive site in the south of Rinca,Komodo.The dive site named by pioneer diver during survey of the area and they spotted one Komodo dragon eating another in front of what appeared to be a large shallow reef.The dive site covered in yellow and pink soft corals as well as tubastrea and other cup corals.It's so rich of sponge in every color and bouquet of feather star. The cold nutrient-rich water is probably bring the lush growth within the dive site with water temperatures often falling into 20-24 C in dry season(Jun-Oct) and can get warm and clear water in rainy season.Every square inch of the rock full of color and life of verterbrate and inverterbrate species such like Giant frogfish,Nudibranch galore,Ladybug amphipod,etc.During the dry season it's the cold nutrient-rich and green water so we don't expected much to looking for the stuffs in the blue but actually abundant fish out there. This film is one of the best dive I had in Cannibal rock.A hundred of Mobula rays(probably Short-fin Pygmy Devil Ray,Mobula kuhlii) roaming to the current split point.They swoop in and out the rock again and again.When I gazed up to the surface the school of Devil Ray blanketed me and reminded me the dive site "Devils in the sky" in Myanmar's sea but this is much larger scale.I spend about 15 minutes in freezing cold 19C water with this phenomenon,filming with the thrill in my heart.It's absolutely one of the best dive in Komodo. Best fishes, Nu Camera info: Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing + Lumix 7-14mm +Lumix 8mm fisheye +2 iTorch Pro 7
  8. Komodo season still going on and we had so many amazing experienced last trip on Black Manta 02-07 JUL 2015.It's such a lucky trip.We have load of Mantas in Manta alley 15+ manta chasing around for mating ritual,School of Cownose ray it's a mini migration that happen annually,Feeding frezny of Whitetip reef sharks and Giant Trevally in Castle rock!!! We have 2 resident eagle rays which have been in Manta on the moon more than a month.We think about we should named this eagle ray soon.Theyjust stick around and feeding on the ground everytime.What'sut macro stuff,Frogfish,Ladybugs,tons of nudi and 2 Rhinopias still there. It was ahhmazing and so lucky trip with lovely and funny guests who always have a big laugh for the whole trip on board. Camera info: Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing + Lumix 7-14mm +Olympus 60mm macro+2 iTorch Pro 7 + Xit404 tripod Cownose ray footage from GoPro https://www.facebook.com/livingdreambynu https://www.nuparnupong.com https://www.whitemanta.com
  9. I have just returned from a great trip to Komodo with the Mermaid 1 liveaboard, a Bali/Komodo/Bali itinerary, 9 nights with 8 days of diving, 25 June to 4 July. We were able to dive all of the hotspots in Komodo as well as the beautiful Angel Reef and others around Moyo and Satonda. I have put together a brief highlights video of the trip, which were many! the only thing missing is the Mola Mola at Manta Alley that I missed! I was the only one to miss it hahahaha.. oops. Shot with a Nikon D7000, Aquatica housing, 10-17mm and 60mm lenses, Fisheye FIX 7000 lights. Music by Audiomachine Enjoy!
