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Found 26 results

  1. Selling a Gates Underwater Housing for RED DSMC2 Cameras - Gemini, Helium, Monstro, Dragon, Scarlet-W, etc Comes with the prestigious 10" glass dome port (this alone is $4500 to buy new) but I'm also willing to sell this separately. Housing is in very good condition. I recently serviced & pressure tested the unit & it has zero leaks. Can even fit the Komodo & V-Raptor camera with limited camera control, just needs a different monitor housing. See below for full kit list, has many extras! Would cost over $25,000 to buy this new. $14,500 or best offer. Free FedEx shipping within the US or you can inspect/pickup in Southern California. Can also ship worldwide via DHL or FedEx at cost. Please message me with any questions, thanks! Gates DSMC2 Housing 10" Glass Dome Port Port Extension PE486 Monitor Housing w/ Extension Hood & Lemo Adapter 3 x Focus Gears 8 x Gear Shafts & Rods Canon 11-24mm Zoom Gear Canon 11-24mm Focus Gear 2 x Adjustable Side Handles 2 x Marker Rings Lemo Cable Hydrophone Adapter Spare O'Ring Kit Spare Parts Kit Weights Kit Hand Tools Storm Case
  2. FS : RED DRAGON 6K + accessories + Nauticam Housing serviced I am selling my RED DRAGON 6K underwater shooting kit and its recently serviced NAUTICAM housing (never put it back in the water since) to upgrade to a new RED Camera an new housing. This fully serviced, complete and fully working kit includes a RED DRAGON 6K Carbon version camera (lighter) and all its accessories, batteries and a Nauticam underwater camera housing. - Camera RED DRAGON RAW files R3D: 6K 80fps / 4K 120fps > 1079h - NAUTICAM NA-DCES housing serviced at an approved dealer (811€, invoice in support), N120 port, vacuum system + depressure M14 valve + Nauticam Pump, HDMI Bulkhead + HDMI cable (not on pictures). Just some cosmetic scratches but works perfectly. - RED Motion Mount Canon EF Ti mount with integrated ND filter - RED PL mount - 1 mag 1.8" 256GB - 2 mags 1.8" 128GB - REDTOUCH 5 touchscreen monitor - Electronic View Finder RED BOMB EVF + Magic Arm Smallrig - 1 Side Handle RED - 1 Dragon Side Minimag Reader (if you want to use minimag until 1To, I bought it for this but finally never needed higher space capacity than 256Go even in rebreather). - 4 LEMO video cables - 4 batteries REDBRICK V-Lock 150 wH - 1 RED Dual V-LOCK Quick Charger - 1 REDvolt battery + REDVolt charger - 1 top plate RED - 1 quick top handle Nato System - 1 Nato rail Smallrig - 1 Stereo microphone Olympus - 1 AC power adapter - 1 ThinkTank protective case on wheels !!! The Canon 100mm lens on the pictures is NOT included !!! I live in the south of France, Europe. I can offer the buyer a training on all the things need to know about the RED Dragon camera / housing preparation over half a day. Possibility of shipping, shared costs. Asking 10 000€ or 10500$. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question.
  3. For Sale: Gates Pro Action Water Housing for DSMC2 SP80 Glass Dome Port FP 80 Flat Port 5 extension rings including one with custom control for cine zooms Red DSMC2 Jetpack SDI Module Seal Check Lite Kit Starlite ST5 HD Monitor 100ft SDI Surface Feed Various accessories: custom cables, spare O ring, weight, tools, lens gear, shaft, etc... Everything works perfectly... That's why people buy Gates, it's reliable! This Pro Action was custom modified by John for my needs. It keeps its streamlined profile but it can also accommodate bigger lenses. I shoot with Zeiss Compact Zooms, Sigma Cine Zoom, Hawk Vintage 74, etc... I won't split this package. This housing is user upgradable to Alexa Mini and / or DSMC3 Red V-Raptor. There's around 25K of equipment, I'm asking for €13K OBO. Shipping and taxes not included but I have an international VAT number so taxes should not apply within Europe. Housing can be checked and picked up at my offices in the South West of France. International shipping is also an option. Please shoot me an email for pictures and infos: vincentkardasik(at)lkrtel.com
  4. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/tImsYWZ8R4w?controls=0" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> https://youtu.be/tImsYWZ8R4w Gates, RED KOMODO, Sigma cine 18-35
  5. Hi all, Anyone currently using a RED Komodo underwater? Would love to hear what lenses you are running on your set up. I will be getting a gates housing with the SPR80 ports/8inch Dome. Trying decide what lenses to use. Any advice would be much appreciated. https://www.gateshousings.com/deep-komodo/ Cheers, Esteban
  6. FOR SALE: Item: Kraken Sports Hydra 3500S+ Video Light Wide / Spot / Red/ UV / Strobe Description: *NEW UPDATE* Kraken Sports just turned the Hydra 3500, into the Hydra 3500 RGB, adding RGB LED’s in addition to everything else so now you have 9 different color options for creative lighting. If you are a macro shooter this is the light for you. This light has flood, spot, red, and UV beams. It also is remote control ready, all you have to do is purchase the Kraken remote and you can control up to two lights without having to remove your hand from your tray. *NEW* Kraken Sports also added their strobe/burst mode to this light. When synced to your camera via fiber-optic cable this will strobe at the same time as your camera at 4500 lumens They have also made the head water resistant. If you have an accident and flood the light, the head will remain OK. You will probably have to replace the battery but that is much less expensive than replacing the light. This gives you the benefit of being able to easily switch batteries between dives, but also not having to worry about a flood. UPC: 714598690894 Condition: brand-new, unused, undamaged item in its original packaging – NEVER EVEN SUBMERGED IN WATER Quantity: 2 are available (you can purchase either 1 light or both) Volume Discount: if you purchase both lights, you will receive a discount of $22 per light (or $44 altogether) Price: $440.00 for 1 light $836.00 for 2 lights
