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Found 2 results

  1. Aloha, I bought these for one project (shooting a wedding from inside a shark tank), tested them in my pool, shoot cancelled and now they just sit. I feel like I'll regret this, but want to move the money into other gear. 2 Water Wizard housings: $260 each. $500 for both. They are $320 new right now at Backscatter. 2 Pocketwizard Plus 3's: $90 each. $160 for both. They are $125 new right now at BH. 2 15' Ikelite extension cables: $70 each. $120 for both. They are $99 right now at Backscatter. Or take all of it for $700. Shipping included to the US, can work out international. If you aren't familiar, these are used to wirelessly trigger strobes from in the water and they work really well. Great solution if you have the need: http://aquatica.ca/en/tlc_water_wizard.html Thanks, please let me know if you have any questions! Lyle
  2. I am looking for a way to connect a pocket wizard to a Ikelite DS-161 light. Equipment: Canon 5d mkiv (no housing) Ikelite DS-161 strobes Pocketwizard TT1/5 triggers (optional) Criteria 1: RF type frequency (For about 50% of the shots, the lights will not be in line of sight) 2: HyperSync/High Speed Sync compatible My needs are 2 fold. I do destination glamour photography and often shoot models in/around water. I would like to (#1) get more artistic and creative and have the ability to fire strobes underwater for lighting effects in pools of water. Think a glowing pool infront of a waterfall with green gels and in the actual waterfall/behind the water in red for a shower of sparks effect. The light may be in water or getting wet, which makes the DS-161 ideal. (#2) I want to cut down on the amount of gear I'm traveling with. I'd like to only have to travel with 1 set of lights and leave the larger dry lights at home (with just a few speed lights as backups). What I've been able to find sofar... -Ikelite has an optical sensor, and can be used with an extension cord, but it's been my experience that this is not a reliable solution and I'm not sure how often I'll be able to use a remote cord and keep it out of the shot. -Aquatica makes the Water Wizard waterproof solution, which is ideal, but it's $425 each and seems to work only with the Pockewizard III. I use the FLEX TT1/5 combo so I can shoot high speed which the III doesn't support. Shooting HSS is a necessity for a lot of these scenes. I don't NEED the trigger to be waterproof as I assume it will connect to the DS light with a cord and sit somewhere dry (or in a ziplock when around the waterfall splashes). Plus, at $425 PER light, the sheer cost of this adds up pretty quickly. So, my question to the experts -Do you know of a ready to purchase solution (did I mention my next trip I leave 11/15/17?), which will allow a Pocket Wizard TT to connect to and trigger a DS-161? -Do you know of another trigger system that does HS/HSS and would trigger the DS-161 -Do you know of any home hacks to build a trigger system for the DS-161 that meets the above criteria? Any help or feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks -Ronfoto.
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