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Found 41 results

  1. I'd welcome some thoughts from the Raja Ampat experts..... I organise an annual trip for a group of divers who have a loose connection to Sint Maarten. Mixed experience and mixed nationalities but all keen divers and a number of photographers. I'm thinking 2025 for Raja. I've never been and would welcome expert advice on timing and location. I think the group would be around 12-16 people (the last 4 trips have been 24 on liveaboards), experienced but no-one wants especially "challenging" diving, so preferably not ripping currents. Liveaboards and resorts are both good options. Probably 10-14 dive days given the time it takes to get there. Doesn't have to be high-end but not budget either. Views most welcome! Thanks
  2. This trip was my fiancee and my first real attempt to put together a trip video. With two of us, we were able to split wide and macro duties during the dives. Primary equipment used includes: Wide Panasonic GH5 II Panasonic 14-42mm II MEGA O.I.S. Nauticam WWL-1 Keldan 2-stop spectrum filter for WWL-1 (should have used it all the time, but initially only used it in brighter conditions) Divepro G18+ with ambient filters Macro Olympus TG-6 Kraken Weefine 3000 lumen ring light We know there’s room for us to improve and we’d appreciate any feedback. We’ve already learned so much from the users of this forum. This is the first of several videos we will put together for the trip, so if you’d like to see more please consider subscribing on Youtube. Thanks for looking!
  3. A quick edit I put together to try and showcase just a small amount of clips from my recent trip. Watch in 4k and I hope you enjoy. Constructive criticism please!!
  4. After almost three years, we were back to Raja Ampat, Indonesia, diving the Dampier Strait, which never disappoints.Underwater Video Equipment used in this video: Camera: Sony camcorder PXW Z90 Housing: Gates AX700 / Z90 with Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port and internal UR Pro Red Filter Video Lights: Keldan Video 8X 11000 Lumen, CRI 92 (5400K) Keldan Ambient Filter M1 (10-20m) for 4X/8X Camera Settings: 4K, 30 FPS Picture Profile: PP10 (HLG) Gamma: HLG2 Color Mode: BT2020 Drone: DJI Mavic 3 (HLG Picture Profile)
  5. These are some lessons learned from an Oct., 2017 weekly-long trip to Raja Ampat. Yes, it's two years' old, but I'm catching up on Wetpixel, and I don't think the meat of this post has changed much. Raja Ampat: I stayed at the Palau Explorers Resort, and boy do I recommend that option. It's centrally-located in the middle of Dampier Straight--a 10-20 minute boat ride from several of Raja's premier dive sites. Your diving on a site with 4-5 other resort residents in your own boat, rather than jumping in with the whole live-aboard cast. The resort's lodging, food and ambience all favor this land-based option; and, you get a lot interaction with the locals, who built much of the lodge and are deeply entwined with it. Dive site wise, please find the time to dive Melissa's Garden--far and away the most diverse and abundant site I've ever encountered in 37 years of diving. Take a look at my video at: https://vimeo.com/manage/248019672/general It's a full day's boat ride out of Dampier Strait, but worth the trip (and do take both dives at Melissa's--don't let them talk you into a "second dive" elsewhere). On the other side, don't expect much at Manta Sandy. The site is sandy (as the name implies), and the visibility in October was very poor (and hence no worthwhile pictures). You're required to lay in the sand at a designated border, which puts a lot of grit between you and the mantas. It's all necessary to protect the site, but I found it the one disappointment of my trip. The snorkelers had a better view--you might try that option. The video: The video was taken with the Sony RX 100 IV, with the Nauticam housing. The one noticeable flaw in the video is the insufficient lighting. I used two Sola A Video 3800F lights at full power, and they didn't throw enough light in my opinion to capture the exquisite colours. But the video will give you a flavor of the wonders of Melissa's Garden (the 1st half of the video is all of the Garden). Happy diving.