  7. Up for sale is my Nauticam DCES housing for RED Epic/Scarlet/Dragon DSMC1 cameras. It includes the housing, vacuum leak alert system from backscatter, a brand new vacuum valve, the 8.5 inch Nauticam acryllic with brand new dome element (no scuffs or scratches on the dome!) , Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 20 with lock, M20 balls for mounting lights, and including the tokina 10-17mm EF mount lens with the nauticam focus and zoom gears to go with it. Assuming you have the camera, this is the entire kit to get you shooting! It also comes/ships with a pelican case cut for the dome and housing. Asking $3500 or best offer. Willing to negotiate as I'd like to sell this soon. PayPal or Venmo only. Buyer pays shipping. Link to photos here because wetpixel limits file sizes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WmqmaaUF7lZYkEAy5rWzbFOY9XatEG3O
  8. for sale this u-seas U7500WSR 7500 lm light used but in very nice condition. very powerfull light with diffuse light, spot and red light https://u-seas.es/producto/light-u7500wsr
  9. Up for sale is my Nauticam DCES housing for RED Epic/Scarlet/Dragon DSMC1 cameras. It includes the housing, vacuum leak alert system from backscatter, a brand new vacuum valve, the 8.5 inch Nauticam acryllic port in great condition (no scuffs or scratches on the dome!) with original neoprene protective cover , Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 20 with lock, M20 balls for mounting lights, and including the tokina 10-17mm EF mount lens with the nauticam focus and zoom gears to go with it. Assuming you have the camera, this is the entire kit to get you shooting! Asking $5200 or best offer. Willing to negotiate as I'd like to sell this soon. PayPal or Venmo only. Link to photos here because wetpixel limits file sizes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WmqmaaUF7lZYkEAy5rWzbFOY9XatEG3O
  10. $8,000 USD, plus shipping $11,000 AUD inc. GST Located in Adelaide, South Australia. Kit is 21kilos / 46 pounds in weight. Selling my Nauticam N120 Epic LT Housing for Red Epic Dragon, Red Epic & Red Scarlet DSMC1 cameras. It’s been a fun ride but it’s time for a different path. As bomb proof and trusted as you can get. Bali Manta Rays was filmed with this kit - Housing gives full control over the camera and lens. Focus and zoom are controlled by the knobs at left fingertips, and custom keys can be set for aperture also on left fingertips. Right hand has start/stop record & power, and full control through the Switchblade menu systems. The Red Pro screen works fine, shows a few blemishes lower right of screen but doesn’t interfere with the picture. Canon 16-35mm f4L IS & Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lenses can be included for additional cost. Kit includes : Nauticam N120 Epic LT Housing Nauticam 180mm N120 Optical Glass wide angle dome port (sku # 18809) Red Pro 5” touch monitor for Red Epic/Scarlet/Dragon DSMC Cameras 12” Wooden Camera Red EVF cable Red Switchblade controller for DSMC1 cameras Lens focus & zoom control for Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 (RC11635F4-Z & RTC1116-F) Lens focus & zoom control for Canon 16-35mm f4L IS (RTC1116-Z & RC1635F4-F) Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 40 with lock (21140) Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 30 with lock (21130) Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 20 with lock (21120) Pelican 1610 case with foam dividers and lid organiser $11,000 inc. GST, plus shipping $8,000 USD, plus shipping 21kgs / 46 pounds Contact mark@marktipple.com More photos here - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/by005y4z6...2_piPnafa?dl=0
  11. Looking for some possible advice. Ive got a fairly new (Feb 2018) housing with the fitted vacuum and leak detector. This worked perfectly for a few months but now i've got an issue. Basically, when i turn on the housing i get a blue flashing LED then it goes to constant red and stays there. According to the manual this is low battery but ive now tried 4 x 2450 batteries with the same result so the chances of a bad batch are likely remote. If i fiddle with it enough (remove, reinsert battery, turn it on/off, push, squeeze etc) for a few minutes then usually i can get it to behave itself and it works, shows vacuum and stays working normally until i next turn it off. Im confident there is no loss of vacuum or moisture (contacts are clean on the detector probe). The red comes in before even fitting the back. Any idea what i can do to troubleshoot or attempt to fix this issue as obviously having a known vacuum and working leak detection would be nice.
