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Found 22 results

  1. Looking to see if anyone has a Retra SuperCharger X for sale, before I order from Retra.
  2. I have a pair of Retra original flashes for sale. These are surplus to requirement as I now have some Retra Pro Xs. Included are wide angle and white diffusers. The Wide angle diffuser is designed for all types of wide angle photography in blue waters. White diffuser is especially suited to green water dives or situations with high chance for backscatter. Disclaimer Unfortunately one of the strobes has a dent (see in pic). Both strobes have been to Retra UWT in Slovenia for servicing (I can provide records). The one with the dent had its charging circuit replaced. $1200 USD/set + shipping I'm based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. If you live close-by then I arrange pick-up. I prefer to sell them as a set but I open to selling sell individually. Neil
  3. Hello there, I have a pair of brand new Retra Flash PRO for sale with many accessories. I bought the kit for a travel that is postponed for probably a long time, so I prefer to sell everything now. Here is the list: - x2 Retra Flash PRO underwater strobe - x2 Retra Supercharger for Retra Flash Pro and Prime - x2 Retra Bumpers for Retra Flash - x2 Retra Neoprene for Bumpers - x2 Retra Reduction ring for Retra Flash - x2 Retra Protective ring for Retra Flash - x2 Retra White diffuser for Retra Flash - x2 Retra Wide angle diffuser for Retra Flash - x2 Retra Shark diffuser for Retra Flash Asking 2750€ for the kit without shipping. (I'm not interested to sell product separately) Cheers (I can send more photos if needed)
  4. Hi, My friend is having a stranger problem with her new OM-1 trying to fire the original Retras. She is using the flash that came with the camera. I hooked her camera up to my Pro X and it fired fine and the image was lit up. hooked it back to the original Retra, it won;'t fire except in TTL and Slave mode. When it does fire, the resulting photo is black. She's shooting ASA 100, 1/100th and F4 - all setting the same between the two flashes. Any and all ideas warmly welcomed. She was planning to buy my old Retras but that won't work until we fix this. Many thanks! Mark
  5. Hi Folks, I am headed to the Galapagos next month and thought it might be an excuse to upgrade my strobes. I am currently shooting YS-D2Js. They have been relatively reliable compared to the train wreck that were the D2s before them. That said, one seems to be acting up a bit, so I thought it might be time to look at alternatives. I have loved the Reta concept since the original Pros were released. I also have the LSD snoot that will work great with the Retras. I understand now that Retra has caught up with manufacturing delays, so shipping is immediate. Compound that with a weak Euro, the Retras are tempting. A few questions: The D2Js have a rated cycle speed of 1.5 seconds at full power. There are lies, damn lies, and that statistic. It seems much longer. How does the cycle speed of the Retras at equivalent power compare to the D2Js? Also, I seem to have a tendency to hit the thermal throttle of the D2J wherein once you take enough shots at maximum output, it needs to cool, and prevents you from taking further pictures for a while. With its all-aluminum housing, does the Retra last longer before you hit the thermal throttle and/or does it cool down faster than the D2J? Thanks! -Drew
  6. GARAGE DIVING EQUIPMENT SALE a-ha-ha-ha)) unless otherwise stated, all goods are in normal working condition and full retail set without original box 1. INON Z330 strobe + Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200 = $449 2. NIKON SB-N10 strobe + 10Bar snoot + 1-inch ball mount = $369 3. Retra Z330 Mounting module for Retra LSD = $49 after some DIY experiment 4. Standard mask set for Retra LSD = $ 29 new original pack 5. Diving torch (1x26650) = $15 working 6. 3x diffusors for Z330 : SOFT + warm 4600 + ND = $ 29 7. 10Bar laser snoot (without laser) for Sea & Sea YS-D2/D1 = $70 8. Clamps: Nauticam Standard 2x $20; Mini Gear 2x $27; Archon 2x $15; CNC black, red, blue 6x $6 9. F.I.T. Pro Tray and Grip Suite 03 = $249 excellent+++ like new 10. F.I.T. Z Adapter for any Inon strobes = 2x $15 11. Junestar Yellow Color Filter with M67 thread (for fluorescence shooting) = $11 12. F.I.T. Hotshoe Flex Light Mount = $29 13. Fluorescence Excitation Blue Filters = $69 14. INON Strobe Light Shade for Z-330 / D-200 = $19 15. 