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Found 3 results

  1. For Sale- I'm selling an Aquatica A67 Housing for the Mamiya RZ 67 ProII D with Dome port for the 37mm and 50mm wide angle lenses and the Flat port for the 140mm macro lens this package includes the camera body, power winder 140mm macro lens with ext tube and focus and aperture gears. there were only 50 of these housings ever made and it is is very good shape. the package price is $4500 and includes an overhaul from Pacific Housing Repairs, they can also do the digital back revision if you want for more info email me at deedeeflores01@aol.com or my cell is 310-663-8177
  2. I bought this housing about 10 years ago, new from Aquatica, I think for around £6000+. At the time I believe it was only 1 of 50 made and its been with me on many successful commercial shoots. In 2005 I had it modified to accept a leaf digital back and it can also accommodate large format Polaroid backs which are very useful for tricky lighting set ups. The frames it captures are truly spectacular in size with great optics although its size means that its better suited for photographers able to set up their shots and take their time as the nature of medium format is more fiddly and slower than smaller formats. The housing comes with both dome and flat ports. My reason for selling is that its been sitting, unused, in a box for the last few years and I’m having a clear out so its got to go. Housings like these are very cool but probably only suitable to a handful of hard core underwater photographers so if you’re interested please get in touch and make me an offer. The housing is available to view in SW London for interested parties. Separately I also have the Mamiya RZ67 IID body, motorized winder II, roll film holder, Polaroid back and a beautiful 37mm f4.5 fisheye lens for sale that could be part of the package if required. Email me at zena@zenaholloway.com
  3. This is another of my Hasselblad housings and it is perfect for the Hasselblad collector or for actual use. It is a very unique opportunity in that it includes the standard front half, the port extension for the 50mm lens, both of the rear halves (one for the 500C/M and one for the SWC) AND A CUSTOM MADE MACRO PORT EXTENSION. This gives you the flexibility to use it for the 50mm, 80mm, 38mm (SWC), and a 120mm macro with two 55mm extension tubes. The macro port extension allows you to shoot amost 1:1 macro by using the 120mm lens with two 55mm extension tubes. By adding a close-up Proxar lens you can get more than 1:1 macro. It does not have any exposure or focus control, use your lighting position to adjust exposure. It actually worked quite well the few times that I used it. It does need to have a focusing light though. I haven't used it in a long time, but it worked great then and is still in incredibly good condition. I don't think that it has ever been used with the SWC back. Never had any leaks. I had Gates change out one of the flash bulkheads to use a Nikonos five pin instead. I also added a leak detector. Includes: - Front section for 500C/M, 500C, and SWC - Rear section for 500C/M, 500C - Film advance adapter for 500C/M, 500C - Lens support ring for 80mm lens - Extension set for 50mm lens - Rear section for SWC - Film advance adapter for SWC - Shutter release adapter for SWC - Original neck strap - Frame viewfinder for the SWC - Custom made port extension for 120mm with two 55mm extension tubes - One set of gears - Wrench to remove the port - Extra o-rings and screws - Original flash bulkhead that was replaced with Nikonos 5-pin - Leak detector Contact me immediately if you are seriously interested in it. I have one offer on it but I have not accepted it yet as it is a bit low.
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