  12. hi guys, Many of my fish portraits don't look so good because of the "red eye" effect which also affects fishes. I am talking about relatively close-up shots, typically shot with a 60mm macro lens (APS-C DSLR), 2 strobes in manual mode, shooting scorpionfishes, pipe fishes, etc. Here's an example i have handy, although on this particular shot it's not too bad (i wouldn't have published it otherwise ), it can get much worse: https://flic.kr/p/YNpWa3 When i started underwater photography, i was shooting with a 105mm macro in TTL, got some red eyes, but the Lightroom version i used at that time (v3?) was capable to remove the red eyes the same feature as for humans did work brilliantly. Now on Lightroom 6 it doesn't work. I thought about using the camera's onboard red eye reduction mode, but it actually relies on the AF assistance light, which is of no use in an undrwater housing. So question to the crowd: how are you preventing red eyes from ruining your fish portraits? cheers Nicolas
  13. Red Epic-Dragon camera (400 hrs) w/ Red mini-mag side SSD module Red side handle Canon EF mount EVF 5” touchscreen lemo cable for EVF/touchscreen 4 Redvolt batteries 1 Redvolt charger Redmote Pelican case Asking $17,000 for above package https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qmgjz6f6qdwggfw/AAD5kYTXaZdefgeYIZXg__fOa?dl=0 Nauticam underwater housing package for Red Dragon (or Epic or Scarlet) includes camera plate, control block to mate with Red side handle, vacuum system and pump, and 9” dome port w/cover Asking $7,000 for Nauticam package If sold with Dragon package (listed above), asking price for both $22,000 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9kkvvi8rhgyymrt/AACoDa10sixK9EVzjHAXNs7Ca?dl=0 All gear is from original owner. Reason for selling: upgrading to Helium 8K camera If interested, also selling Ronin1 (used), Ronin2 (new/unused), Red 128GB SSD cards and reader, Canon 2x EF extender, Easy Rig (mini). All equipment is in Florida. Please contact me by email, twftiz@mac.com if interested. Thanks.
  14. With a heavy heart we must sell our full turnkey RED Epic Dragon 6k camera setup for above and below water filming. We have taken a long-term contract in PNG which does not involve much filming so our full setup is not getting enough use and want it to go to a better home. It has been well looked after, stored in pelican cases and will be dearly missed. Interested buyers can email me on info@migrationmedia.com.au to discuss pricing and options, I have lots more photos of the gear and accessories but limited to uploading only 1MB here. I will be in Australia in March so can arrange shipping from there. System includes the following but lots of addition extra: FOR TOPSIDE: RED EPIC Dragon Brain (new sensor and I/O Board) RED 1.8" 512GB SSD's x2 with anti-static cases and soft case REDMAG 1.8" Media Station RED Switchblade-M & REDMOTE PagLink PL96e 96KW Batteries x2 (can connect to achieve 192KW) PagLink PL16 Smart Charger & PagLink Travel Charger RED BOMB EVF with Mounting Assembly RED 5" Touchscreen Monitor RED Low Light OLPF Wooden Camera Lens Support RED Tactical Top Plate, Handles & other mounting solutions RED Adaptor Module, +1 Adaptor Module & RED Quickplate Module Wooden Camera A-Box Audio Module RED DSMC Nikon Lens Mount FOR UNDERWATER: ACHTEL DEEP-X Underwater Camera Housing 15mm, 28mm and 35mm Underwater Nikonos Lenses Helix Macro 1:2, 1:1 & 2:1 Extensions for close-up macro work with 28mm and 35mm Nikonos lenses Small HD 502 & DP4 Monitor Nauticam Small HD DP4 External Monitor Housing Achtel True Blue OLPF Underwater Hydrophone Vacuum Pump and Meter for secure underwater use Custom Pelican Case 1" Ball Mounts for video lights For those that do not know about this housing, it is super precision lightweight housing with titanium handles and controls that allow use of the specialized Nikonos Underwater Lenses which are distortion free capable of out resolving the RED Epic sensors removing the need for glass ports and extensions.These lenses offer the highest quality for underwater filming and have aperture and focus adjustment on the lens itself. Pawel Achtel has won several prestigious awards for this innovative design housing which is incredibly easy to use, streamlined through the water and available to use as carry on luggage through custom Pelican case. See below link for full details. You will have a Small HD 502 monitor connected through SDI connection inside the housing and then the Small HD DP4 monitor connected through HDMI with external Nauticam monitor housing allowing various false colour, focus peaking and RAW viewing options. http://24x7.com.au/DeepX/index.htm In addition for those interested, I have a DJI Ronin with Cinegears Expresso Follow Focus system and Paralinx Arrow which allows full control of RED Epic, lens focus and framing by a second operator/director/producer. Please email me if interested in this also for pictures and for information.
