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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings, I'm hoping the knowledgeable members of this forum can offer some advice. I have recently encountered my first corrupt video file from my GH5 where the file is saved as a Microsoft Access MDT file. All other video files shot that day are fine. Searching online the best option I have found so far is a Panasonic repair tool for their full frame cameras. Unfortunately I cannot download it without serial numbers etc, and don't know if it would even work on GH5 files. Fortunately only one of the files is corrupted, but it is 24GB and the start of an important interview / talk on the creation of a local marine protected area 30 years ago. This footage is an important part of local conservation history, and will be used to help demonstrate the need for improved protections as this 'marine protected area' actually predates Canada's Oceans Act and is not a true MPA, but is actually just annually renewable fishing closures (recreational, commercial and indigenous harvest). We have strong support from local and regional politicians to push for a Marine Protected Area created through Federal Legislation, this footage was intended to help showcase the history of the Park / protected area, and the need for full MPA status. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam Taylor
  2. I bought a used 6300 Nauticam housing, but was disappointed that it leaked on my trip. It does not leak at surface pressure - even 48 hours in a bucket randomly pushing buttons, but it leaks right away below about 60 feet. Nauticam offers a full overhaul, including "pressure testing" if I ship the housing back to them, and I may go that route. But I wondered if there was a way to pressure test this at home? Obviously throwing it until a pressure cooker is a bad idea, but there should be some sort of vessel I can buy and pressurize with a pump. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, all. I've upgraded my dome ports from plastic to glass, so there's about $50 worth of polishing pads and liquid abrasives sitting on my equipment shelf gathering dust. If you have a plastic dome port, I'm guessing you WILL need it sooner or later. If you're willing to pay for shipping from central California to wherever you are in the USA, I'd be happy to give it to you for free. Might as well get some use out of it, right? First come, first served. Drop me a PM and let me know where you're located. Sorry, I'm not willing to go through the hassle of overseas shipping.
  4. Hi, after reading many reports from people who succesfully removed scratches using Novus polish i tried to do the same with my dome port. Started from polish no. 3 (heavy scratch remover) I was able to remove the biggest scratch, but introduced like hundrets of new smaller ones. Then using polish no. 2 (fine scratch remover) I removed previously introduced scratches but introduced new, even smaller ones. I can see them when looking through the dome into a light source. I tried to repeat last step a few times, turning the dome 90 degrees, and the scratches stay there, only changing direction. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks! Piotr
  5. I have an Inon Z240 strobe that is getting water in the battery compartment. I've checked all oring sealing surfaces and they look fine. The oring has been switched out for a brand new one and the water is still getting in. 2 floods, 2 different orings. Both orings look perfect and the installation was fine. Is there any other way for the water to get into this compartment? Ie. not through the cap/oring.
  6. I have an Inon Z240 strobe that has stopped firing. It seems to charge up okay, the focus light works, but I'm unable to get it to fire, either optically or electrically. I'm not sure what burnt out flash tubes look like, but visually they look fine to me. No obvious sign anywhere of water getting in. What do you reckon is wrong with it?
  7. Does anyone have experience/knows the Subtronic Maxi and Mini strobes? I see an opportunity to pick up a pair 2nd hand. Since they are older models, I cannot find too much info on them, especially specs of the maxi. How do they compare to the z240 in terms of: - total weight? - reliability? - service demand (life of the flash tube? It is different than the 5500K units of Inon)? - performance/GN under water? I would also be interested, if the units can be converted to use AA-batteries, the battery arm is a good idea, however a bit restrictive in case you want shorter arms. Also I see it uses an electrical connection, is it possible to interface it to optical? (TTL or non-TTL)
  8. I lost the little black cap off the tip of the lens release lever (see picture) from my ND20 housing rendering it useless (see picture) and a real pain if using a bulky lens like the Nikon 105VR. After a lot of searching I found a number of suppliers of caps of various materials. The kind people at caplugs Europe (www.caplugs.co.uk) sent me some free samples and the SRC-125-16 did the job perfectly (see picture). As it is longer than the original cap it is unlikely to come off again. Works perfectly and took about 5 seconds to fix. Hope this helps someone else david kessel
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