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Found 25 results

  1. Join Wetpixel editor Adam Hanlon and photographer Jason Bradley in Mexico this August 2013 to swim with and photograph the largest-known aggregation of the largest fish in the world! Each summer, hundreds of whale sharks congregate in the clear blue waters off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Quoth me, from trip two years ago, "There's no other way to put it: our first day of photographing the whale shark aggregation was absolutely epic. Within an hour of leaving port, we found a group of over 300 whale sharks". See Eric's photo gallery from two seasons at the aggregation, and then check out this page for full booking details.
  2. Youtube destroyed all the dark details, but I can't embed Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/793095943 shot on RED KOMODO, Tokina cine 11-20
  3. Shot last week in La Paz, Mexico. I was lucky enough to get the green light coming in and never had trouble with my camera. I found them incredibly hard to shoot. Keeping up with them on snorkel was exhausting. No such thing as framing, I was just holding down the trigger blindly. Thankfully there were plenty of keepers. All critique welcomed. whale shark by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-3 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-5 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-8 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-7 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr whale shark-14 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr
  4. Insanely lucky to share the water with a blue whale on this year's marlin run in Mexico! We were very far offshore searching for marlins and baitballs when we spotted a spray of water. Assuming it was a humpback (they often frequent the area), we were surprised with the below... Photos below attached, and more at www.instagram.com/PiersGreatPerhaps ☺️
  5. I have 1 remaining space on a small group photo trip to La Paz, Mexico in November 19 - 24, 2019. I have a private panga (limited to 4 divers) reserved for 3 days (November 20, 21, & 22) of diving and we will do 1 day of whale shark snorkeling (November 22). Fall is the best time of year for photographing the sea lions at the famous Los Islotes Sea Lion Colony so we will plan to do that for a majority of the dives. Los Islotes (and other dive sites) also have great macro subjects including blennies, jawfish, and nudibranchs. Since I have reserved a private panga we have flexibility to go where the group wants to go. La Paz is somewhat difficult to fly to from outside of Mexico but others coming on this trip are flying to/from Cabo San Lucas so that is an option. Here is a blog I wrote after a trip I took to La Paz last December: https://www.jonandersonphoto.com/Blog/La-Paz Here are some examples of subject we might see: https://www.jonandersonphoto.com/LA-PAZ Send me a message if you are interested in the trip details and cost. Thanks, Jon Anderson
  6. Here is a link to a short video "Happy Women's Day From a Diver" in advance of International Women's Day on March 8th. I posted this video a few days earlier, as I will be away on the Ray of Hope Expedition, diving in Andaman Sea next week. Best wishes to all women, divers and non-divers. All footage is filmed with Sony a7rii camera. https://youtu.be/VeWGMLk4DGU
  7. Hi, can anyone recommend a good dive operator for the Cenotes out of Playa del Carmen or Cancun? Looking for someone who will know the best ones to take photos at! (Know there are existing threads on this, but they're a few years old already!) Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I'm looking forward to trying out my new rig, but would love to go on a boat which is catered for photographers. Doesn't have to be overly serious, but someone who's able to position the boat in a decent manner to make it easier to try and get head on shots, or have a boat with fresh water etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as at the moment we have the following ear marked, "On Isla Mujeres", due to the bigger boat and less of a propensity for sea sickness (yes, even the hardiest of sea scurveys get sick on these boats). Thanks!
  9. On Pan Ocean Photo I start a new series of workshops on underwater cave photography. In the first video I deal with the preparation and planning, in order to be able to photograph safely and creatively in the darkness of the caves. http://panoceantravel.com/en/tutorial-cave-photography/ Within the next weeks there will be videos about equipment, illumination, image design, post-processing etc. I am looking forward to your comments and feedback! Roland
  10. I have published a four-part online tutorial on underwater photography in Cenotes. It is based on Yucatan in Mexico and deals with the preparation, equipment, lighting conditions and design of exceptional shots in these very mystical environments. http://panoceantravel.com/?page_id=1032&lang=en Have fun with the videos that contain English subtitles.
  11. Hello everyone I am looking to progress into underwater photography with my DSLR camera. I live in Cozumel Island, here we have giant reef structures and 100 ft. plus visibility. This are perfect conditions for underwater photography and filming. I actually have a Canon T3I or 600D camera and a pair of gopro's. I would like to hear any recommendations or tips in order to buy my equipment. Should I stay with this camera? Which housing is good for me? Where can I buy it? New or used? I've done some research and this camera is pretty good for beginners, I am really interested in buying a housing for less than 200 ft. depths but they seem to be very expensive. I am and student so my budget is kind of restricted. Also I will be glad to contact or provide any recommendations to anyone who is coming to the Yucatan Peninsula. Thanks
  12. Hi there, Here is some footage I shot back in February from a Sailfish trip at Isla Mujeres. I tried to show the perspective of what a photographer goes through to get the shot. Rough conditions and elusive Sailfish made it a tough trip but the baitball action we were able to find was incredible.
  13. Hello all! I am searching for a destination that has crystal clear water beaches. I'm planning to do a set of underwater photoshoots, and need some beautiful scenery, but most importantly, very clear water with a good vertical and horizontal visibility (sample photo). I've tried in Bali, but the beaches there disappointed. Due to the high activity the water churned up stuff from below so the water was murky, pretty much all the time. It was impossible to get some good shots. I've seen some beautiful footage from the Bahamas - water appears to be very clear with amazing visibility. Unfortunately, I can't find any reasonably priced tickets, so Bahamas is not an option for me. I've been looking at Cape Verde (n/a) the Azores (n/a) Jamaica (Negril) Dominican Republic (n/a) Thailand (Krabi) Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Gran Canaria) Mexico (Cancun) Any other suggestions are much welcomed! Do you have any recommendations for me based on these criteria? Maybe I'm looking at the wrong locations, for all I know? I am not a diver, I have never even gone snorkeling, so I do not plan to go to deep depths, just enough to get good shots of the model. Likes: crystal clear water, beautiful photgenic beaches, jungles, beautiful scenery, lush green forests.