  10. Hi folks, Just got back from a LOB with KM BlackManta and I though I share some of my experience and the video clip I took from the trip. I'm fortunate that another member from this forums also joint as an onboard videographer/photographer of the company, Nu Parnupong. He posted here from time to time and I hope he don't mind I posted a link to his video during our trip as comparison to mine I learn lot from Nu and, since both our equipment are the same (GH4 in Nauticam housing with 7-14 most of the time), sometime is frustrating that I couldn't get the same footage as his. I have just 70 dive logs before my trip to Komodo, and I though it was enough to handle the Komodo's current while shooting. It just not the case. Bellow are some of the observation I learnt during the trip: 1. My footage is less stable. Bear in mind we both shoot the same GH4, without IS. Yet almost 80% I say mine was shaky. I considered my buoyancy control is ok, but not in the current filled water of Komodo. 2. We shoot WA most of the time, and Nu's clip can get up close and personal with the object. I used hook most of the time but I observed that Nu were free and somehow can manage the current to his advantage. Case in point was where we shooting Manta at Karang Makasar (Manta on the Moon), the current were about 3-4 knots, while I was fighting with one hand on the hook and the other on the camera Nu was free roaming and get close and personal with the Manta. My footage was just side view of the manta swimming in the current 3. I think my WB setting were OK, I used manual WB with white slate and adjust them depending on the depth. GH4 is easy for changing WB. 4. The back focus in GH4 is fantastic! GH4 UW focusing is as easy as 1-2-3 Can't wait for my next trip to R4 later this year, and as they used to say: It's not the equipments! But the man behind it! Anyhow without further a do, here's my clip and thanks for reading my rambling above: And here's Nu's video took at the same trip:
  11. A few pictures from my recent trip to Komodo. Let me know what you think. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.778761342243424.1073741827.245440712242159&type=3
  12. Announcing another of our very popular Dive/Photo Trips for October/November 2015. This trip begins in Bali where we fly to Flores to start our live-board trip through the central and northern regions of the Komodo National Park. We explore the very best macro and wide angle photo opportunities of this very rich area. From sea fleas to manta rays, from tiny nudibranchs to massive schools of pelagics. We know these waters well enough to make every dive a photographic dream. From Komodo we head west to Gili Banta for more remote reefs, then Sangeang Island an active volcano with some of the best black sand macro dives in Indonesia. Further west we explore Sumbawa Island's coastal reefs and finish in the muck dive heaven of Bima Bay. Here we have found nearly every sought after critter for photographers, blue ring octopus, wunderpuss, mimic octopus, frogfish, coleman shrimps, devil scorpionfish, stonefish, juvenile batfish, nudibranchs in every shape and size.... the list goes on! This trip is organised once per year around the best weather, tide and dive conditions for this area. The trip is inclusive of airfares from Bali to Flores & Sumbawa to Bali. 10 days/9 nights on the live-board, all meals, diving and twin shared air-conditioned accommodation on the live-aboard. Join other keen underwater photographers and get personal free help with your photography and post editing with Australian photo journalist Jeff Mullins. Dates are October 31 to November 9. Cost is USD$3490. Check out full details on our website at: http://www.reefwreckandcritter.com/flores-to-sumbawa-trip-information.html or contact us via email at: reefimages@ii.net The trip currently has only 4 vacancies. NOTE: On our November 2014 trip we found and photographed 4 of the rare nudibranch Melibe colemani (Coleman's Melibe). In 2015 we will be visiting these same dive sites to search and photograph them again!
  13. Here is an example of a GH4 video that I've just finished editing: http://www.peterwalker.com/komodo.html It demonstrates the camera's capabilities both WA (7-14mm lens with Zen 170mm dome), Macro (14-45mm PZ plus flip Subsee +5 dioptre) and above water (12-35mm plus polarising filter). I did all the editing in 4K and then compressed to 1080P just before uploading to Vimeo. It was a pleasure to shoot and edit! Regards Peter Thanks to David Cheung of ScubaCam for helping put the equipment together for me.
  14. Dear photographers, I'm sure most of you have already heard of the Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest 2013. This competition is entirely free to enter. Any photographer can submit pictures taken in Indonesia between January 1st and November 30th 2013 while diving with a Participating Dive Operator (PDO). The total cash prize is over USD 200,000! This is a great opportunity for photographers to get their work out there... More information about the contest can be found on the official website: Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest - IWUPC 2013 I started this thread so that Participating Dive Operators (PDO) can officially announce their active participation in this unique competition and facilitate Wetpixel users' search for a dive center with whom to register. Someone's got to start so here is the first one: Bali: Geko Dive Bali - Website: http://gekodivebali.com/ Email: info@gekodivebali.com Other PDO's are warmly welcomed to add onto this list.
  15. Hello Everyone, I wanted to share my latest video I have put together for my 'Rolling in the Deep' Series. This time it focuses on Macro subjects found in Komodo. I look shooting macro, and I don't feel that macro gets enough attention at least from the video side. Some of the coolest underwater characters are of the small variety. As alway, comments good bad or indifferent are always appreciated. Enjoy! Dustin Or Youtube, watch in HD.
