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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. I am Selling Aquatech Elite 2 Sport Housing for NikonZ7/Z72/Z6/Z62 and Nikon D850 (with conversion kit included) Everything is in excellent condition. some parts (like the flash and flash housing never been used. This is the perfect kit for surfing/snorkeling/split shots. It is up to 30 feet/10 M depth approved. It has all the accessories for convenient shooting. Just add your camera... Total package including everything is 2200$ . All cables and connectors are all complete and included. I would like to sell everything together. Main components are: Aquatech Elite 2 Sport Housing for NikonZ7/Z72/Z6/Z62 D850 option (dedicated mounting base and back) Please notice that all major functions of the Nikon Z6/62/7/72 are operated from the housing above or under water. If you use this housing with the Nikon D850 - only focus/shutter is possible when going underwater/in water. PD-85 Lens Port (for wide angle shots and split shots) P65 port + extension ring ( for Short to Medium Length Prime Lenses) LUX Flash Housing (and Godox flash) all functions can be operated underwater Nikon Zoom Gear for Nikon 14-30s AquaTech Replacement O-Ring Kit Elite II / Base II Water Housing Pro Mount V3 Lens Port Caps Front & Rear M3 Pistol Grip Sport Housing Leash Housing Grease X3 Side Handle Mount Happy to email photos upon request. Willing to ship internationally at buyers cost.
  2. Hi! Looking for housing for my Nikon Z 7, if you have one for sale, please contact me Preferably Nauticam. Thanks!
  3. What kind of questions is that? - I hear you asking yourselves. Well, here's the thing. Earlier this year I, longing for tropical travel, started a thread about what lenses to bring for my Z7/Z6 on a trip to Brothers/Daedalus/Elphinstone in the Red Sea. Here it is, for reference: Now I've done some diving on the Swedish west coast, trying some things out. Among other things I have tried using the Sigma 15 mm fisheye which is MF only on Nikon Z. On the plus side, fisheye was kind of fun. On the minus side, MF means that I have close to zero chance of capturing anything moving quickly. Also, I have ordered the new Nikon 105 mm macro for Z-mount. For about the same money I could get my hands on a Nikon 8-15 mm fisheye which will work fine on my Z7 on FTZ adapter. I can afford one of them, but not both. Z macro, pluses: I'll probably get it in the end anyway. It's better than the F-mount version. Also lighter and with better weight distribution. Z macro, minuses: The F-mount macro I already own isn't bad. The Z version doesn't give me any fundamentally new capability. Nikon 8-15, pluses: Will give me good fisheye with AF, which is a new capability. Nikon 8-15, minuses: That's a lot of money for a lens to be used on FTZ adapter. The Z mount is good for wide angle lenses. Sooner or later there will be a native fisheye making the 8-15 unnecessarily cumbersome. Also, I have the 14-30 with Sea&Sea correction lens, so I'm not lacking wide-angle AF while waiting for a native Z AF fisheye. Of course it's my decision in the end, I'll have to figure out what's most important to me. Still though - what takes on this do you have?
  4. I've been playing around with compacts underwater over last few years and have recently made up my mind to upgrade. I do 98% stills (both macro and wide angle) and coming from compacts, the next logical step would be micro 4/3,...., from what I've read and researched. I've always been a big Olympus fan, I love the OM-D series cameras but with the current Olympus situation, lack of local infrastructure and a major investment that must last and be adaptable to future upgrades, I've decided to go b@!!$ to wall and go full fame (go big or go home right. LOL) I really like the both the Nikon D850 and Nikon Z7, except for focus issues with the Z7 compared to the D850. I’m not really concerned about size and weight as majority of my diving is done in locations not requiring flying to get there. Nikon recently released the Z7 II with various improvements like the two EXPEED 6 processors, “which improves ….., including its buffer, autofocus, ….”. But nowhere have I been able to find any underwater reviews on the new Z7II. Has anyone been able to do some diving with the new Z7II and if so, how does it compare to its predecessor?
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