  15. A little selection of macro goodness from a recent trip to Bali. Huge thanks to the entire team at The Underwater Tribe for taking me diving For anyone interested, this is the equipment list and settings etc - Shot on Red Scarlet W, 5K @ 40fps on a 25fps base timeline. Gates Pro Action Housing and Gates GT-14 Video Lights were used. The Nikon 70-180mm macro lens was also used and turned out to be a very versatile lens. The R3D's were edited and graded in Resolve 14.1 and a couple of clips were post stabilised. There wasn't a great deal of grading needed as the H20 OLPF works nicely, especially when white balanced off a white slate. Hope you enjoy.
  16. Despite almost zero information within the Red colour channel, the R3D files from the Scarlet W still grade up nicely. Took about 12 nodes to get to this point but considering the starting point of this clip, it turned out reasonably well, especially given the conditions. Conditions were tough with maybe 5 metres vis, surgy and lots of floating particles. This shot was about 18 metres deep. Scarlet W, 5k 50fps, Nikon 16-35mm and 8 inch dome on the Gates Pro Action Housing. Graded in Davinci Resolve 14.
  17. Amphibico Rouge housing for all Red DSMC1 cameras is offered with the following components and accessories. This housing has been professionally maintained and cared for, it is in mint condition. A modified camera saddle is available from the manufacturer to accommodate all DSMC2 cameras from Red. This housing features an integrated Atomos Ninja monitor/recorder package that allows you to monitor footage on the fly as well as record back-up/proxy files directly from the Red HD-SDI port. Additional pics available on request. Located in Florida, priced at $11,299 plus shipping. Original pricing Housing $12,995.00 includes 1 servo motor, V-lock battery plate, 1 carry handle, trim weights, rear & top port shades, saddle-housing cable BK-7 Dome Port $2,495.00 Port Extenders Small $479.00 Medium $549.00 Large $619.00 Transport Case $499.00 Extra Servo Lens Motor (total 2) $995.00 Extra Carry Handle $95.00 Side Handle $85.00 O-ring Kit $50.00 Atomos Samurai Blade Full accessory package w/ hard case, drives, modified for Rouge $899.00 100' SDI cable/connectors for topside DP monitoring $1,200.00 Spare Housing PCB Control Board $750.00 PCB firmware update controller $210.00 Top port blanking plate $125.00 Hard Protective Dome Port Cover $199.00 Total new $22,244.00
  18. RED WEAPON UNDERWATER HOUSING FOR SALE Accepts Red Weapon, Dragon, Epic, Scarlet, Raven Includes: Flat or Dome port Port Extender- personal preference: choice of one of three: 4 3/8", 7 1/2" or 8 3/4" (made for short zooms) Manual focus, iris and zoom gearing and shafts Red Monitor Housing Seal Check Vacuum Water Alarm Assorted tools Spares kit Instruction manual on disc Manufactured by Gates Does not include: camera body, lenses or batteries $14,000. obo
  19. I’ve decided to sell my trusty Amphibico Rouge housing for RED cameras. It’s the best housing I’ve owned in the last 20 years, but I have only land based projects scheduled for the next 18+ months, so I can’t afford to have this much gear sitting around collecting dust. It’s a very complete system with more goodies than I’m going to bother listing individually here, but here is the big stuff. It has the 9.25” optical glass dome, the Macro port, 1.25” port extension, 2” port extension, Dive & See 7” external HDMI monitor, a custom vacuum system, the Amphibico custom pelican case and a ton of little necessities like focus and zoom gears, trim weights, viewer shades, spare o-rings and even a spare right side handle. I’ll be happy to detail everything with a serious buyer. All of this stuff will go as a package, I don’t really want to split anything out, though if you are interested in an extension ring, or the HDMI monitor, I might deal on that. In addition to the housing system, I have a pair or Light and Motion Sola 4000 LED lights including Ultralight arms, clamps, floats and chargers that I will sell either with the system or separately. One of the Solas is fairly new, probably less than 50 dives. The other is