1-inch ball adapter with screw = 2x $5 new 16. SeaFrog ST-100 PRO underwater strobe = $129 new in box 17. Nitescuba NSS60 video light 6000 lumen = $179 excellent+++ 18. Olympus 40-150mm lens = $59 19. SUPE video light empty box = $4 20. Inon Z330 / Sea and Sea YS-D2 neoprene cover = 3x $4 21. Cressi Rondinella Fins for kids 5-6 y o = $9 22. Z240 and YS-D2 dome DIY diffusers = $14 23. YS torch holder = $3 attached only some pics because 1Mb total limit, all pic is here => https://u.to/qH8CGw Buyer pay shipping cost from Philippines, Payment - PayPal (+5% fee) or bank transfer 10Bar snoot or Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200 can be sold separately
  7. Brand new Retra LSD Ultimate for Retra Flash (Pro, Prime & Original) or Inon Z330/D200 (one mount supplied, unless you want to purchase the other for €50 - retails for €80). Bought two, so this was my spare, but not using the main one much so selling this on. Comes with Standard Mask Set (4 masks). Full info at https://www.retra-uwt.com/…/…/products/light-shaping-device…. Retails for €299+VAT or local Import Duties. Discounted to €250 / USD295 and I can mark the package with a lower value that will hopefully avoid import fees. Will ship from Thailand at buyers expense that isn't too expensive via Thai Post EMS Airmail.
  8. In addition to a software upgrade, Retra have just announced an extra warranty period for their strobes as diving has been so difficult for the last 12 months. Nice one Retra! https://www.retra-uwt.com/blogs/news/retra-flash-prime-pro-firmware-update
  9. I just had my sea & sea ys-d2 strobe die on me and am looking for advice on replacement strobes. I've been looking at the inon z330 and the retra pro. I've talked to a couple of places and haven't gotten much help. One said the reliability of the retra pros is unknown because they are too new and they recommended the inons. Another place said my current ys-d2 strobes were more powerful than the new retra pros, which doesn't seem right. I've also read there's an issue with ttl with the retra pros. Does anyone have insights into the reliability of the inon z330 or the retra pro strobes? I'm interested in all good, bad, and dispelling information about these two strobes or any other strobes I should consider. Delia
  10. Folks I have for sale a Retra LSD snoot mount for the Inon Z240. A slightly unusual item, it's ideal for anyone who has a Retra LSD with a non-Inon Z240 mount but wants to switch to using the LSD on an Inon Z240 strobe. Cost is €49 plus shipping. PM me for more info
  11. Hello all, For sale today I have my beautiful pair of Retra Version 1 strobes. I have had these since new, and have been very happy with them. I have done 4 major trips with them. Elegant design and powerful even light. Strobes never abused, never flooded, look and function like new. Few small marks on mounting balls. Electrical connection is S6, never used. Includes 1 inch ball mount. $550 USD each, buyer pays shipping. Located in beautiful Vernon BC, Canada Additional pictures if requested. Will sell separately. As always my sales are straightforward and honest:)) ian
  12. I imagine this is a long shot, but does anyone have the Retra flash LSD mount that they do not use? I think they were originally shipped with that as a free add on. I would be interested in that, or the reduction rings (not the protective ones, the larger version) or maybe other filters too . Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I just received this message via email from Backscatter. I've been waiting for two strobes for almost two months. "We want to touch base regarding your order # XXXX. Unfortunately, we just received word from Retra that they have stopped production on strobes. We will not be able to fulfill your order. We apologize for this disappointment. An announcement will be made by Retra regarding future plans in coming weeks. However, these plans do not include production of any strobes in 2018. " Any comments? Do you know what happened or any info?
