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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all, I’ve been playing around with the Panasonic Lumix LX10 (LX15 / LX9 in some locales) for underwater video, and finally got around to collecting some of these test shots in a reel. I’m sharing this test footage because there’s not much compact camera based underwater video footage around, and I think it might be of interest to people looking into compact cameras for underwater filming. I added some captions / subs which can be activated for information on shooting depth, light and equipment used, as well as site and conditions. The conditions were far from ideal in most cases (working as an instructor-guide, I can only bring the camera when I'm not leading a dive), too deep, bad viz etc, but I found it interesting to experiment with this compact camera, push it a little to see what could be extracted from the resulting footage. This LX10 test footage was almost exclusively ambient light, in Japan and Palau (Micronesia) where I currently work, mostly with a Keldan Spectrum SF -1.5 filter gel, and an Inon UWL-H100 wide conversion wet lens. I first used a generic wet red filter (Howshot) on the UWL-H100 (not happy with the colour balance) before switching to a far superior (Auto) Magic Filter gel taped directly on the Lumix lens (inside the housing), then finally to a Keldan Spectrum SF -1.5 filter gel, also taped on the lens, which is now my primary filter. Magic Filter and Keldan came really close, but I found the Keldan Spectrum to offer more options for working in post. I would say the main issue I had with the Keldan filter on this camera is the water column blues, which, under certain light / shooting condition, can feel a little too vivid, as in the shallow second-last clip, which would require more desaturation / luma work in post to make it less day-glo... While most of the footage is shot in ambient light (which is my favourite way of shooting), some of the macro footage was shot using artificial lights (2x Archon D11V-II 1000 lumen video lights), with an Inon UCL-165M67 close-up lens (and a homemade quadripod on the nudibranch shots). The camera is housed in a Nauticam NA-LX10 housing, with a Nauticam tray, and float arms to compensate the over -1.5kg negative buoyancy in salt water... The camera is shooting in 4K at 30fps (no zooming in needed to avoid vignetting with the Inon UWL-H100, thanks to the camera’s 36mm crop) , in manual exposure, using backbutton focus (focus peaking for macro), and manually white balancing every 5m or so using a WhiBal white-balance card. The picture profile used is Cinelike D (CineD - there is hack to load and save it in the LX10), with sharpness, noise reduction and saturation at -5, and contrast at 0, and the footage was graded in Final Cut Pro X. I find the footage to be sometimes a little too crisp, despite sharpness being at -5 in the profile. Stabilisation is very average in 4K and autofocus really not the best (but I work with backbutton focus, which solves most of the issues), there is no option to add a monitor, and battery life is good for 1.5 dives on average. But beyond obvious limitations and its age, the LX10 is still a very interesting compact camera for filming underwater, with a good fast lens, and I was quite surprised at how much colour information does make it to the sensor, much deeper than expected. cheers! b
  2. Great compact Panasonic LX10 camera witch charger and original box with Nauticam Housing. Dual handles. There is a scratch on flat port. I was trying to show it on images best I can. I think it is not affecting images underwater. It is on left bottom direction from port center, best visible on 6th picture. Selling because moving Full Frame camera. Housing and camera in great shape and condition 760 EUR + SHIPMENT Location Poznan, Poland
  3. We are selling our compact Panasonic Lumix LX10 4K Underwater Camera Setup with Nauticam Housing, Macro converter with bayonet port and also have optional extras of spare camera body still in box and 128GB SD memory card as well as Nauticam Wide Angle Conversion Wet Lens (WWL-1) The setup has barely even used due to a lack of opportunity to do so and is in pristine condition, comes with carry cases and all, we simply do not get enough use from it to make it worthwhile, would be great to see it go to a better home. Price for the basic setup not including optional extras is A$3,000 and the optional extras are Nauticam Wide Angle Lens (WWL-1) A$1,500 and spare camera body with SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB SD Memory Card us A$800. Message me for more details or to make an offer, info@migrationmedia.com.au. Setup will be in Australia next month or can ship anywhere worldwide at buyers expense.
  4. For sale - Panasonic Lumix LX10 and Nauticam NA-LX10 Pro Housing. LX10 kit comes with camera, premium case, extra battery and charging dock. Nauticam NA-LX10 Pro Housing includes housing, flexitray and easitray with handles and ball mounts, trigger shutter release, leak detection and vacuum system. Used on 10 dives in Cyprus. Very good for 4K video with exceptional colour when using manual white balance with ambient light. High quality still shooter. Only selling to upgrade to micro 4/3 system. Pictures at link below. https://photos.app.goo.gl/26prPYgvyA9NWBN3A £1400 all in. Would prefer buyer collects from Cambridge. Can ship recorded delivery for negotiated fee. PM me if interested.