older and has a couple hundred dives but is still in good working order. Finally, though I really don’t want to sell my RED Scarlet-X, I also don’t have an immediate need for it after I finish a Borneo Orangutan shoot in early July, so if someone wants to buy a complete turnkey package, I can accommodate that too. Pricing on everything is negotiable depending on how much you want to bundle together, but I’m starting at about 75% to 80% of current list price and maybe even better than that if you buy a bigger chunk of the system. I’ve had the system since Feb last year, so it is a little over a year old, but I only used in on 4 projects. It hasn’t been in the water since last October. Everything is 100% functional and has been professionally cared for in the few months of use that it has seen. You can see samples of work from the system on my website: www.FishTalesFilms.com in the “Shot on RED” section. All of the Underwater work in that section was shot with the Rouge system. I can also provide instruction on the use of the system if you are new to shooting RED. Interested parties please contact me at: steve@FishTalesFilms.com to discuss pricing and details.
  20. For sale is a 1 year old Amphibico Rouge for the RED Epic Dragon, Epic MX, Scarlet Dragon, and Scarlet MX digital cinema cameras. The housing is well cared for, showing signs of normal wear and tear, and completely operational. In the interest of full disclosure the dome port has a small scratch approximately 3mm in length somewhat off center of frame (lower and camera left). Due to its small size it is difficult to find and get a descriptive photograph. Attached is a shot of the scratch with a lightened circle around so it is easier to see. Other than that the dome port is in perfect condition. The package includes: Amphibico Rouge underwater housing body 9.25" BK7 Glass Dome Port Marco/Flat Port 1.25" Port extension (Medium) 2.00" Port Extension (Large) 2 x Servo Motors Trim Weights Carry Handle Top Monitor Shade Rear Monitor Shade Prototype Manual Focus System 2 x Universal Zip Gears Top Monitor Bracket Spare Oring Kit V-Mount Battery Plate Serial Cable 2 x Neoprene port covers The starting asking price is $14500 and is negotiable.
  21. The last of my systems, other three sold already. If buyer wants to buy outside of Ebay, then I can reduce $600 off the price as those fees go to Ebay anyway. If you have any questions or offers, contact me at: RudiHerbert@gmail.com but please, do not make me idiotically low offers, I don't care if the Hero 4 can shoot 4K, if you think a RED ONE MX inside a Gates housing and a GoPro, or any other DSLR, are the same thing, then you really have no business buying this camera. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RED-ONE-MX-with-Gates-Deep-Red-Underwater-Housing-/231354378484 Thanks for looking, Rudi Herbert www.UnderwaterCinema.com
  22. I just got these photo of the new Nauticam housing for Red Epic and Scarlet. I haven't specs but, just these pics...
  23. Hello All, I would like to share this link to a video that I produced and edited showcasing RED's new Dragon sensor on it's first trip underwater back in Dec. All content was shot by myself, Justin Jones, Bob Cranston and Johnny Friday: http://www.red.com/news/epic-dragon-goes-underwater-with-bob-cranston-and-johnny-friday I've been lurking on this forum for a bit but I would like to step into the light and offer up any help I may be able to provide as it pertains to RED cameras. I have been with RED since the beginning and I am personally invested in helping with RED's underwater progression...
  24. Decorator crab, Bantry Bay - Ireland Dogfish, Bantry Bay - Ireland Red Blenny, Kenmare Bay - Ireland Tompot Blenny, Kenmare Bay - Ireland Tompot dance, Kenmare Bay - Ireland. Well not so much of a dance it looked more like a territorial dispute.
  25. Here are some pics for the new housing by Amphibico: Battery mount for Anton Bauer batteries Camera tray Right view Front view without port Rear view Right Amphibi-Grip Left Amphibi-Grip Right internal view Left internal view
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