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Found 7 results

  1. I would like to ask you a question. When it comes to storing for a long time the underwater housing, which of these options is the best? 1- Leave the O-ring and closed housing. 2- Leave the O-ring and open housing. 3- Remove the O-ring and store it in a small plastic bag.
  2. Hi All, I rarely visit here, and did do a search but couldn't find any threads. The labels on my housing (for all the buttons and etc) wear off over time. Im sure we've all experienced it. Has anyone tried a clear coat to keep them on? Maybe a model car sort of clear coat you could paint on with a small brush over the labels? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of a shop that still services the NIKONOS III? I happen to have a number of o-ring sets that are still fine, and am thinking of dabbling with film again, especially wide angle. But the triggers and film advance are a bit dicey, so it would be nice to get them squared away.
  4. Hello all I am looking for a word of advice on how to clean up the pins inside of my bulkhead. Over the time, inside of my bulkhead started looking bad. Seems I was not really careful and did not clean often on between dives and they got stuff on then. What should I do now? How to get to factory shine of pins :-) In terms of moving forward, do you use some lubricant to protect the pins, like maybe DeoxIT Gold? I see it is very used by rebreather divers for pins on controller bulkheads. Thanks, Marko
  5. Just wondering what sort of cleaning and maintenance you all do on your strobes and assorted connectors after a dive trip. Also, anyone have tips for unfreezing metals that have frozen together, i.e, bolts, screws, etc. Or is that an impossible task? Thanks!
  6. hi to all Inon Z240 Type IV users! I am one of them :-) Today after re-reading part of the cumbersome Z240 Type IV manual (basic operation), i saw on page 13 (o-ring maintenance method), that they recommended to re-grease the battery cap oring while he was seated in the groove (i.e. no need to take the o-ring out from the groove unless difficult to clear remaining dirt). However, over the last 5 years (!) i have been taking out the oring from its groove for lubrification, each and every time i changed the batteries! I am now wondering if i have wasted my time, though i am happy to think i could reduce significantly my photo gear maintenance time :-) But i must have been advised by someone to proceed the way i did with full oring removal each time cap is opened. So i'd like to hear how you do: 1/ do you remove the battery oring from its groove each time you want to grease it, or just grease it while it's seating in the groove (greasing the oring outside then)? 2/ do you do such oring maintenance each and every time you open the battery cap? thanks in advance for sharing your experience! Obviously, if your way of doing things resulted in strobe flood, please say so ;-) cheers Nicolas 2
  7. The spotting light and magnet push buttons on my strobes are getting sticky. Every thing else is working fine. Has any one done maintenance on these controls? Disassembly procedures? Is it just 'clean' or 'clean and replace the seals'? Any other comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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