  16. Hello Everyone, I wanted to share the next installment of my Rolling in the Deep series. This time it is in Komodo Indonesia. This is a wide angle look. With a Macro version coming soon. Let me know what you think. Enjoy Dustin Or Youtube
  17. Dear all. I published a gallery of wide angle and some topside shots I took using the Olympus OMD EM5 (Nauticam housing). Pictures are a mixed bag taken with the 8mm using the 4,33" Dome and 7-14mm using a 170mm Inon Dome with D&D 50mm MIL to Inon Adapter. http://andre-schwarz.smugmug.com/Underwater/Wide-Angle/ Comments or recommendations are welcome. Kind regards. Andy
  18. Could anyone help me identify crinoids on those images: #2 Thanks!
  19. Hello Everyone, I played around with the circular end of the 8-15mm fisheye on a few dives in Komodo. It is kind of fun. I thought motion made it more interesting. The distortion and view of the reef is interesting as well. It certainly isn't something you would film with on a regular basis. Unless you had a specific idea you were going for. I am curious to know if there is a way to make the circle not cut off on the top and bottom. Anyway, let me know what you think. Dustin Or Youtube
  20. As I write, folks from around the world are winging their ways towards Labuan Bajo, where they will board The Seven Seas for 11 days of amazing underwater encounters and imaging opportunities. After a brief spell in port, a second group will arrive and will embark for a further 11 days. We will be diving in the Komodo National Park, concentrating on the Deep South. At this time of year, the north west monsoon completely changes the south sides of the Komodo Island group. This means that the area is washed by crystal clear currents and as the wind moves form south east to north west, the swells flatten out and the southern upwellings cease. Here is some video shot by Linda Johnson in the south: We plan to add updates to this thread as we sail, although it is likely that internet connectivity will, at times, be limited. Please keep checking back for updates and images from the trip.
  21. Just published this week's 'in 60 seconds' video - Komodo.... Enjoy!
  22. Hey Divers! We have some last minute openings on our back-to-back Komodo trips aboard the IndoSiren this September. About Us: We have been living and working in Indonesia for the last 7 years running liveaboards and also in Lembeh Strait as the managers of Critters@Lembeh. Although these are not "photo workshop" trips, we are professional underwater photographers and are also the Managing Editors for DivePhotoGuide so we are always there to help our guests get the best pictures possible. We offer several dive charters each year through our travel company Got Muck, mostly within Indonesia. We only accept NICE PEOPLE. Due to some last minute cancellations we have the following spaces available: Trip One: Dates: Sept 10 - Sep 20, 2013 Itinerary: Bima to Bima 1 Cabin Available Cost $3,800 per person Includes nitrox Trip Two: Dates: Sept 21 - Oct 1, 2013 Itinerary: Bima to Bima 1 Space Available Cost is $3,800 per person includes nitrox These trips can be booked as back-to-back for a single person. The cabin can also be booked as a single occupancy at a reduced rate. Our travel company in Bali will handle all domestic arrangements (spaces on the domestic flights are already being held). PM me for more info, email us, call us at +1-925-290-1827 (we are at GMT+8) or contact us here. We just returned from a trip aboard the Arenui to Komodo last week, attached are some pics to help you decide :-)
  23. We still have some space open for this fantastic trip. If you have any interest or want to know more, do get in touch with us at info@diving4images.com (please mention Wetpixel) BOOK NOW TO CHOOSE YOUR CABIN Dates and logistics 3rd October 2013 arrive in Bali, overnight hotel 4th October fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo, board boat, flight times added shortly 16th October depart Maumere back to Bali Sample Itinerary This route is one of my all time favourite routes that is fantastic for those who enjoy critter diving in clean and clear water. As usual we will be offering up to 4 dives a day with chances to do more for anyone who is really super keen for more. There may be the odd day when we make 3 dives and offer a fantastic chance to go to villages and there is a great chance to see and hear an active volcano very close. We will be stopping off on the unique volcanic slopes of Sangeang island before heading east where we will spend a few days diving along the northern shores of Flores. Here we have some outstanding black sand sites, there are also lush wall & reef dives. We will continue south east to Lembata island where we have plenty of hot