  6. Please find the following link to my new 4K video "COLORS OF RAJA AMPAT IN HDR", in which I was trying to show magnificent colors of the Raja Ampat's marine life, biodiversity of which is the highest recorded on Earth. It's simply overwhelming. You could watch the video in SDR quality or in HDR quality on an HDR-enabled television, tablets, phones or computer screens. All footage of this video was shot in 4K using Sony Camcorder HXR-NX80 with picture profile Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). For camera setting, I followed recommendations of the following article: AX700-Z90-Housing-Recommended-Settings-R2: https://www.gateshousings.com/wp-co...AX700-Z90-Housing-Recommended-Settings-R2.pdf: Camera Settings: 4K, 30 FPS; Picture Profile: PP10; Gamma: HLG2; Color Mode: BT2020 Thank you for watching, and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
  7. Have you been dreaming of Raja Ampat recently? Me too.So, I created a video DREAMING OF RAJA AMPAT to share our memories and dreams about the breathtaking Raja Ampat. In this video, I used footage from our two most recent trips to Raja Ampat. Both times we stayed at Sorido Bay Resort (Dampier Strait), which is our favorite dive resort. If you are interested in more technical details, please keep reading below. On the first trip I used a Sony A7Rii camera, Ikelite housing and Keldan Video lights 8X 11,000 Lumen CRI 92 (5400K). Sony A7Rii had some problems with autofocus and did not allow to set WB manually. On the second trip I used the following equipment: Camera: Sony camcorder HXR-NX80 Housing: Gates AX700 / Z90 with Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port and internal UR Pro Red Filter Diopters: SAGA +5 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens, and SAGA +10 Diopter Achromatic Close-Up Macro Lens Video Lights: Keldan Video 8X 11,000 Lumen CRI 92 (5400K) with Keldan Ambient Filter M1 (10-20m) for 4X/8X Camera Settings: 4K, 30 FPS, Picture Profile: BT709, and on several dives - HLG picture profile. For camera settings, I used recommendations from the following article : AX700-Z90-Housing-Recommended-Settings-R2.pdf HDR clips were converted to Rec.709 color space using the following two methods: 1 - FCPX HDR Tool HDR to Rec.709 SDR, 2 - Leeming Camera LUT Pro Sony A - HLG to Rec.709. For reasons I could not explain, FCPX HDR Tool worked better for some clips and Leeming Camera Lut worked better for other clips. Juan Miguel Núñez Arellano provided me invaluable guidance and mentoring in shooting and grading HLG footage. You could visit his website (http://wetpixel.es) to learn more about underwater videography in general and about using HLG in UW videography. Juan's videos could be found at the following YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/JUANMONTEREY/featured
  8. I am happy to share my latest video-interview with Max Ammer, the pioneer of diving in Raja Ampat, West Papua in Indonesia. About 30 years ago, Max came to Raja Ampat in a search of World War II relics. This is a story about how Max built the very first dive resort in Raja Ampat - Kri Eco Resort, and later - Sorido Bay Resort, about conservation efforts of Max and his partners, training local people and building the very first electrical boat in Raja Ampat. Video is shot with Sony NX80, and a few clips with Sony 7Rii. ENJOY. https://youtu.be/vcmAxOhLgEM
  9. Here is my second project using FCPX: https://youtu.be/6u1IIMjMOWA I will greatly appreciate your constructive criticism and recommendations. In this video, I was trying to capture a beauty and abundance of marine life in Raja Ampat during our 9-day stay at Misool Eco Resort. My camera is Sony A7Rii with a 28mm and 28mm+fisheye lens. I used two Keldan Video 8X lights (11000 lm, 92 CRI), which are fantastic video lights. Thank you very much.
