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Found 4 results

  1. Original Loc-line flex arms, size 3/4. Bought for a DYI underwater project, but this seems not to be happening no more, hence all for sale Have a whole box of them - 54 pieces, 7 segments each. Total 25 feet, if you feel like constructing a giant octopus... Each segment is about 6 inch/15 cm long or so. Price - 5 Euro per segment + postage. Open to negotiations if you need more than 10. Shipping from Belgium. Pickup welcome if you are in Brussels. Any questions, please ask.
  2. -- FOR SALE -- - PeliCase Storm Case iM2075 (only shipped to France) // 50€ - Nauticam NA-EM5 LCD Window for Nauticam Enhanced Viewfinder for Olympus OM-D E-M5 Cameras (Mark I & II) na-17851 // 100€ - Inon Z240 Type 2 strobe with Z mount // 380€ - Sea&Sea / Nikonos synchro cords x 2 // 30€/each - Light diffuser for Inon strobe x 2 // 10€/each - Inon arm M x 2 // 40€/each - Ikelite arm 7" x 2 // 30€/each - Ikelite clamp 4081.2 x 3 // 25€/each - Ikelite clamp 9577.2 x 2 // 30€/each - Inon clamp // 30€ - Ultralight Dovetail x 2 // 10€/each - Sea&Sea clamp x 2 // 20€/each - Sea&Sea arm 9" // 40€ - Sea&Sea arm 7" // 35€ - Sea&Sea arm with YS 7" // 35€ - Mangrove YS mount for Inon strobe // 15€ - LocLine mount for Light&Motion SOLA // 15€ - LocLine arm 6" // 20€ International delivery from France and French Polynesia PM for more details
  3. I'm not getting on very well using arms with clamps for video. They drive me a bit mad. So I'm considering "bendy arm" solutions again. I've used Locline arms in the past but it creaked so loudly, disturbing both marine life and my fellow divers. I've also made DIY light arms out of plastic Gorillapod, but all the joints gradually went floppy. Has anyone used strong, chunky Locline that doesn't creak or flop? If so, exactly what was the spec and where did you get it? Any other clever solutions for bendy light arms? (I'm using Keldan Luna 4X now but might change to something smaller and lighter for macro)
  4. Hi all, So, I do have a NA-EM1 housing and two strobes, currently working with ball arms and clamps. But for flexibility & weight reasons, like to move this to a flex-arm / LocLine setup. I used these Locline arms in a previous setup, but using a non-Nauticam tray. The locline arms have t-plate adapters and I have two "Nauticam T-Plate Mounts" for the handles. However, with this setup, it means that I have to remove the handle-brackets. And this means (removing those brackets) that the handles are actually a bit flimsy. I'm worried that it will actually bend or snap off the handles. Any people out there, that are using locline arms on their nauticam easy tray handles, and your experience? Did you, and how, manage to keep the handle brackets. (which create a sturdy connection between the handles and the housing) I can only think of various other options - -another more stable tray, possible starting the locline from the base of the tray, -move back to my ball arm setup, and see if I can find an adapter that has a ball on one side and the other side fits the locline -get one of the aluminium carry handles/bars that go from one side of the camera to the other side. (I think deep proof has them) Have looked around in the other posts, but can't find anything else on this subject.. Cheers, Y.
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