  5. *Nauticam NA-LX10 housing with tray. with still one year or warranty. *Vivid vacuum and pump system installed. *Panasonic Lumix lx10 Camera with 2 batteries and charger. with still 4 months of warranty. *spare o-rings, screws, allen, Nauticam transport housing. Everything in excellent condition with package and manuals. I ship to international Price 1450 euros + Shipement + Paypal fees.
  6. Hello all, I'm trying to figure out what compact would work best for underwater video only. I've been looking at specs, reading reviews here and also wherever else I could find them, including for older RX100 models, watching side by side videos and whatever uw clips I could find, but unfortunately the mass of contradictory information found online is a little confusing. To summarise what I'm looking for: I'm only interested in a compact for shooting underwater video clips only, not stills. I'd shoot in 1080 and/or up to 4k, 24/30 to 60 fps - mainly with shallow ambient light in the tropics - and mainly wide angle general reef scences, with a red filter (primary), and less commonly with lights for macro/closeups (secondary) - I don't really care much for slow-motion. As a side-note I'm well aware of the limitations but have decided to focus on on compact-sized cameras for now, for specific practical reasons, - mainly to have something with manual controls and of reasonable size to work with for a couple of years before eventually upgrading to something bigger and more efficient like a dedicated camcorder or mirrorless. Main points of interest to me: • white balance for video in camera white balance (I'm partial to Lumix cameras on this), possibility to do a manual white balance, possibility to shoot in a flat profile to white balance in post (I don't think there is a compact capable of shooting raw video, but a flat/ flatter profile option would be very useful) • low light capacities for video how efficient is the video in lower light conditions - ie how will the camera handle darker days, going a little deeper, say with a red filter, what are the manual options • efficient video autofocus how good is the autofocus when shooting video - some cameras (LX series) have touch screen focus controls to set focus, but this is not really a practical option in a housing. How good is the camera at tracking in the sort of environment we shoot in underwater etc... • video image quality how defined is the video image, dynamic range etc - these compact cameras come with 2 sensor size options, four thirds for the LX100ii and 1" for the others, but it's not clear what really works best due to cropping, processing etc Not a major difference in apertures for these cameras, but there might be something to lookout for in lens quality • video stabilisation these compact cameras offer 2 types, lens and in camera - the RX100 seems to have a slight edge on this • battery life how does the battery hold when shooting video - I've heard that the RX series drains batteries very quickly when shooting 4k videos this is less of an issue on land, but underwater and in housing, for one hour dives shooting short clips, more so • overheating when shooting video? I've heard this is/was a major issues when shooting video on the Sony RX series. I shoot to edit 10 to 30 seconds clips, might go up to 1 minute for very specific reasons but not beyond, so a 5 minute cap like the RX100's 4k mode doesn't bother me for instance however the camera will indeed be used for underwater video only, in a housing, so reallynot very practical if it overheats easily --------- As mentioned in the title, I've narrowed down the search to 3 classic compacts: • Sony RX100 V or VI (or higher) • Lumix LX100 ii • Lumix LX 10 But I'm open to other recommendations for good video cameras of of similar size. I am quite partial to the Lumix series, have seen some good really good and helpful feedback here (thanks again), but have been reading contradicting information on video performance, especially when compared to the RX series. It doesn't really help that most of the video info found elsewhere online is focused on vloggers shooting in very different conditions from what we would find underwater, and that most commercial showreels focus on closeup scenes with a great light rig, which is not what i'll be using the camera for most of the time, and hardly mention white balancing Some info i've picked up along the way on these cameras: The older Panasonic LX10 seems to have focusing issues, and stabilisation is not great The Sony RX line (V, VI, VII....) is also very interesting, but I have heard of the overheating issues, which seems to be a common problem for other users shooting video. Since I'll be using this camera for video only, this does seem like a major problem. Not clear if this is major issue really fixed with the RX100 VII - found tests saying that it is, others that it isn't... Apparently in a studio, 40 minutes of continuous shooting is possible, but not sure what this would translate to inside a UW housing. RX100 battery life is also supposed to be quite dismal when shooting video, again not great underwater, and not sure what to make of its white balance options The Panasonic LX100 ii seems like a good alternative without the overheating issues and with better battery management, but what of autofocus, low light and image quality? It's also not clear how its bigger sensor really performs>>> ------- Beyond dry camera specs, it would be fantastic if people with real-life underwater video experience with these cameras could give opinions to help me make a more informed decision on which compact to get for shooting uw video clips. Thanks in advance for your help and pointers cheers ben