  14. Hello all, I wanted to share a short film I have put together. Those that know me and my filming style, know that I don't personally like to narrate, nor have divers in my shots....well with this film this was all unavoidable. Ever since I have been diving, I have wanted to have an up close and personal interaction with Manta Rays. I have been all of the world waiting for this magical opportunity. Thousands of miles traveled and dollars spent, I went to some of the best places in the world to pursue this dream of mine. Whether it be weather, bad luck, or illness, something always seemed to get in the way. It was very frustrating. This film is about how the manta curse eventually got broken. I figured this is my story, and I needed to tell it. So outsourcing the narration didn't make sense. Hence the poor narration...:-). Anyhow, Please let me know things you like and don't like about it. Always willing to try to improve and get pointers from others. I hope you enjoy it! Dustin Or Youtube
  15. Hello everyone, Wanted to share my latest effort. It is called Black and White. It was filmed in Socorro. This is more of an educational and conservation artistic piece. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! Dustin Or Youtube
  16. Video from my excursion to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico to dive with Great White sharks. Voyage to the island on the "Islander". My dive master was Jimi Partington with Doc Anes as a supporting marine biologist. Highly recommend this group for the professionalism, skill, and safety concerns when diving with one of nature's most formidable apex predators. Taken with a tiny Panasonic T3 camera,,, the Panasonic T1 was my first underwater camera of any quality. I've since moved up to a nice Olympus TG-1 system with a UFL-2 strobe and Nocturnal Lights focus/video light system. Currently, looking for a housing for my Olympus EM-1 and looking forward to a much improved image quality for my future adventures in the Blue.
  17. Hi There, I am going out to Cozumel for 2 weeks diving in July this year, and having never dived in the Caribbean area, I am unsure as too what lenses to take. I normally go to the Red Sea and mainly just leave my TOkina 10-17 on my camera for most of the week, and enjoy the wide angle shots of all the reefs there. However there are few decent pictures from Cozumel on the web so I don't know whether the fisheye lens will be too wide. Due to baggage restrictions I can't really take more than one lens/port combination, so I am OK with the 10-17 fisheye, or is it best to take a macro lens or 10-14 wide angle. Thanks!
  18. Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that Pelagic Life opened a new section in thier website. Travel. Here they recommend the best seasons, places, operators and even accomodation for big animal encounters in Mexico. Check it out here: http://www.pelagiclife.org/#!travel/cmsw
  19. One of my favorite dive spots on the planet is Roca Partida, which is part of the Revillagigedo Archipelago (sometimes called the Socorro Islands). When I was there last month we had ripping currents which make photography challenging. The upside is that strong currents sure bring in the sharks. Here is a short video I made while desperately trying to hold position. https://flic.kr/p/nvAqBR Enjoy, ...STeve
  20. Join us for a magical experience swimming and photographing Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas aggregation off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico Last season we had hundreds of Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas. Trip dates are prime season with full moon. 11th - 16th July 2014 Trip includes: - 5 night Hotel on Isla Mujeres (shared accommodations) ( single room supplement additional cost) - 4 days on private charter boat ( all day in water, only 6 guest per boat) - Breakfast and lunch provided on boat - Shared golf cart - Price $1,750 USD pp only 2 spots left More trip information: http://www.gregorysw.../trip_whale.php Attached Images
  21. Join us for a magical experience swimming and photographing Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas aggregation off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico Last season we had hundreds of Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas. Trip dates are prime season with full moon. 6th - 11th July 2014 and 11th - 16th July 2014 Trip includes: - 5 night Hotel on Isla Mujeres (shared accommodations) ( single room supplement additional cost) - 4 days on private charter boat ( all day in water, only 6 guest per boat) - Breakfast and lunch provided on boat - Shared golf cart - Price $1,850 USD More trip information: http://www.gregorysweeney.com/trip_whale.php
  22. A few shots from late last months trip to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. We had great conditions with very playful sea lions, bait balls, and whale sharks. More photos at my page: http://www.brian-mchugh-uwphoto.com
  23. I'd like to get to Isla Mujeras for a long weekend during Whale Shark season. Anyone know if operators book boats out only for the week or if its possible do day trips? Also any operator suggestions? Many thanks! Jason
  24. Hi Everyone, I would like to share my first attempt at underwater photography. I just got back from 11 Days on Cozumel where I stayed at the Iberostar Resort / Dressel Divers. I also shot video which I am still sorting through and will post the result when it is done. I learned a lot from this adventure including: - Starting out shooting in Manual / Manual Strobe equates to about 20% more air consumption (Thankfully not an issue for me as I usually finish a dive with 1500 PSI) - I want a second strobe - The need to really extend the arms out on the strobe for WA to avoid Backscatter - Diving in a recreational group can make it difficult to spend the time to get the results I wanted - Minor scratches on the outside of the dome are not an issue, however dust inside the dome is very bad at large apertures - What settings on the 5D make life easier and more difficult! I shot all images in full Manual both Camera & Strobe and RAW format Setup: - 5D Mark II - Sigma 15mm FE 2.8 - Ikelite Housing - 8" Ikelite Dome - 1 X Sea&Sea YS-D1 Strobe - Sola 800 Photo Below are a few photos, if you would like to see more in a slideshow fashion you can check them out @ frameamoment.com/underwater/ I would like to thank my Fiancé and Best Dive Buddy for her help and allowing me to spend a small fortune on Gear. Any comments / critique are welcome
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