  10. Raja Ampat season is coming to an end, so here is a short film celebrating some of the things that make it such an amazing place. The visibility may at times be challenging, but the scenery and wildlife is truly spectacular both above and below the waves. Altogether, I spent 7 trips in Raja Ampat aboard the Blue Manta liveaboard in 2017/2018. It's incredibly hard to try to condense that into 3 minutes, so my initial version was 6 minutes long. But most people's attention spans being what they are, here is a shorter edit. Hope you enjoy it! https://youtu.be/hUBSZQ-SphI Edit: Here is the 6 minute version as well:
  11. Here is a link to a short video "Happy Women's Day From a Diver" in advance of International Women's Day on March 8th. I posted this video a few days earlier, as I will be away on the Ray of Hope Expedition, diving in Andaman Sea next week. Best wishes to all women, divers and non-divers. All footage is filmed with Sony a7rii camera. https://youtu.be/VeWGMLk4DGU
  12. Amazing 9D8N voyage around North and South Raja Ampat aboard Dive Gaia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaExshcWvag
  13. Hi Folks Next March Me and a group of friends are travelling to Raja Ampat for a week dive trip. We are going to stay at homestay. It seems that on that area they do no dive on Sundays Any advices for which dives we can not miss? And the visit to Piaynemo? It is a must, right? And the dives there, are they good? Or should we use the Sunday to visit that place, do not dive there, do the hike till the top of the hill, appreciate the view, and do some snorkelling? Thanks in advance
  14. Have you ever dreamed about diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! We are giving you a 25% discount in diving and accommodation packages for the upcoming months of May and June! Offer details: 1) This offer is valid for bookings made this month March 2017. 2) Minimum stay: seven nights diving and accommodation packages, full board accommodation (x2 dives, x3 dives or x4 dives per day) Please check our website, we offer flexible packages, no fixed check-in/check-out and our very own personal service in an intimate resort. You can now (finally) dive in Raja Ampat with Biodiversity Eco Resort! Don’t let this opportunity go! You only need to go to our site and contact us saying you are a wetpixel user!! For more info, visit our website or contact us. www.rajaampatbiodiversity.com
  15. Hello Wetpixelers... We have one last room available for our trip to Raja Ampat this coming March. The trip runs from 19-27 March Sorong to Sorong on the Mermaid 2 liveaboard. We have one cabin left, the pricing is 3200 Euro per person plus the 200 Euro Park and Harbour fees (payable on the boat). We will do 3 day dives per day (pretty much unlimited bottom time) plus a night dive. We will be hitting all of the best spots in the Misool area and the Dampier Strait area as well. As an added bonus at no extra charge, we will be conducting casual talks about underwater photography each day and how to improve your photographs. This will be a fun trip with a group of great people. If you are interested in grabbing this last spot please let me know here or email at info@underwatertribe.com Thanks Mike
  16. Take a look on these amazing creatures. This video was filmed at Raja Ampat, Indonesia by Sony NEX-FS700 with WOSS housing and using lens 10-18. https://vimeo.com/104414940
  17. I recently traveled to Raja Ampat on a 12 day liveaboard on the MV Ambai. I took my sony camcorder in a bluefin housing for macro, a GoPro4 for wide angle and a Phantom 3 for drone footage. This was the first time using a GoPro and it turned out pretty well. Although it required more post correction. It was nice to be able to shoot wide and macro on all dives. This was truly a bucket list fulfilling trip! Here's the completed video. Comments and critiques are welcome!
  18. First time of playing with my Sony AX100 in a Gates housing. We were there im mid February during full moon with some VERY strong currents and surge and often less than perfect visibility. At some dive spots like Cap Kri all you could do is just get down quickly, get yourself on a reef-hook and watch the world pass bye... It's still been great fun. Attached some impressions. The setup was fun to use bubffm
  19. Because of a medical problem, an eye infection, I have decided to leave the Kri Eco Resort in Raja Ampat two weeks early. KriEco has a "no refunds" policy so they will not refund any of the money I paid for these days. But there is no rule that says I cannot GIVE my remaining two weeks to someone else. Those days run from 25 November to 8 December with departure on 9 December. The dates are not changeable. You will have a single room and the unlimited diving package which includes all diving except the more distant destinations. You will have to buy your own air ticket to Sorong from where ever you are. And may have to pay for your boat transfers to and from Kri Eco. I think their normal transfer days from Sorong are on Wednesday and Sunday mornings. If you can make it to Sorong by tomorrow morning, 25 November, you would have two full weeks at Kri Eco. If you make it there for the Sunday, 29 December transfer you would have ten days. The daily rate for my stay was about €250 per day and I would like to see someone get some benefit from this. I will have to supply Kri Eco with the name and transfer date of whoever takes my place, so please email me to let me know if you are interested and on what schedule you might make it to Sorong. My email address is fbavendam@hotmail.com. Fred
  20. I have finally gotten around to editing a video together of an 8 day liveaboard trip that we, The Underwater Tribe, hosted aboard the Mermaid II liveaboard back in March 2015. It was a very fun trip with superb conditions all around, especially in the Misool area where we enjoyed some of the best viz I have experienced in the area. Enjoy
