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Found 4 results

  1. My partner and I went for shiny new toys a while ago and both bought Scubapro G2 computers. So my partner is selling her UWATEC Galileo Luna computer. As you can see from the photo, she has the original box, case and battery cover key. The Lunas have proved to have been excellent computers. We've never had a problem with the air-integrated signals being interrupted. O2 settings can be change of course for Enriched Air diving. Multiple tanks can be set etc etc. The computer and its transmitter are in excellent shape. Batteries for both are easily user-changeable and have been changed recently. The computer one is usually good for about 400 dives; the transmitter even longer. The computer is in Sint Maarten and we are happy to ship it anywhere at the user's cost. We are likely to be in the UK/Europe next month so mailing from there is not a problem. Looking for £250/$275/€275. PM for more details. PS: The Luna is brilliant for u/w photography. See mine attached to a strobe arm with Stix.
  2. I'm fed up messing about with the glacially slow Scubapro/Uwatec SmartTrak running on my Mac under VMWare (the Smart Trak J for Mac is even more horrible). After a Google search I came across Dive Log DT which appears to be able to download from the Uwatec Luna and runs under Mac OSX. Does anyone use this and what do they think? Were you able to transfer an existing SmartTrak database of dives into Dive Log DT? After years of trying to sort out SmartTrak/Mac it seems too good to be true that there is a solution..... Thanks!
  3. Two Keldan 4X Video Light Heads. Factory updated in June of 2016 to have the new (at that time) 7000 lumen heads six batteries (three sets of two) Two Chargers Originally purchased in 2014, they were sent in to Keldan and updated in June of 2016 to have the newer heads. I have all documentation. Comes with 3 sets of batteries. All have approx the same burn times. Latest set of batteries purchased June of 2017 Perfect working condition, pristine lens/heads. Light wear on body, no problems switches etc work perfectly. $1960 + shipping (item located in California, USA). rogeruzun@gmail.com
  4. Recently purchased these off this forum and unfortunately they were misrepresented as I believed them to be the newest CRI model. If I shot mostly warm water the Flux would be just fine and would do an excellent job filling out the shadows. They 2.5 years old and now have 6 dives on them. I did a check on the batteries and they are still in excellent condition and the lights are in excellent condition too. I paid $2400 USD + $100 shipping for the lights two weeks ago and would be looking to get $2175 for these lights as I would prefer the CRI model for cold water. You can generally pick up a pair of these new or used for around $1350 - $1600 each. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I have validated all the specs with Backscatter where they were originally purchased. Looking for a quicker sale as I am heading on an extended trip on Alaska coast at the end of month and would like to get CRI versions for that trip. I will accept Paypal Only. Package comes with: - 2X Keldan Luna 8 Lights - 2X Keldan Luna 8 Batteries - 2X Keldan Luna 8 Ball Clamps - 2X Keldan Luna 8 Chargers I took them for a test dive and you can find the cold water footage here. The wide angle shots are these lights with auto white balance so they do render a very beautiful even beam and colour. The close up of the shrimp is focus light only and a test shot only. -
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