  14. One used Retra Strobe Ikelite electrical sync cord connector. Also has an optical connection. Works like new. Comes with two diffusers (only one pictured), neoprene camo cover, original box and manual. Great condition with some minor cosmetic flaws (see photos). I purchased this strobe spring 2018, used it on a handful of river snorkeling trips. No flooding to battery compartment or battery corrosion. This strobe is amazing. Well thought out design, intuitive, powerful, and easy to operate even with gloves. I would've loved to have picked up a second one, but they are currently being redesigned with plans of a relaunch in the future. I couldn't wait around any more and picked up two Inons instead. Shoot me any questions you might have. $740 includes PayPal and shipping fees within the United States
  15. I'm mulling over "investing" in the Retra "Ultimate Light Shaping Device" for another foray into snooting. Last time I made my own snoot with a bunch of plumbing piping - with decidedly mixed results (a subtle way of saying they were rubbish). The online reviews I've read of the Retra LSD are all pretty good. But I'd welcome any views from the WP cognoscente. Anyone got one they'd be interested in selling? Thanks! Tim
  16. I'm looking to complete a strobe pair for some jobs coming up and a looking to get either a second Retra strobe or a second Inon Z-240. I purchased one Retra strobe with Ikelite connection for the summer and recently wanted to buy a second one, but learned that they are temporarily discontinued. I also have one Inon Z-240 on hand that I would be happy to pair up instead. Looking for either in good working condition. Let me know how much! Many thanks.
  17. Hi Oscar can you give us a summary of the intended features in the update? Also, are we clear to use the external battery packs at this time? I think the flashes are great, and I am getting better lighting than ever on my shots. It is one of the best gear upgrades I have done. Can you post any tips for using the LSD? I find it very hard to coordinate holding the camera and manipulating the light to the correct position, and I don't have a buddy to hold and point the flash. Thanks!
  18. Here is a selection of my photos from my recent liveaboard trip in Sudan: Flickr link Rig used - Panasonic lx15 in Nauticam housing plus 2x Retra flashes. Enjoy
  19. Retra LSD snoot for Inon z240 or Ikelite DS200 (i have two adapter) Snoot is in very good condition and price is 250 € + shipping Set includes: - Retra LSD Snoot - adapter for Inon strobe - adapter for Ikelite DS200 strobe - 4 shapes
  20. Hi, I have searched a lot for a proper snoot solution for one of my Inon Z-240s and basically I came across three solutions: fiber optic arms something like Inon's own snoot solution (with other manufacturers having additionally a laser aiming light) Retra Which one would you prefer? Currently I am leaning towards the Retra given its flexibility. But how do you store the Retra when you decide to take a picture without it? Also it is really heavy (600g though I don't know how much in water). Regards,
  21. My pair of new retra strobes arrived this week and I got out for a dive locally yesterday. I own 6 inon Z240s and have been using them since 2010 so this was a bit of a change for me. Some thoughts and observations: - Of the two diffusers received, one fits well and the other wobbles. It fell off in the car on the way to the dive site so I tied it to the strobe arm for the dive. - The retras are bigger than the inons - The only way to put the battery cap down while inserting batteries is on the contacts or on the o-ring, risking picking up dust - There is no serial number on the strobes. Luckily my insurance company is prepared to add them to my policy anyway - The recycle time occasionally becomes really long. Camera times show dark photos after a 25 second pause in one case, and after 3-5 seconds in other cases. This is on 75% and 100% power and I wonder if it is the overheating protection kicking in. Water temperature yesterday was 15 degrees. - The pilot light is very diffuse, and I image could be difficult to see with in bad vis. It's nice to have two power levels and the button doesn't get knocked on/off like the inon aiming light and pre-flash buttons All that said, I was very happy with the power, coverage and light quality of the strobes. The vis was good and I don't think my strobe positioning was optimal, so hard to judge backscatter potential. The colour temperature and brightness of the images was excellent. After 170 shots, the strobes were still showing three green lights out of four on the face plate. Here are a few comparative shots all on my Canon 5D4, 14mm lens and 8" dome, uncropped. 2 x Inon Z240s, full power, one warm diffuser, one standard diffuser, f8, 1/40, iso400 Kelp with the retras, full and 75% power, f13, 1/50, iso800 Taken after a 4 second interval, would have been nice with strobes: Fish on the run, f10, 1/50, iso400 Eyes in the roof, f10, 1/200, iso400 Overall I'm happy with them and looking forward to taking them in the caves. I'll be interested to see how they perform off camera and in warm water.
  22. For Sale Retra Snoot. Fits Sea & Sea D1 or D2 strobes $250 only used a couple times, Guess I'm not a snoot shooter. Free shipping to the lower 48, all others must pay for shipping.
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