  21. At long last, the images from my final trip, Raja Ampat aboard Indo Siren.
  22. I haven't been here for a long while This is some short video I edited from Raja Ampat last season by GH4 and some part by Canon 7D. The song in this video is from my special diveguide in Raja Ampat Nikson Soor.He's one of the pioneer diveguide in the area and he kindly donated this beautiful song to me on my first Raja Ampat trip in 2010.The beautiful song show the soul of Papuan at first touch you heard it.Thanks to my brother Nikson Soor. Enjoyed it
  23. I just posted a five-minute short video from a recent dive trip to Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia onto my website. http://www.peterwalker.com/rajaampat.html I was only in Raja Ampat for 3 days to shoot a promo video for a dive resort (see below). But, even in that short time, I came across an amazing amount of marine life. Rather than squeeze in lots of quick snippets of the myriad of creatures, for this short video, I just edited down to a few of the more impressive or colourful fish. Raja Ampat really is a diver's paradise! (And, if you want to dive the northern area from a very comfortable resort, I can recommend the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge which is, not only in the midst of the sites, but also has an amazing dive under its own jetty) Regards Peter Shot with a GH4 in a Nauticam housing.
  24. The last two weeks have seen me aboard World-wide Dive and Sail's Indo-Siren, with Alex Mustard's latest workshop and Alex Tattersall's latest demonstration of Nauticam widgetry... Flying into Sorong, the scenery grows more and more dramatic as the amenities of civilisation become a little frayed at the edges. How a boat like the Indo-Siren maintains such a high quality is something of a mystery, and one made harder by the pervasive humid heat and bureaucracy that has to be propitiated in order to leave port. An even greater mystery: having eventually encountered the elusive manta ray and the reclusive whale shark (at least they were elusive and reclusive on my dives), would I wonder at the wary wobbegong? Wobbegongs would have to wait: Daram, south and east of Misool, was our first destination and "Andiamo" our first dive and a taste of the dramatic colours, corals, fish and topography that makes Raja Ampat so special. Sunshine, calm seas and surprisingly gentle currents held us entranced around Misool for several days. "Andiamo" rewarded us with shoals of fish, dancing around shoals of other fish, and wasn't by any means the only site blessed by abundance. The chaotic profusion of life in this sea is a reminder of what so much of the ocean was like, once upon a time. Eventually we moved north, into wetter weather and seas a little rougher, and into the haunt of the wobbegong, the tropical forest, the mangrove and the Passage, where all three are tangled together and Alfred Russel Wallace, a singularly unfortunate natural historian, was once shipwrecked. The weather detracted something from Aerborek jetty, the site of so many prize-winning photographs and one of the noisiest dive sites (thanks to a chorus of toadfish) I've visited. Nonetheless, there were fish, more fish, very small fish (Hippocampus pontohi is not best seen by ageing eyes)... ... and wobbegongs. I would like to say that everything was marvellous and, as far as Alex's workshop and Indo-Siren were concerned, so it was. Mark and Dince, the other guides, the chef, the other crew were without equal and no praise is too much. Indonesian air travel, however... ... was not so great: booked onto a flight without seats, half of our party left early to arrive late, flew east to travel west and made three hops for the price of one. I can't say if the problem was with British travel agency Blue-O-Two or with the vagaries of several competing but apparently interchangeable Indonesia airlines, but I can say that it added a lot to the frustrations inherent in returning from what is still, in many ways, a wild place.
  25. Raja Ampat had so much opportunities from an underwater photographers perspective, here are some of my favourites. Equipent used: GH4, Nauticam housing, 2x INON S2000 8mm FE in 4.33" dome and 3.5" dome 60mm and 25mm in 60mm macro port Many more photos can be found at: www.flickr.com/xanderwater Cheers! P2130349sweb by Xanderwater, on Flickr P2120681sweb by Xanderwater, on Flickr P2120481sweb by Xanderwater, on Flickr P2110455sweb by Xanderwater, on Flickr P2130590sweb by Xanderwater, on Flickr P2120460sweb by Xanderwater, on Flickr P2120228sweb by Xanderwater, on Flickr P2120185sweb by Xanderwater, on Flickr P2130380sweb by Xanderwater, on Flickr
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