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Found 4 results

  1. Motorized electric pump (runs off 9V battery) for a Leak Sentinel leak detector. Retails at around USD 60-90 (depending on supplier): http://www.divervision.com/seaandsea-electric-pump-for-leak-sentinel-46126.html https://www.opticaloceansales.com/leak-sentinel-electric-vacuum-pump.html Asking USD 40 + shipping
  2. Looking for some possible advice. Ive got a fairly new (Feb 2018) housing with the fitted vacuum and leak detector. This worked perfectly for a few months but now i've got an issue. Basically, when i turn on the housing i get a blue flashing LED then it goes to constant red and stays there. According to the manual this is low battery but ive now tried 4 x 2450 batteries with the same result so the chances of a bad batch are likely remote. If i fiddle with it enough (remove, reinsert battery, turn it on/off, push, squeeze etc) for a few minutes then usually i can get it to behave itself and it works, shows vacuum and stays working normally until i next turn it off. Im confident there is no loss of vacuum or moisture (contacts are clean on the detector probe). The red comes in before even fitting the back. Any idea what i can do to troubleshoot or attempt to fix this issue as obviously having a known vacuum and working leak detection would be nice.
  3. During my last dive with my Sea&Sea MDX 300 housing I discovered a leak at about 20m depth, only a few drops but enough to damage the D300 display. I then had another dive with the empty housing and it leaked again. I am almost sure its one of the multi selector push buttons that is causing the leak. The best thing to do I guess would be to do a full service on the housing. Unfortunately its impossible right now because I live on a small island in the indean ocean (great for diving though...) , so I am obliged to solve the problem on my own unless I stop using the housing for the next couple of months which I would like to avoid. · How to disassemble the push button (see photo), to clean all parts and possibly replace the o ring? In order to access the C clip I first need to take off the plastic rod but I cannot figure out how. Is it possible to take off the C clip without destroying it? · Where can I purchase replacement parts ( I guess I need a new o-ring for the push button and a new retaining ring) / I was searching on the internet but without success, I always bump into maintenance kits (with retaining ring, spring, o-ring ) for Ikelite housings but I couldnt find anything for Sea&Sea housings. Thank you very much in advance for you help
  4. Just curious -- has anyone else had water leak around the plexiglas LCD window on the back of a Nauticam housing? (The specific one is a Nauticam D7000 housing.) If so, why, how, and what is the remedy? Also of note, this occurred immediately after the housing underwent overhaul by the USA dealer, so the o-ring was new. Thank you.
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