  7. *Nauticam NA-LX10 housing with tray, arms, and floats *Nauticam vacuum and pump system installed *Nauticam lcd screen magnifier *Inon s-2000 Strobes *Strobe fiber optic cables *an extra set of fiber optic cables for the Inon strobes *2 different diffusers for each strobe *Panasonic Lumix lx10 Camera with 4 batteries and charger *Inon uwl-100 type 1 wide angle lens with dome and protective lens cover and neoprene case *Inon ucl 165 m67 macro lens with arm lens holder *Inon snoot set for an s-2000 strobe *spare o-rings and grease for nauticam housing and strobes This is a complete setup ready to shoot. I've been using it for this last year and I've never had any issues. I'm only selling because I'm upgrading to a Sony a7rii setup. Everything is in excellent shape. The housing was regularly cleaned after every dive. There's only minor signs of use but nothing that has any impact on performance. The camera is practically new. I'm asking $2800 for everything. I want to sell everything together for now. Buyer is responsible for paypal and shipping fees. Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr
  8. Hi everyone, I have for sale: 1) Nauticam NA-LX10 Pro Package, NEW/unused. All accessories included. Price $1100. 2) Nauticam WWL-1 Wide Angle Lens, used twice in the pool and in MINT condition. Comes with Nauticam Travel bag, Buoyancy Collar, Bayonet Mount and Hard Cap. Price $900. 3) Panasonic DMC-LX10 camera, NEW/unused. Box was opened to confirm content and take pictures. Price $400. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal only. My reason for selling is that our project got cancelled and I want to invest in another system. If interested, contact me. Thanks, Bai
  9. I just returned from a trip to Costa Rica for 2 weeks and put together a dive video. It was my first real test with the LX10/Nauticam housing. I was fairly impressed with the exception of the stabilization in 4k, I was in pretty strong current/surge so that may have played a part. I'm also extremely picky when it comes to stable shots. 1080 worked well when I slowed it down 50%. Everything was shot in ambient light from 30-90 feet (no filter), I had a light but didn't use it. Color corrected in Davinci Resolve (free version) Mostly 1080 footage, some 4k and 120fps as well. https://youtu.be/F-oK0-Yw3iA
  10. Looking to buy a used Nauticam NA-LX10 housing, with or without the Panasonic LX10 camera. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  11. Hi all, Im new to WetPixel, looking for advice on a compact (and reasonably affordable) kit for a month in Indonesia this February, with a week liveaboard in Raja Ampat. At this point Im strongly leaning towards the Panasonic Lumix LX10, but also still considering a used LX100 or an Olympus TG-5. Also open to other suggestions. I own a housing for Canon S120 but the camera died, so replacing that is also an option. Im looking to primarily shoot still photos, with occasional video, general purpose, with advanced features. My skill level: long time advanced photographer, currently shoot mostly Pansonic Micro Four Thirds (no, Im not going that costly and bulky route,) a Pansonic ZS100 travel zoom (very, very similar to the LX10,) and an iphone 10. Most of my dive experience has been with canon a S95/120, and Ive mostly shot natural light/never had strobes. Budget and weight/size of kit matter (I like to travel light) so I know I want to stick with a compact kit. Questions: 1) What cameras do you recommend and why? 2) How do you like the LX10? 3) Anyone shot both the LX10 and LX100, and if so, which do you prefer and why? 4) Is it worth the extra $ for Nauticam (vs Ikelite) and why? 5) Strobe suggestions? 6) Strobe/video combo lights: how to get both options economically and without getting crazy heavy (is that a thing?) 7) Any other important gear (besides camera, arm, strobe, housing) that I must have (wont be able to buy any missing pieces overseas.)
  12. Hi Folks, Up for sale is a BRAND NEW Panasonic Lumix LX-10 with the Nauticam NA-LX10 Pro Package. Package includes Flexitray, Right Handle, Two Mounting Balls, M14 Vacuum Valve, Shutter Extension). This went on one set of dives with me in the Cayman Islands. I decided that I love underwater photography so much that I am going to anty up and go with a more professional rig. I LOVE this package and it is so easy to use, but I can tell this is going to be more than just a hobby for me. I paid over $1,800 for this setup plus tax. You can price it out on backscatter.com. Here is a link to the Backscatter page... https://www.backscatter.com/group/Panasonic-LX10-Underwater-Housing It was Backscatter's compact camera pick of the year and I completely understand why. I would keep it and upgrade, but I already have too much camera equipment so I will part with this. I am willing to part with it for $1,500 not including shipping. Feel free to make me an offer. Thanks so much! Jason ​You can reply on the thread or email me about Jason.santosuosso@gmail.com
  13. Selling virtually brand new LX10 (bought in January, approximately 15 dives) with multiple extras: extra OEM battery after-market battery after-market battery charger LowePro carrying pouch mini-tripod $350 firm (includes ground shipping continental USA).
  14. Youtube is full of review of this little camera for land use. Except a couple of video at Backscatter I don't see any real user feedback for underwater use. Nauticam provides the ubiquitous WWL-1 to get wide angle shots but when you add over 1000$ to the kit you end up in another territory... Is there some other cheaper but effective solution to get wide shots? I don't care about macro. Thank you in advance
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