new critter sites within great habitats. We dived these spots whilst exploring a few years ago. Heading further east to the famous Pantar island we have planned at least a full day of super hot diving critter diving and a visit to a very friendly village. There are also lush upwelling reefs here for anyone who wants more than just critter diving too! For sure we will have to head into the mouth of Kalabahi Bay to dive a few major hotspots and of course we won’t go forgetting to stop off to dive the legendary Valley Of The Clowns where miles of pristine reef is filled with unique endless fields of anemones. This is also where the children will come out to check out divers below and local fisherman come above us sometimes showing off their free diving skills. Our last day will be heading back towards Maumere and this will be chosen depending on what we have missed during the journey so far. During this trip there will be a few chances to go on land to visit a few interesting villages along the way too. We will bring some school supplies and any donations to the local school supplies would be very much appreciated. Donations are by no means expected, this is simply a good will gesture from Diving 4 Images to the kind village folks I have grown to know well over the years along this route. This is going to be one truly fantastic critter trip with some great village visits. Price: US$4,080 per person (12 nights) Excluded: internal flights, parks & harbour fee and overnight hotels. NOTE: This price will be updated as a package on your invoice as soon as we confirm flight rates, chosen overnight hotel etc. Optional Extras: If you are travelling through Bali before or after the trip why not add in North East of the island? Contact us for more information and prices.Diving 4 Images can look after every aspect of your trip including resorts and hotels before and after the trip. We can help you build a personalised itinerary to make sure that the trip runs like clock-work. If you would like us to arrange resorts or hotels, or any other aspect of your trip, just contact us! The Boat I was kindly invited onboard over new years to make a check out trip and was treated to a lovely time. Like many Indonesian vessels there was a warm welcoming crew with the added bonus of warm hearted and super friendly, conscientious co-owner Heike Barsch who, all being well will join us on these trips. There will be no more than 14 divers onboard even though she can take 16. All cabins have individual air conditioning units, private shower and toilets, cabins are spacious with adequate storage space. Note: those who confirm first will be able to chose their cabins. The dining room & lounge is a very comfortable and well laid out area for relaxing while all meals guests eat around one central dining table. There is an upper level sundeck with plenty of shade and comfortable loungers. The dive deck is located at the front of the boat. Two divers share a basket for dive and there are plenty of wetsuit hangers. All dive tanks are all organised by an efficient crew which means all divers need to do is turn up for briefing time, check Nitrox if you want the added benefit, don wetsuits, masks, listen to a brief briefing then on each side of Aurora is a wooden boarding ladder where no more than 5 divers enter 3 rigid inflatable tender boats. Food onboard is all buffet style with a mix of tasty Indonesian with various meat & vegetable choices and the chef also serves up great pasta dishes too! For those with a sweet tooth there is usually a choice of deserts with fresh fruits and cake. Cold coke and sprite is included and available with all meal and there is a variety of local and imported teas with a few local coffee choices and even expresso which is additional along with beer, wine or spirits. If you are interested in either or both of these trips in 2013 please contact us to hold a place or inquire for more details… I look forward to diving with you soon. Your cruise director & dive guide, Graham Abbott
  24. This scorpion-like fish was found at 50 feet at Torpedo Bay in Komodo,Indonesia. Any ideas?
  25. ONE SPACE - KOMODO 2013 SPECIAL LIVEABOARD CHARTER - June 14-26, 2013 Bima - Bima, 12 nights / 12 days Due to a recent cancellation, one space is available on this charter organized by two of City Seahorse's nicest repeat guests! All divers booked on this trip are quite experienced divers. Anyone hoping to join this trip should also be an experienced diver with 500+ dives. No beginners or unhappy / grumpy divers allowed on this one! The remaining space is a single cabin at no extra charge (double occupancy price). indonesia-liveaboard-schedule email or call DebF for details.
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