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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Looking for help from anyone using the S-Turtle smart trigger on a Sony A7 series, specifically I have the A7RIV with Retra Pro X strobes. I have two problems: 1. The trigger uses a ‘smart connection’ (not the dumb firing method), so when I switch it on the camera automatically goes to Live View Off mode. This negates a big benefit of a mirrorless camera as it is no longer WYSIWYG . E.g if I want to shoot macro using just torches, the view is blown out and it’s impossible to see the subject to get accurate focus. 2. I can’t get a shutter speed higher than 1/250. As soon as the trigger is turned on (experimented on land with housing open) it immediately limits me to the flash sync limit of 1/250. Yet the combination trigger and strobe should be capable of high speed sync? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi Folks, I am headed to the Galapagos next month and thought it might be an excuse to upgrade my strobes. I am currently shooting YS-D2Js. They have been relatively reliable compared to the train wreck that were the D2s before them. That said, one seems to be acting up a bit, so I thought it might be time to look at alternatives. I have loved the Reta concept since the original Pros were released. I also have the LSD snoot that will work great with the Retras. I understand now that Retra has caught up with manufacturing delays, so shipping is immediate. Compound that with a weak Euro, the Retras are tempting. A few questions: The D2Js have a rated cycle speed of 1.5 seconds at full power. There are lies, damn lies, and that statistic. It seems much longer. How does the cycle speed of the Retras at equivalent power compare to the D2Js? Also, I seem to have a tendency to hit the thermal throttle of the D2J wherein once you take enough shots at maximum output, it needs to cool, and prevents you from taking further pictures for a while. With its all-aluminum housing, does the Retra last longer before you hit the thermal throttle and/or does it cool down faster than the D2J? Thanks! -Drew
  3. I only shoot manual, so TTL is not really important but I would DEFINITELY need the support for HSS :-D It's going to be fit inside a Hugyfot housing (yes I know: Canon AND Hugy - I'm a rare breed! ) My understanding from what I've read is that both Turtle and UWT would support my needs. The main difference is setup of trigger (software vs switch type) and battery type (Rechargeable vs CRsomething). And both Balasz and Pavel seems like nice guys My questions are: Does anyone have experience with the user experience underwater on the Canon? Is everything just controlled through camera menus (flash control and exposure (over and under 1/200s) or is there something that needs to be setup on the trigger for switching between HSS and 'normal' operation? Are both triggers smart enough to just switch to HSS operation without user interference? (I would prefer to manually setup power output on the strobe in any case) What would YOU recommend? It's apparently only the Manual version of the Turtle trigger that supports HSS on Canon which actually makes it a bit cheaper than the UWT option. /Mikkel
  4. Brand new Retra LSD Ultimate for Retra Flash (Pro, Prime & Original) or Inon Z330/D200 (one mount supplied, unless you want to purchase the other for €50 - retails for €80). Bought two, so this was my spare, but not using the main one much so selling this on. Comes with Standard Mask Set (4 masks). Full info at https://www.retra-uwt.com/…/…/products/light-shaping-device…. Retails for €299+VAT or local Import Duties. Discounted to €250 / USD295 and I can mark the package with a lower value that will hopefully avoid import fees. Will ship from Thailand at buyers expense that isn't too expensive via Thai Post EMS Airmail.
  5. I just had my sea & sea ys-d2 strobe die on me and am looking for advice on replacement strobes. I've been looking at the inon z330 and the retra pro. I've talked to a couple of places and haven't gotten much help. One said the reliability of the retra pros is unknown because they are too new and they recommended the inons. Another place said my current ys-d2 strobes were more powerful than the new retra pros, which doesn't seem right. I've also read there's an issue with ttl with the retra pros. Does anyone have insights into the reliability of the inon z330 or the retra pro strobes? I'm interested in all good, bad, and dispelling information about these two strobes or any other strobes I should consider. Delia
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